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Avatar f tn I recently hard a large hard breast tissue removed from my left breast in Oct. Everything came out fine. But my concern now is that I have found another lump in my right breast. I would like to know if anyone knows the risk factor of this? I am concerned that these showing up more now that I am at a higher risk for getting breast cancer?
Avatar f tn I have recently (within the past 2-3 weeks) noticed a hard lump beneath my right breast tissue. It doesn't usually cause any pain, but when I apply pressure it brings discomfort and small amounts of pain. I am 18 years of age and female. I am probably concerned for no reason, but just wondered if anyone could give me advice on what it is, if anything at all, and whether I should do anything about it? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Hi There, Several years ago, in 2004 I discovered a right lump in my right breast and it was discovered I had a fibroenemna. A biopsy was done and it was benign. Around several months ago, I was examining my breast and thought I felt a lump where the scar was. It wasn't obvious when you were feeling it. I went to a doctor and did not feel anything and neither did the ultrasound. Is there any chance this could have been missed on a ultrasound. I still feel it.
Avatar n tn I went to the gyno yesterday for a routine exam. She said she felt a hard lump in my right breast, wasn't moving, at the site of where I had a stereotactic biopsy in November (the biopsy came back that it was a calcified fibroadenoma). They also inserted a clip at that time. (I also had a fibroadenoma removed from this breast in 1998). I am very nervous now. Could she have been feeling the clip or scar tissue?
Avatar f tn Also my left breast is really big, several cup sizes bigger than the right breast. I'm not sure if this problem is to do with the extra breast tissue appearing in other parts of my body but I hope to get that sorted too. But in the mean time I'm enjoying being a mother to my children and keeping my chin up thats the best way to deal with things at the moment until my body is surgically corrected.
Avatar f tn I am concerned about it being connected, but wondered if fatty tissue or dense areas in the breast could feel like this as well. Regardless I am getting an opinion next wednesday, but going crazy until then! Do they bad lumps feel like a knuckle as I've read? I've already had a mammogram, but I pointed out the mass of tissue, had no idea there was this lump that I found today. This area shows as dense tissue on the mammogram but could as I have read be hiding the tumor.
Avatar f tn Please see that she does see her Dr. as soon as she is able to determine the nature of this lump. She may also have lumpy breast tissue which is fairly common. Kindest regards ....
Avatar f tn i have a lump in my right breast which is sore and hard to touch been to doctors and have to go back what can it be
Avatar f tn My doctor says I have very think breast tissue and lumpy so it makes it hard for me to do a self breast exam and that I would have to start getting mammograms when I turn 35. Right now I am 29. Do you have any suggestions as to what this tissue may be?
Avatar n tn a lump in my left breast shows in ultrasoun,but not on mamograms 2 actually.fine needle biopsy said atypical cells but not enought sample.did open lump removal surgery ,took as in a clock from 2 to 4 of tissue, can the surgeon know by looking if is not cancer but fat lump. she said it looks like a good lump,can you really tell by eye. thanks hard to heel from catheter left one day.does the breast really full back.it looks bad.
Avatar n tn Her conclusion was that this lump is excess breast tissue, which has developed in the armpit as a result of the pregnancy. This is my 4th pregnancy and I have never experienced anything like this before. also, the " tissue" (lump) is not present on both sides...just on the left. Should I seek a second opinion? How common is unilateral excess breast tissue under the arm arising during pregnancy? And would it present as a lump?
Avatar f tn Surely if I had one just a year ago and breast reduction 9 months prior I am fine. I found a lump in June. Thought nothing of it...scar tissue it must be, Then in August I thought, I really should make sure this really is scar tissue and I consulted with my PCP. He said he felt it was too but wanted me to get my yearly mammo (2 months late) and an ultrasound.
Avatar n tn About 3 years a go i discovered a lump in my breast. I had a mamogram done and was tole that it was only fatty tissue. And it was nothing to worry about. I was also told that I have fibrcystic(excuse my spelling) breast. Two days ago I was checking on the lump and discovered that it was a little larger and now it was very hard. Could that be a sign that it has turned possible to cancer. I go for a mamogram on the 16th. I am really freaking out right now. Please Help!
Avatar n tn lump appeared in January in left breast (most effected by implants-nerve damage scar tissue etc.) Had mammogram and ultrasound- only revealed seroma in left breast where implant used to sit. Again large lump reappeared in May same spot- had ultrasound at different imaging place and with a radiologist who spent 1/2 on the breast. He found seroma and dense breasts but that is all. This extremely hard lump feels like an extension of my rib cage. It can get bigger especially with my period.
