Having sex during ovulation but not getting pregnant

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Avatar f tn I used the ovulation kits as well but we had sex every other day from the day my period ended until CD20. And that worked for us the first month trying that. But everyone is different. It can take up to a year to conceive for a healthy couple. So be patient and sending baby dust your way.
Avatar m tn Have regular periods(28 day cycle), my husband is healthy and we have regular sex sometimes 28 days in a month but still i am not concieved and no signs of pregnancy. We are not using any protection For past six months i was a home maker and my husband is working, now i have also started working. My age is 26 and my husband is 29. This month we tried i sure ovulation kit and tested on 11-18 days after first day of period but results for ovulation remained negative.
Avatar f tn yes you can. you can get pregnant by just having sex..condoms aren't a hundred percent, the pill isn't a hundred percent. the only thing that will prevent you from not getting pregnant is to NOT have sex. i'm not trying to sound rude, it's the facts. lol.
Avatar f tn Have sex right before your period.. Like 3-5 days before every day if possible more than once.. Then go everyday if possible more than once a day for the next week after it, if you had your period..
Avatar f tn Well, you did risk pregnancy by having unprotected sex whether you pulled out before ovulation or not. Every man emits small amounts of sperm during sex prior to ejaculation. Discharge from nipples is not a sign of pregnancy but rather a hormonal issue. This could also make her ovulate off schedule as well (hormonal issues)-- so you don't really know when a woman ovulates. You can guess and an educated guess at that.
Avatar f tn I would buy the ovulation kits from the store and then have sex right before and during ovulation. I would also start taking prenatal vitamins. Good luck and Keep us posted!
Avatar n tn You should start taking folic acid, exercise daily and reach your optimal weight. Take a healthy diet. The reason of not getting pregnant may be because of medical problem either in you or your partner. You and your partner both need to be investigated. Some tests may be necessary like semen analysis in men and to check for ovulation in women. For more queries and assistance visit a gynecologist. Hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn My wife (26) and i have been trying to get pregnant for about 3 months to no avail. We just started using an ovulation kit during her march cycle and it properly indicated her ovulation, but alas still no pregnancy. Is this something we should be concerned about given our ages and health history (both young, healthy, non smokers, non drug users with no history of serious illness)?
Avatar n tn I had sex 12/1 12/4 12/6 12/8 my period is not due until the 19 I have been having pregnant symptoms what are the chances that im pregnant
Avatar f tn I know I am reaching and being hopeful, but anybody think I might be pregnant? lol And any ideas on how I can make sex less of a task for him, I am so anxious about getting pregnant, that I think sometimes I am a bit much for him. We are getting along great, but I want him to want to do it more too lol. thanks!
3242317 tn?1346785004 thyroid disorders and ovulation disorder are the common causes. You may try having sex during ovulation. Ovulation occurs at different times in different women, depending upon the length of your menstrual cycle. There are some symptoms and signs which may be felt before and during ovulation. Tender Breasts, abdominal pain felt during ovulation, increased basal body temperature and changes in cervical mucus are few of them. Ovulation predictor kits can help you determine when you are ovulating.
613536 tn?1294238447 I was looking into ovulation and it says some people may be tired during ovulation... (TMI) but I also have an increased sex drive... so perhaps ovulation is just around the corner....
763297 tn?1281379425 My previous pregnancy actually took 13 months to conceive but only because I ended up having a fertility problem and was not ovulating, hence not having ANY CM whatsoever. But once I had CM again and knew I was ovulating we did conceive on the first try.
1401964 tn?1280853868 Thanks and they are and and me and my fiance have sex almosst everyday bc we are trying to get pregnant,but like i said nothing is working. I went to the obgyn and she said that everything looked fine. So I don't know what the problem is.
