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Avatar m tn Shocked I say, that in the US, Big Pharm would grossly inflate prices on meds that are life-saving, giving the people with resources or great health insurance the option to be cured and letting those less fortunate and unable to pay for treatments, well, forgotten
Avatar m tn Three veteran GOP representatives released a report that estimates the seniors lobby could make an additional $1 billion over 10 years on health insurance plans whose sales are expected to pick up under the new law. They also questioned seven-figure compensation for some AARP executives. "Based on the available evidence, substantial questions remain about whether AARP should maintain its tax-exempt status," said the report, released by Reps.
1530342 tn?1405020090 com/_news/2011/12/06/9253953-study-tougher-teen-driving-laws-would-save-lives-money Insurance and safety advocates said Tuesday that nationwide restrictions on teenage driver's licenses could save 2,000 lives and billions of dollars each year.
Avatar n tn He reimbursed me and my insurance co. I did take photo of the new crowns while in dentist chair with my cell phone. Went to a second dentist with the original dentist XR from 6 mo. previous. He told me there was a raging infec. shown on that XR, and was amazed that the dentist didn't tell me, and was going to procede with new crowns without treating it. Do I have any way of reporting this original dentist to his licensing assoc.
263830 tn?1209727898 , would they report to the health licensing department. Since it is unethical to use while dealing with patients. Any advice or thoughts welcome.
Avatar f tn I also don't understand your insurance at all -- a psychiatrist who takes insurance has to take what the insurance company has negotiated, and can only charge more if you have a high deductible. That's the problem with so-called inexpensive insurance with high deductibles -- if you use it it's not cheap at all. If your insurance covers drugs, they are quite cheap for generics, but more expensive for drugs still under patent.
Avatar n tn and am doing rehab at the hospital twice a week and had to buy a compression sleeve and gauntlet, which my insurance did not reimburse. I've been told and have read that this will be a lifelong condition and that I need to wear the sleeve, etc. every day. It is very unbecoming and everyone asks what happened to me. The acupuncturist never asked me how my arm was, nor did he ever say he should have known...or I'm sorry, etc.
537731 tn?1268268886 I was so happy to finally get some answers to the problems I was having that I didnt know about. (had to purchase regular insurance because state insurance wanted me to pay 265.00 before being able to use) which i could not afford at the time or I wouldnt have applied for help. 2 weeks before appointment my boyfriend got laid off and we were forced to move home to Pa before we were stuck. We made arrangments to leave after one week. I went back to my Dr that had referred me.
Avatar f tn And I do not have to consider the cost, or whether my health insurance covers me (or if the provider will increase my future costs or limit future coverage.
Avatar m tn We both look forward to when the FDA will approve the HPV vaccine for men and it will be able to be provided under the services provided to male by their health insurance. Clinical trials to date indicate that is effective for men in preventing HPV infections caused by HPV 6, 11, 16 and 18. Clinical trials indicate that it is highly effective for prevention of HPV including warts.
Avatar n tn How do you judge quality? Hospitals, health care facilities and doctors are not all alike. They vary in quality due to differences in their training, experience and services. Quality can be measured in many different ways.
780665 tn?1239030149 many more don't have access to them because of the expense or availability of their treatment! (our mental health community at large is over-burdened and under staffed in this country) We've been given many competent therapists and general practitioner medical doctors to treat us though ~ we can make use of what they have to offer us. You may also get a referral to a psychiatric nurse practitioner ~ a professional well trained in psychiatric medicine in conjunction with other therapies.
809102 tn?1238367154 Does anyone know if Planned Parenthood does blood pregnancy tests because it appears that walk-in-clinics only do urine tests. I don't have any insurance so I'm not sure about going to a doctor and getting a blood pregnancy test done there, so does anyone know how much it would cost to have a blood test done without having insurance?
Avatar n tn I have tried to get her in to a psychiatrist for some time now and have not been able to - the ones I have called from my health plan don't call back. What should I do and where do I go for help? My ex husband says I amke too much of a big deal and he's sure this will pass.
