Having sex on your period and getting pregnant

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Avatar f tn Are you having sex on your period? Or am I reading it wrong. You don't get pregnant that way you have to have sex when you ovulate most woman ovulate 14 days after period started.. some woman ovulate differently..
Avatar f tn Well I on my period now almost do and my fertile time is the 29th
Avatar m tn my girlfriend wants me to have sex with her unprotected while she is on her period and doesn't want me to pull out, she just started birthcontrol and has been on it for a month, how much of a chance if i don't pull out does she of getting pregnant?
656216 tn?1225067291 first count 14 days from the first day of your period that is your peek ovulation time and also have sex in a position that him penis goes in the furthers into your vagina because then the sperm has to travel less. also if you can prop yourself up at the hips after having sex to help the sperm a bit. also if you can help it don't go to the bathroom right after having sex. (as long as you know you wont get an infecting which some women do). other then that have fun.
Avatar f tn Always use protection when having sex, even if you have never had your period. At 15, I would make an appointment with your doctor to be looked at. Usually, you should start your period at anywhere from age 10 to 15.. so you are at the tail end. Good luck.
Avatar f tn i had sex a week before i was suppose to get my period, we used a condom and he pulled out. but when i was suppose to get my period i didnt, i ended up getting it yerstday, 12 days late, i took 3 prego tests 2 of them 7 days after i missed my period and than one the 8th day(at a clince), they all came back negative. but i know you can "bleed" and still be prego, im concenced about this.
Avatar f tn if you have unprotected sex the night before your period starts, is it possible to become pregnant?
Avatar f tn When you're on your period, it's shedding the eggs so save you an your hubby the mess and just wait till after your period and then don't think about trying, put your legs up after lol worked for me
Avatar f tn Honestly, quite possible. The pill is only effective when used correctly. And it doesn't sound like you were using it right. You also need to be on it for a couple weeks before it takes full effect, so having unprotected sex the first day you get on the pill won't do much good. However, it is also very possible you messed up your hormones. The pill, although very common and extensively used, is a drug. It can mess with your body very badly if it's not used correctly.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and I recently decided that we wanted to have a baby. I stopped taking my birth control after I finished my last back. Since then we have been having unprotected sex on a regular basis to try and get pregnant. I was just wondering how long I have to wait to take a pregnancy test. I know everyone says wait until you know you're supposed to have your period and you miss it and then take a test, but that's kind of a long time to be left in the dark.
Avatar f tn Very unlikely it all depends on when you ovulate but i cant see you concieving the day before your period it tends to be atleast ten days after but all women and there cycles vary
Avatar f tn I got off about a year and a half ago and just recently had a period on Dec. 16th. Me and my fiance have been trying to conceive the whole time I've been off the shot. I'm hoping that I might be getting closer since I recently had a period !! My question is... Does anyone know of any over the counter options to help get pregnant? Vitamins or anything? Advice would be great!!!!
Avatar f tn Get an app on ur phone I used my days n liked it
1455229 tn?1290301068 there was blood all over the place scared me to death and i was in alot of pain after having sex and that was at 4wks.. It took me 7wks for me to get my period.. Im just starting to try again this month and scared to death.. best of luck !!
Avatar n tn Can you get pregnant if you have sex in your period?
Avatar f tn We have not use condom or any contraceptives when having a sex, my period supposed to come last nov.3-8 but until now I didnt get my period and Im worriying that Im pregnant also I experienced some sign of having period like crumps but it will last only a few minutes or hour and I also get wet I noticed it on the first week of december. Please advise some reason other than take a test why Im experiencing this because Im not yet ready to get pregnant at this moment.
Avatar f tn s 50/50 If you are trying to get pregnant I would also buy some pregnancy test and wait for your period to come... I am 9 weeks and it didn't happen for me for a while.
Avatar f tn You ovulate BEFORE you get a period. A period is cause by the egg not getting fertilized and the uterus shedding the lining it created as a home for it. You usually ovulate about 2 weeks before your period occurs.
Avatar n tn I had sex 12/1 12/4 12/6 12/8 my period is not due until the 19 I have been having pregnant symptoms what are the chances that im pregnant
Avatar f tn I was on mononesa for only three months. I stopped taking it on Aug 16th of this year. I maybe took one blue pill of that month's pack. If I was on the pill I would have started by today as it has been in the past couple of months. Around Aug 28th I started to have thicker discharge, like just before you ovulate, with some brownish color. It stayed that way for the day. Then on Aug 29th, that morning, I had bleed through my underwear. Bright red blood.
612603 tn?1227959456 I know that people say you can get pregnant any time but who out there has gotten pregnant while having completley unprotected sex just two days after their period and had goten pregnant. my cousin seems to think this can't happen. Has this really happened to anyone on here? PLease prove her wrong so she might actually listen to me!
Avatar f tn Well it sounds like your regular, which is a good thing. Are you having sex the days leading up to your positives, and a few days after and during? It's important to at least have sex every other day throughout (in your case) day 10-18. Good luck hun!