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Avatar f tn What are Doctors thinking about the HCG injections for weight loss? Is is safe and does it work? I am considering a diet that says its a miracle hormone. I'd like to hear from some Medical Doctors please..
Avatar f tn I have done the HCG diet in the past with much success. I got married in September and a few months prior decided to start dieting for the wedding. With not much time, and a lot of weight to lose, I did the HCG diet. I lost about 30 pounds over a trial of 2 months. I wasn't great at following the diet word for word or I'm sure I would have lost more weight. I am now trying the diet again after gaining some weight back because I was eating fast food for lunch everyday. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn Please see my blog about why I don't recommend HCG. It doesn't work!
Avatar f tn Hi I posted and article on my blog about hCG yesterday. Not sure if I'm allowed to give you the link but I'll give it a go. It talks about why it supposed to work but also why research says it doesn't. I've also talked about the side effects. After the research I did for my post I wouldn't use hCG but its a personal preference. Anyway hope my post helps to explain a few things. Good luck with you weight loss. The post can be found at
Avatar f tn is diets using shot os hcg safe for breast cancer survivor, im looking into transformations medical weight loss clinic, and also Medi fast, im obese so that isnt safe, and ive tried everything , i have yo yo so many times that now this fat seems to be cement, are these injections safe for me, ive been cancer free for 8 years
Avatar n tn I didn't think it was possible to get pregnant while on the hcg diet. Maybe its the synthetic hcg making the test positive?
1088509 tn?1352236247 has anyone heard of the hcg diet my friends friend is doing it and has lost sooo much weight. is it safe and will you gain the weight back once you stop???
Avatar m tn I am curious if anyone other than me has had problems with the HCG diet? From the get go, I felt sick, weak, depressed and anxious. I took the shots for 20 days, followed the protocol to the letter, and never felt well. My doc said that this was 100% effective, however, I am not feeling it. After feeling sick and tired all day yesterday, I stopped the shots today and feel better. So. Has anyone experienced negative side-effects from the HCG?
Avatar f tn I have read alot about the Hcg diet and I want to give it a try. I don't have a doctor in my area so I want to try it onmy on with the book. Can someone please tell me where I can buy the Hcg drops?? There's tons of places on the internet but I want some advice from you people who have actually tried it and know thatis works. There's so many scammers out there. I've seen it on ebay too but there's so many I 'm not sure if it's real.
Avatar f tn i am currently on the HCG diet and you are allowed to have Crystal light.
Avatar f tn I have asthma but i would like to start the HCG weightloss diet . I was wondering by me having asthma and taking the Hcg drops would cause any side effects or any future health problems?
1678146 tn?1304544855 I'am on the HCG Diet and I am very hungry all the time. I have lost 9 lbs in 13 days. The inches are falling off, which is a good thing. What can I do to keep from having the severe hunger pains?
Avatar f tn hello i've had a pacemaker for 2 years now, can I do the hcg shots/diet??? is it safe? i am 31 years old and weigh 225 lbs. i need to lose weight and i need help.
Avatar m tn I am on the hcg diet, I ate by protocol all day but when I got hom I was locked out and when I finally got in to the house I was really hungry and unprepared. My kids ate chicken nuggets, thanks grandma! But I ate 1 turkey weenie on a bun with mustarf and ketchup. The turkey weenies are 45 cals each and 1 gram of fat. Do you think I will be okay or now have a delayed in my weight loss?
4489852 tn?1375753951 This is not a question, but I wanted to post my blog on here for other people to read if they wanted to. I had a hard time finding a chiari blog that was kept up to date and was current, so I wanted to start one not only so that i could have record of everything, but also so that other people could read my story and see that they are not alone in this fight. This is the blog I started in April.
1853014 tn?1340038575 I think this is the blog you are talking about. It is excellent. You can see there are many, many pages of valuable information. Plus it is written very well and has some humor too. http://hep-free.
Avatar f tn 500 calories a day on the hcg diet protocol isn't bad, because the hcg is releasing stored fats and you are living of the stored fats as well as the 500 calories. I lost over 20 pounds on it over a two years ago, but had gained 5 pounds back do to food intolerance. I have just finished a three day juice fast and lost 7 pounds. I plan to eat two meals and day and juice at night to keep my system flushed from toxins that was causing my weight gain.
Avatar n tn I am on the Hcg diet and have started itching all over? Anybody know anything? or had this happen to you?
Avatar f tn // Aetna (*******), one of many insurance carriers, has a Clinical Policy Bulletin regarding Weight Reduction Medications and Programs posted that excludes Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) or vitamin injections for weight loss because it is considered experimental and investigational for weight loss. There is no magic pill or diet or plan to lose weight quickly and safely. To be fit and healthy you have to eat healthy and exercise.
Avatar f tn The worst thing about a drastic plan such as the hcg diet, is that you will most likely gain back all of the lost weight as soon as you go off the diet; possibly even gaining more yet. Weight loss through a good diet and exercise program is the healthiest way to go and making life style changes that you can live with from now will help guarantee continued success. Best of luck to you.
Avatar f tn I was reading a magazine today and it was discussing the I quit sugar diet.