Having sex while your pregnant

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Avatar f tn t lay on your stomach while having sex maybe would be safer for you to be on top of him during sex Just avoid pressure on your stomach.
Avatar f tn Sex Not Bad At All While You Pregnant I Think You Should Still Enjoy Sex If You Are In The Mood.
Avatar m tn sex is quite ok while your wife is pregnant as long as her pregnancy is healthy it's fine....and it willnothurt the baby.
Avatar n tn I started to bleed while we were having sex. My boyfriend came inside me. I thought I started my period. But. Didn’t.
8779442 tn?1399827474 If your doctor hasn't told you to stop having sex, then you can continue. But if you are concerned, I would mention it to your doctor.
Avatar f tn No as far as I know that is not possible...
Avatar n tn this mite seem like a crazy question but can it hurt the baby if i have rough sex in 11 weeks pregnant and when me and ny boyfriend have sex its a little rough and after we get done my stomach kinda hurts it feels like im cramping at the bottom of my stomach???
Avatar f tn My wife is currently 13 weeks pregnant. we been having sex during the pregnancy. Recently though our last time having sex she started bleeding after. not real bad but wasn't just drops at the same time it was visible stopped after a few seconds though. Is that normal or no? Is it alright to keep having sex or no?
Avatar f tn Im 5 weeks Pregnant and been having having some cramping. I also have IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) which i guess makes them feel worse...MY QUESTION is...Is it still safe to have sex this early in the pregnancy? Even with Cramps?
Avatar f tn u can have sex just not when your dilated an having sex when pregnate will not hurt u or the baby ....
Avatar n tn I've never bled after sex during pregnancy and I love rough sex HA but I'd just ask your Dr and see what they say because I've been told any type of bleeding while pregnant is cause for concern. Best of luck mama!
Avatar n tn No it doesn't hurt the baby, I have short cervix,which is fine. But with my son my first pregnancy from having sex, I bled for a few hours, I went to my doctor I didn't know what was wrong, they then asked about sex if I had sex, so they suggested not having sex, it was weird to be told that, but we did lay off the sex for a while. But in your condition, your fine.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, is it good to be have sex while pregnant? , what I mean is that, , hope nothing will go wrong for the baby while the couple having sex?
Avatar f tn The OB told me as long as I was physically comfortable I could have sex. Your body was designed to protect the baby. I had sex through all four of my other pregnancies and they turned out just fine =) I am pregnant now with twins and had a cervical cerclage so no sex for me this time until after birth =( ... which *****! Have to do what I have to do though ya know? Good luck!
Avatar f tn Sex is perfectly fine to have while pregnant the baby is completely protected I'm 37 + 1 and I've had sex all through out my pregnancy. I just wouldn't recommend hardcore rough sex.
9309926 tn?1405447056 Is anybody else having server pains while having sex? I'm 17 weeks an never experienced this with my first child. Is that normal or should I see my doctor?
Avatar f tn If you don't feel comfortable having sex then don't. I had almost no sex drive in the first trimester of both pregnancies but by the middle of the second trimester it got better.
Avatar f tn I personally have never heard of miscarriage from sex. I know my bf & I had sex & he was a bit eager to get "it" in, I ended up having a bit of spotting since it had been over a week & my cervix is sensitive. So spotting is posdible after rough sex but I think, imo, that he wouldn't be able to pierce the cervix to get to the womb. If he cant get to the womb, I don't see how.he could harm the baby.
Avatar f tn Jeje lol me too am 22 weeks n love but super loveee having sex with my hubby n injoy it because then its a bit hard to have sex when u got sex lol but u still can but not like before jejejejeee injoy my friend n GOD bless your pregnancy