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Avatar n tn I looked on line and a clinic call Advantage Walk in Chiropratic in Boise does the Hcg diet - My sister and I both did it on our own after researching information on line and medical journals. We did the 23 day proticol for less that $100.00. If I did a web site with all of my information and where to get the supplies and how to do it on your own - would you be interested?
Avatar f tn I have read alot about the Hcg diet and I want to give it a try. I don't have a doctor in my area so I want to try it onmy on with the book. Can someone please tell me where I can buy the Hcg drops?? There's tons of places on the internet but I want some advice from you people who have actually tried it and know thatis works. There's so many scammers out there. I've seen it on ebay too but there's so many I 'm not sure if it's real. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
Avatar f tn In phase 2 of hcg diet, I am confused. Do you start day 3 with the VLCD and go until day 40 or day 45 on the 500 calories. Also, are you allowed to eat as much vegetable (the 1 vegetable at each meal)? or do you have to measure out your vegetable and then find out what that calorie count is so that you do not go over your 500 calories? Are you allowed to cook with extra virgin coconut oil with your vegetables, and if so, can you saute onion and garlic with the 1 vegetable.
Avatar n tn Did you check the hcg provider directory on hcg diet info? http://www.hcgdietinfo.com - sorry I don't live in Ohio and actually have more information to offer!
Avatar f tn Hi all, I was told that I cannot do the hcg shots if I have cysts on my ovaries as the hormone actually feeds the cysts and can cause them to grow. Has anyone else heard this? Also can someone tell me if the hcg diet is safe with hypoglycemics, hypothyroid, and controlled high blood pressure? I am affraid if I do the 500 calorie diet that it won't be sufficient in getting enough protein in my system. ANY information will sure help as I want to start this diet ASAP.
Avatar m tn they have a slightly higher sugar content.
Avatar n tn I am on the Hcg diet and have started itching all over? Anybody know anything? or had this happen to you?
Avatar n tn I'm not familiar with the phases that some of you are doing and I don't have the diet book. THANKS for ALL the GREAT info that you have posted for us! I know all the research has taken a lot of time and effort and I appreciate it so much!!
Avatar n tn your telling people to get info from a site which sells books..and HCG..lol think about it..time will pass and you will forget all about me..but im 100% right and thats fact...HCG is nonsense..and you will be sorry you fell for this..I wish you the best..
Avatar n tn I never made the connection that it was the diet pills. Thought it had to do with hcg. Still doing hcg but not feeling as horrid as I did initially. Darn...just purchased another bottle in case I needed them down the road. Thanks so much for the info. I never knew that about diet pills.
Avatar n tn look in the hcg diet forum. read through the postings.
Avatar n tn Hi! Is anyone starting the HCG diet on Black Friday? I will be doing it 4 weeks thanksgiving to christmas? Do you want to start a support group?
Avatar n tn I am to the end of KT's book and would like to start this diet asap. Any info given would be GREAT! my e-mail ***@**** Thanks!
Avatar n tn com's HCG Provider Directory has recently received a growing number of requests from websites AND individuals claiming to sell HCG via mail order, requiring bank or western union wire transfers for payment. We have posted a warning at the hCG Diet Info website, but are still receiving emails from unsuspecting individuals who sent funds, never received their order and are now unable to get their money back. PLEASE forward this warning and pass the word so we can put a stop to this!
Avatar n tn where can i get the hcg diet in chicago i need to know where i can get the real stuff
1560848 tn?1329491033 As many have said, each day you step on that scale it motivates you to hang in there for one more day to see what tomorrow brings. Thanks all for the info on this diet.
Avatar f tn I also have a site listed on my YouTube profile that has interesting info on hCG, some ads from the 70's, and probably most important to you, a link to free hcg diet recipes. I've yet to work with anyone who didn't lose at least 20 lbs in 30 days, you ought to be very happy with your results. The 1st week is the toughest as your body converts into a ketogenic state, but it gets easier. Just hang tough the 1st week and reap the rewards at the end of the month. Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn Im dying to try this HCG diet, but not sure where to buy the drops, has anyone got any tips on where i can buy them? I live in paris, france. (However, i would prefer to pay by cheque as two times now i have usd my bank card to buy something onthe internet and someone has accessed my account and stolen my money! yes really bad luck TWO times!
Avatar f tn After a year trying to get HCG, I finally got it from Mexico under the name Gonakor. 10ml. My question is how to use it and what diet should I follow.What works. every 2 days or once a day. I also got b-12 with lopoden, should I use both at the same time? I have KT book, but I find all the steps overwhelming. Please someone advise. belsy.
Avatar m tn I have learned a few things I will list below, but if you (anyone) have other info about this listed info, please respond and tell me what you know that's different or that I should be aware of, and thanks, I'm really excited about this, I've actually seen the results in my friends, it's just amazing!
Avatar n tn Yes, the very low cal diet is the key. In fact I have heard that you are wasting your time and money on hcg if you don't follow the plan and that you can even gain weight. The idea is for the hcg to flush out stored fat and for that to provide some of the nutrients you need to supplement your caloric intake. That being said, I myself do not believe extremely low cal is healthy. A lot of people on hcg do 600-800 or even 500 but I do around 1000-1100 and I am still losing weight.
Avatar f tn But just like you did on your diet like eating different than you did while you were fat, the same goes with the hCG diet but while you are on the hCG diet it is also changing your hypothalamus (you know what that is) in turn your brain changes the way it looks at food and dispursise it through the body. The hCG diet NEVER said eat everything and what ever you want when you are done with the shots, it does help you to change your eating habits.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know how to 175 units of hcg? I just received my order of hcg and I have no syringes, just the hcg. Can someone help me? My mom is a diabetic and she has some extra syringes, would those be ok for injecting? Any information would be great!! Thanks so much!!
Avatar n tn Hi, I just read that you are doing the hCG diet, how are your injections going? Are you losing weight? I also live in Illinois (Lake Zurich) and am looking for a doctor to do it under. I've got K Trudeau's book and am about to start Phase 1, so will hopefully be needing the hCG in 4 weeks.