Having sex too much to get pregnant

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Avatar f tn The only thing that could potentially happen by having "too much sex" is that you could get a yeast infection. But the chances of that happening are not too high. Swallowing *** is not bad for you but as stated above, the pull out method is a little iffy.
367100 tn?1330914725 I m really tired of having too much sex. once i get pregnant i want some break from sex. really.
6789572 tn?1395629939 Sex is just fine I was worried to and my doctor told me the only time he would suggest stop having sex is if your in pain otherwise have as much sex as you want :-)
Avatar f tn Then we I started talking to him not dating just talking I told him that it has to stop if he wanted to be or have sex with me and when he stopped having sex with her she went crazy and he did not see his child unless we went to his moms n on of his cousins we across the street to get the baby ...
Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks too. I am still have sex with my boyfriend daily a few times a day. I got told to enjoy it while we can because once I get farther along I wont have a sex drive. Sex doesnt harm the baby... Enjoy it!!!!
Avatar f tn We're trying to get pregnant, does having sex every day increase the odds? I took an ovulation test yesterday and it came back positive but the 2nd line was kinda faint.
Avatar f tn If you are wondering if you are pregnant, test with an early-results home test two weeks after the last unprotected sex. Are you trying to get pregnant? Not worried about it if you do? Or what?
Avatar f tn I have the same thing! I'm only 25 weeks and she moves all the time, you can even see my stomach moving.
Avatar n tn i have been giving my boyfriend head many times for over a week now and im starting to get bigger.. im two weeks late for my period and my belly is bloated and looks pregnant, im scared that i have swallowed too much sperm and it has met one of my eggs, I am getting cravings for more sperm but i have been told this is a sexual addiction, please help!
Avatar f tn im so wondering that while we having sex my vigina had a blood but not too many...yesterday i are having sex again and again their is a blood appearing on my vigina... and today this afternoon i smell something different to my vigina... ever since this is the first time happened...otherwise theirs no pain inside or out in my vigina im so worrying what happen to me...Miss Janice please help me... pls tell me why causes that my vigina had a blood while we are having sex? i do i protect this?
Avatar f tn I find checking my cervix to be the easiest and best way to go for me...that way I am sure to be having sex during the fertile period and not as much when I am not fertile. So far it has worked for me a number of times. I have gotten pg that way four times, and have two boys and I had two mc's. Good luck!
Avatar n tn to much sex is not bad. The burning and itching is probably a yeast infection go to the drug store and buy an over the counter product for the infection if it helps good if not see your doctor and after taking the meds. take a good refrigerated type probiotic you can buy at any health food store.
Avatar f tn I seemed to be more randy at certain times throughout this pregnancy, but because of previous miscarriage my partner was very wary of having sex so i had to see to myself a lot lol. We have had sex a few times throughout and theres been no problems. Its just a bit uncomfortable when you orgasm due to the tightenings in your uterus.
Avatar n tn I am having sex 5 to 6 times per day but eventhough my man is very strong and hard and it asking for sex again and again,so pls tell me is it bad for health
Avatar f tn When I got my Iud removed the dr told me if I wanted to get pregnant to take prenatals.It's best to talk to your doctor though and see what's going on. Best of luck!
408901 tn?1274687198 how long have you been married? in order to get pregnant you have to have sex. which means he's going to have to go in. it hurts a little bit but only for a second or two....it's not as bad as you think. if you're that scared of it perhaps counseling will help.
Avatar f tn s and get it while you can because with my experience thus far the father along you are the less likely you would want to have sex; especially when your limited to sex positions due to the growing belly.
Avatar f tn There is nothing you can just take on your own. Get a medical workup and some advice from the doctor. If the situation warrants it, he might suggest further options.
5915949 tn?1396188227 (Sorry posted to soon) but also having the vomiting my midwife told me it is my body prepping and to drink plenty of water. I am 37.4 so I know how you feel. If your bum starts to hurt. Use charmin wipes they will help you. The joys of pregnancy no one tells you about lol.
Avatar f tn What you are describing is some of the symptoms of sexual addiction. Some men get so addicted to the pleasure and release they get from sex, that they want it whenever they can. It becomes a type of drug. The escalation that you describe is also a symptom of sexual addiction. Too much sex can make somone numb. Why do you think porn stars retire after about 5-7 years? Sometimes men think that after a woman has children, she will never want sex again.
Avatar f tn How often are you having sex, more specifically how often is he ejaculating because that was the problem my husband and I were having was to much sex which caused him to have a low sperm count, once we slowed down to only a few times a week this built up his sperm and we were able to get pregnant, hope this helps and best of luck
Avatar f tn You could also have an addiction that if not control will eventually with time destroy your relationship and you will end up right back with a new neddyness and continued problem. You really should talk with someone a counselor to get down to the real problem with you to where you are turning to sex to fill that void of abandonment or something.
4151273 tn?1353768639 I have recently kindled a new love flame with someone and we are going for a romantic meal and we want to have sex with each other but I am worried about weather it is safe to have sex with me being pregnant at 8 weeks and 4 days, my new partner believes that it will be fine but I need reassurance before I sleep with him......
Avatar f tn I feel you there .... I've had sex maybe 5 times in the past 9 months :( i feel really bad for my man but he tries to understand it's just not comfertable for me....