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Avatar n tn Hi! Is anyone starting the HCG diet on Black Friday? I will be doing it 4 weeks thanksgiving to christmas? Do you want to start a support group?
921323 tn?1268679412 I think the HCG Diet is a bad idea for at least three reasons. 1) Supplementation with HCG has not been proven to be effective as compared to placebo. Multiple double-blind placebo controlled studies have not demonstrated a beneficial effect. Not much else to say about this. It just doesn’t work. Please note - I am not talking about the prolonged and severe calorie restriction that accompanies it. That works just fine. It just isn’t healthy. See #2.
Avatar f tn I don't see much in the way of healthy whole grains in your daily diet, except for the oatmeal you mentioned. Brown rice, polenta, quinoa, barley, bulgur...they are all wonderfully healthy and full of fiber. They give you energy that isn't quickly turned into fat by your body. Plus they help fill you up. You should try to include one healthy grain serving at each meal. Lunches could be served on whole grain bread (not sure if you are doing this or not).
Avatar n tn I haven't had any negative ones. The diet has been very easy for me. The HCG controls the appetite. I make 64 oz of herbal & green tea mix and drink that daily before 1 pm and then switch to water and drink as much as I can up to another 64 oz averaging between 80-120 oz per day. Buy a postal scale to weigh your food the food scales aren't accurate enough. The food you're allowed is very limited not only in amount but in selection. Don't do calorie matching and make other choices.
Avatar n tn My clinical health provider thinks this will help boost my weight loss. I eat by the hcg diet, drink enough fluids ounces equal to half my current weight (water is best), exercise often by doing two miles of walking on machines (step climbing), and in the pool (jogging) which will keep pressure off of feet and legs.
Avatar f tn Stop HCG, continue following the 500 calorie diet for 72 hours/3days after last HCG. While these appear to be the same, if you are taking HCG in the morning, these terms would make the difference of a day. For example, let us say that you take your last dose of HCG on Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. If you follow the ‘3 day’ verbiage, then you would count your non HCG days as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Under this scenario, you would begin the maintenance phase eating on Friday morning.
Avatar n tn I just had my 8th hcg shot 150 iu on a continuous schedule. I only lost 2 lbs if that is real. I have been following Simeons's protocol in terms of diet. I eat 2 meals/day with 150-200 g of protein, 1 vegetable in 2 seperate meals, 2 pieces of melba toast, 2 fruits with daily calorie intake around 490-500. I only had one cup of black coffee this morning, tea and some diet coke on other days. I feel fine, I am not hungry nor am I tired.
Avatar f tn As most of you know, I've been dieting since Jan and have been on a VERY STRICT diet. This weekend, I ate very bad. I had Mexican food on Sat, and yesterday had sugar, including cake and all the other stuff for Easter. Today I am feeling extremely nauseous and my stomach is NOT happy at all. Is this because I shocked my system or something? Since it's not used to eating like that anymore? Ugh, I feel sick. Or maybe it's unrelated???
Avatar n tn Will a basic improved change in eating habits ( no sodas, eat a high protein breakfast, eat mostly organic, etc) keep the weight off after the hCG diet? I am about to start 3 people on the hCG diet. Simple case studies. Should be interesting. I am getting them to start a diary. We will see. I may be biased, but I am a physician and I am interested in the most objective evidence that this will work. Or that it won't. I know if my patients stick with the diet they will lose weight.
Avatar n tn The program maps out your daily meals and even your grocery list. It chatrs your weight and you can even keep a journal of your day to day activites. It also gives you and outline of what excersise you should follow to maximize your weight loss. I think it is really worth it. I know for me it is. I have lost 12 pound so far and I have been signed up since October 17, 2006. Well good luck in whatever desicion you make.
Avatar n tn I don't know anything about the shots, but I have PCOS with insulin resistance and tried to get pregnant for 5 years- we tried clomid, we tried metformin- nothing worked- want to know what worked.... The South Beach Diet... it gets rid of your body's insulin resistance. I'm now just about 13 weeks pregnant and consider South Beach a miracle for me. You should try it in conjunction with whatever else you are doing.
