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Avatar f tn t lay on your stomach while having sex maybe would be safer for you to be on top of him during sex Just avoid pressure on your stomach.
Avatar f tn Im 5 weeks Pregnant and been having having some cramping. I also have IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) which i guess makes them feel worse...MY QUESTION is...Is it still safe to have sex this early in the pregnancy? Even with Cramps?
Avatar n tn is it normal/safe to have sex as early as 4 weeks pregnant?
8779442 tn?1399827474 If your doctor hasn't told you to stop having sex, then you can continue. But if you are concerned, I would mention it to your doctor.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, is it good to be have sex while pregnant? , what I mean is that, , hope nothing will go wrong for the baby while the couple having sex?
Avatar f tn Is it safe to have sex while pregnant? I just found out I am pregnant. I am 4 weeks. But is there a time when sex is not allowed?
Avatar f tn Its safe as long as your dr has not told you to stay away from it. & if I was you I'd be hoping it'd put me in labor! Lol I'm 38+1 & still 0!
Avatar n tn t know what was wrong, they then asked about sex if I had sex, so they suggested not having sex, it was weird to be told that, but we did lay off the sex for a while. But in your condition, your fine.
Avatar f tn Thank you :)
Avatar f tn Sex is perfectly fine to have while pregnant the baby is completely protected I'm 37 + 1 and I've had sex all through out my pregnancy. I just wouldn't recommend hardcore rough sex.
Avatar f tn I'm 38 weeks will anal sex harm my baby. I heard it wasn't ok to do while having sex .
4151273 tn?1353768639 I have recently kindled a new love flame with someone and we are going for a romantic meal and we want to have sex with each other but I am worried about weather it is safe to have sex with me being pregnant at 8 weeks and 4 days, my new partner believes that it will be fine but I need reassurance before I sleep with him......
7351190 tn?1391631184 Whoa there! Do you mean is it medically safe to have intercourse while on your period? Then the answer is yes. You nor your partner will suffer any physical harm, it's just pretty messy. If however you were asking if it is safe to have unprotected sex while on your period, it's not such a good idea. You CAN get pregnant, even on your period, and you CAN get an STD. Please protect yourself. Always.
Avatar f tn Sex Not Bad At All While You Pregnant I Think You Should Still Enjoy Sex If You Are In The Mood.