Avatar m tn the reason why it is helpful for your seman to induce your wifes labor is because seman ripens the uterus the riper it is the sooner you will see you little one and the least amount of pain shell be in although she might not notice the little pain she will miss but do not worry she can not get pregnant while she is pregnant
Avatar n tn From last 6 month we are trying for baby.. But not getting +ve result. We follow all the conceiving process.We have regular sex during ovulation. My period generally occur in 26 days but from last 6 month 4 time I have irregular period. Instead of 26 days 3 time it happenned only after 32 days. Is this symptom of miscarrige or something else? What should I have to do for being pregnent?
1900942 tn?1462421460 Since I had my son I've been getting cramps during ovulation. Most women do not notice ovulation. I think it just shows your more in touch with your body. And it's nice to know when your ovulating.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm sorry you're going through this. I know all to well where you are. I went from being on birth control when I first got married and they caused me chest pains so I quit. Then we were using condoms and just in time quit using them. I also have very bad periods. I would bleed inbetween them. Bleed during and after sex. I hurt all the time in my lower back, lower stomach. I have sharp pains in my ovaries and during all of this i'm not getting pregnant either.
Avatar f tn I stopped taking my birth control after I finished my last back. Since then we have been having unprotected sex on a regular basis to try and get pregnant. I was just wondering how long I have to wait to take a pregnancy test. I know everyone says wait until you know you're supposed to have your period and you miss it and then take a test, but that's kind of a long time to be left in the dark. Is there anyway I could take a test the week after we had sex?
Avatar f tn Well I'm 27 and a mother if 3 ages 6,8,10 Recently me and my husband decided we wanted one more child It was then I realized I haven't got pregnant in 5 years I had no trouble getting pregnant with my 3 kids I was on mirena for 2 years but had so much trouble so had it removed I have had no birth control for 4 1/2 years And have had unprotected sex with my husband ever since and have not came out pregnant My period finally have gotten on track it took 2 years after mirena I have a period
1384216 tn?1288234415 It will tell you when you ovulate which is the point in which you are most fertile and want to have sex. I also recommend Pre-seed personal lube during sex as it helps keep sperm alive and get them to where they need to go. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn so that, make sure my ovulation days i used ovulation test kit. it shows positive from day 13 to day 15 every month. but non of the method help to pregnant. Is there is possibly i got any other problem to get pregnant? n what i should do?
Avatar f tn No it's best if you use a basal body thermometer...you can get one for around $8 at walmart. Some people are more fertile than others. What I said was not meant to mean that you WON'T get pregnant having sex so often throughout your cycle, but by concentrating on the days around ovulation will optimize your chances. It would be a good idea to start taking a prenatal vitamin that has folic acid in it.
1699550 tn?1320286617 ok its a stupid question but is ther alway an egg waiting to be fertilized or do the eggs only come out to be fertilized when you ovulate or does ovulation simply mean you have more eggs coming out at once? what the chance of getting pregnant by havings sex every other day (sometimes every day 2x) without protection.
Avatar f tn if ovulation starts on 14th day, abstain from sex on 11th, 12th and 13th days). This sex abstinence helps to built up more sperm and increase its concentration, which is necessary for conception to occur. 3. Try to relax more, as relaxation relieves stress (stress is detrimental for fertility). 4. Watch what you eat. For better fertility it is recommended to have a good balance diet : lean meat, grains, beans, vegetables, tofu, fish and eggs. Try to have fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
Avatar n tn Having Intercoarse during your period is not dangerous. The way you get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant is first of all knowing your cycle. If you know how long your cycle is, you can predict Ovulation. The luteal phase of your cycle the days after ovulation are alway between 12-16 days. the first half is always different, so if your cycles are 28 days count back 14-16 days and those are the days you are most likely Oing, which up to 72 hrs prior and 24 hrs after Oing you can get pregnant.
Avatar f tn So I got back with my ex recently and the last two weeks we had sex pretty regularly. I have been keeping track of my period on an app I downloaded to my IPod because I used to always forget. I had been writing it down every month and then transferred it to the app. This month it said my fertile period was from 15-21 July and ovulate on 20 July (2011). We had sex from 15-18, then on 20th and then 22, 23 and three times this week.