Avatar n tn i don't know what to do about my appetite-i am always hungry...i tried the atkins diet and had to go off because of pregnancy and then i gained a lot of weight and developed gestational diabetes. the baby is fine by the way- for you mothers who may be reading this. i have a treadmill and a weight machine and they pretty much stare me down because i am so tired after working and fixing supper and taking care of the kids that i don't have the energy to do anything with them.
Avatar n tn Only because I think they should mention that this diet causes women to become very fertile and I became pregnant each time I went on the diet. I always lost anywhere between 35 and 45 pounds while on the diet. Now that I have a tubal ligation I don't have to worry about it anymore. I just restarted the diet on Feb 15th and to date I have lost about 12.5 pounds. My starting weight was 177.5. My goal weight is 138.
Avatar n tn My journey is still going on,but I just wanted to let veryone know that I am doing the hcg injection diet along with the B12 shot and Lipo shot.I have lost 25 pounds in 3 weeks.I am also on a strict 500 calorie diet.It is hard,but I am determined to do this! God Bless everyone on their journey!
Avatar f tn I lost 30 pounds last year in 8 weeks for my wedding. The healthy way! No diet pills, no crazy work-out routines. It was very simple actually...lots of protein and veggies, fruits, gallons of water, 30-45 minutes of exercising 3-4 times per week, and making sure to eat something small 5-6 times per day. This is the key to losing weight and losing it fast.
Avatar n tn It is still a diet and you cannot eat whatever you want. When you talk about any diet, it is always a lifestyle change. Always. So if you still have the product, do yourself a favor and try it for 2 weeks, fight all the cravings, all the temptations, and just do it. Give yourself an honest chance.
Avatar f tn I know that somebody here once posted up a list of HCG numbers and the ranges for the weeks of pg. Maybe Steph? Good luck for tomorrow's appt. You are in my prayers.
Avatar n tn I've never meet a doctor who would be OK with ANYONE losing that much so fast! It is normal to loose 5-6lbs the 1st week on any new diet, b/c most people drink more water when starting a new diet, so they loose water weight! I hope you all can see why i think it is so silly to think that that pill of them all, is the reason why you're loosing weight!
Avatar n tn I hope that I am able to loose 22 pounds in the next couple of months. Are you following a diet plan and working out? I have not started working out yet....maybe one day...I don't have a diet plan either I am just trying to make good choices and watch my portions. This way I know that when I stop the shots and medicine I won't gain it all back. Lets hope!!! Best of Luck to you...do you have any tips for me?
299260 tn?1304219705 ) I know it's hard. I still pinch myself & tell myself, OMG, You're pregnant! Haha =) It's so hard to believe... When was your retrieval date? Then I can add how many weeks you are to our list. luvkayln: How was your anniversary?
458090 tn?1256324762 hey everyone, so i am triggering tonight at midnight with lupron and chroni??? ??????? something, im too uncomfortable to go actually look at the name, HCG works for me.....anywho, they are having my take lupron so that i dont hyperstimulate? 65 freakin dollars, that i do not have this week later! =Z anyway, i go in on thursday and retrieve at 11am. thats all for now...imma go rest.
640548 tn?1340556955 Please forgive any oversights...it's been a while since I've done a list, and it's been 5 weeks since the last list, my math skills have degenerated over the years, but here goes.... CONGRATULATIONS BRIDGETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so absolutely thrilled to welcome Bridgette over here!
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if this topic has come up but what is the link between diet soda and ttc? I drink about 4-6 cans of diet coke (i'm addicted) a day. I know it would be nice if it were water but I can't help it. I get a ha if I don't have one by 10am. Horrible huh?
Avatar f tn babyhope - welcome to the train! I've just added you to my spreadsheet, so I'll be sure to get your name on the list next weekend. Good luck northern!! Lori - I'm praying right along with you! It's not like that witch to tease with you. I hope she decided to take that 9 month vacation she was planning after all.