Avatar n tn I would write a letter of complaint to your state physician licensing body once you have resolved your health concerns. Each state has a physician licensing body (example below). All physicians must be licensed to legally practise medicine. The American Medical Association (AMA) lists physicians on their website. Not all physicians are members. It's voluntary.
29837 tn?1414538248 I'm relentless in trying to get the Protease Inhibitor drugs on a fast-track licensing. This is the written and verbally spoken letter I prepared for when the main players in the FDA regarding this issue answer the phone. We have to keep bombarding them in order to achieve our goal to save our lives. The name at the bottom is the main person in charge of the Cedar division of the FDA that answers and explores any issues regarding drugs and the public.
572651 tn?1531002957 Our medical insurance works very differently to USA as far as I can work out. If you have medical insurance you can access quick private consultations, operations etc but they do not pay for long term treatment for chronic conditions. I saw my first neuro privately and was able to have MRI and MS investigations done quickly which led to my dx within about 6 weeks from start to finish. VERY FAST compared to many people left in limboland...but all my tests and scans clearly pointed to MS.
Avatar f tn Essentially what it aims to do is thwart the implementation of Obamacare and preserve the so-called free market system of health care — in other words, let the insurance companies do exactly what they have been doing, underwriting health risks in ways that make health insurance far too expensive for people who’ve been sick in the past and for people as they get older, and in many cases enabling insurance companies to refuse to sell coverage to people at any price because of preexisting conditio
Avatar f tn Why are doctors today so quick to diagnose-and flatly assume, with no proof at all- drug-seeking behavior in a chronic pain patient just because she/he is on public health insurance (Medicare or TennCare, Medicaid, etc)? If I go in wearing nice clothes with an expensive private insurance, first of all, the doctor that I will see is NOT the same Dr. you will see if you are on Medicare. If I have expensive private insurance, the Dr.
359574 tn?1328364024 Job interview this AM went well, so tomorrow I get to go out in the field with an agent. Can't picture myself selling insurance, but I need to make a living. Wed. - Fri. writing sermon, preparing worship, rewiring house, etc. Oh, hafta return call from PCP's office. Pharmacy was to call them for an auth on refills; betcha they want to get MY first copay of the year, so it's possible I'll have to go in to see him. Might also wind up going back for another interview. Reckon we'll see.
685623 tn?1283485207 Veterinarians will be forced to carry larger amounts of malpractice insurance simply because the insurance carriers won’t want to take these cases to court…they will settle out of court in order to “make things go away”. If veterinarians have to pay more for insurance, you can be very certain that those costs will be passed on in the forms of higher medical invoices.
561393 tn?1320966415 That's why OB's have the highest malpractice insurance of any doctor and other specialists also have very high insurance for them. Obviously, everyone wants to avoid these things from happening, but there's no denying that it does somewhat often. The reason some doctors seem cold/bad bed side manners, is because they emotionally have to remove themselves from what happened. If they took every case where a patient dies personally, they would never be sane.
Avatar f tn Even if that works out, it takes a lot of start up costs, insurance, costs, licensing,advertisment, time and customers...that may all come together, but don't hold your breath and in the mean time, do what you can from home. The child care at home thing can work really well. Also, so can a temp Nanny position. If you hook up with a copany that will sen you on jobs that you can take your child with you to, then that can be really good money. That's what I did for 13 years.
260012 tn?1199895717 your gonna have to take a leave untill your mental health is bakc in the righ tstat eof mind.. most people can not be around them at all for years to come.
Avatar f tn You can report her to the obstetrician association in your state or on the national level. Please explain why you can't switch providers. If you have insurance let them know your situation and tell them you have to switch because you aren't receiving the care you need.
29837 tn?1414538248 The insurance companies will probably not be paying those prices. That is part of the game. Thet charge them a fortune and the contacted price is much less.