Avatar n tn About 2 days ago I found a lump in my left breast while showering. I's only in my left breast, it's hard, quiet big, non painful. My midwife told me that it can be only a milk tissue (?), but I'm not sure. Than It's should be in other breast as well, soft and mobile. I'm terrified what can it be. I have a doctor appointment next week but I'm very, very worried, just can put my mind to rest!.
Avatar n tn About 2 days ago I found a lump in my left breast while showering. I's only in my left breast, it's hard, quiet big, non painful. My midwife told me that it can be only a milk tissue (?), but I'm not sure. Than It's should be in other breast as well, soft and mobile. I'm terrified what can it be. I have a doctor appointment next week but I'm very, very worried, just can put my mind to rest!.
1330312 tn?1275345113 but it is the only option left as tht lump in my breast is still undiagnosed due to biopsy failling and i do think this is my best option left thank you for any comments.
Avatar n tn Never takienNo known medical problems till now. I found a lump in the side of my left breast, below the underarm area. I waited a menstrual cycle, it was still there, so I went to the doctor. He couldn't find it at first. When I put his hand on it he found it. It is about 1cm. and 1/2. or so large, he said. He also found a "thickening in the tissue" further up on the same side. He said it moves, but I don't think it does.
Avatar f tn When I feel it it doesnt feel like a round lump it feels like a longer hard piece of tissue that I have always had.She said since my moms sister and my moms niece had breat cancer I'm at a high risk for it.I have been told before that if its not my mom or my sister then my risk are no higher than anyone elses.I am going to have a mammogram in October...What is your opinion?
Avatar f tn I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and noticed a small hard lump in my left breast about 2 months ago (underneath my areola towards the very bottom) it almost felt like a bb, firm, immobile, and was smooth shaped. I had my OB look at it/feel it and she said that she didn't find it concerning as their are tons of changes going on with my breasts because I'm pregnant. She ordered me to have a ultrasound of it but I'm unAble to get in for 3 weeks!
Avatar n tn Today surgeon examined my breast and said he feels a lump which he is 90% sure is scar tissue but wants to biopsy it to be sure. I have recurrent cyclical pain and recently some unusual discomfort in that breast. He will do an ultra-sound Monday to rule out cyst but says no point in doing another mammogram (had one 3 months ago). This is overseas in a military hospital. Is there technology in the states that could more clearly differentiate this as scar tissue vs. a lump?
Avatar n tn I felt a lump in lower left breast,i recently had a miscarriage when i was only 6 weeks pregnant(so very early stage) GP sent me for ultrasound,ultrasound just showed fibroglandular breast tissue,thats what they told me. The lump feels hard,but didnt show up on ultrasound. i have requested a biopsy,but havnt got appointment yet.Is this the best thing to do?or should i wait?could it be due to early pregnancy?even though i lost baby at 6 weeks?
Avatar n tn Saline implants. 4 rounds AC. Neg nodes. BRCA2 positive. Last week I found a lump on my left breast.(Same breast as original diagnosis) It is under the skin, maybe 5ml., very hard. It is not a part of my implant. I do regular exams so it is 'new'. Went to Dr. right away and am scheduled for a mammogram/sono to check it out. I can't find any info on new cancers or much info on reccurance after 10 years. Any thoughts or ideas. I am 45, post menopausal (oopherectomy in 2005).
Avatar f tn I had a lump in my right breast, then I went to a surgeon he felt the lump and drained some fluids from the lump,then told me he was going to remove it that day which was in mar 2010 now its may 2010 and the same lump is back and in the same spot. the only thing the surgeon said was the biopsy did not show cancer. so my question is how could this return again and the same spot. I am 35 years old.
Avatar n tn It almost seems as though it is attached to the breast tissue. I am unaware if breast cancer is in my genes because I was adopted and I have been given no history of illnesses in my genetic line. I also do not currently have health insurance (my coverage ended when I turned 24). I want to schedule an appointment with my family physician which would only cost me about $75.00 for the visit. However, I am inquiring as to whether it is really necessary for me to seek help immediately.
Avatar f tn i started noticing over a period of time that my right breast was getting much bigger than the left one, i didnt pay much attention to it until about 7 days ago, i noticed a fairly big lump in my right breast. it's not painful at all but my right breast has further enlarged and the lump is about a third of my breast, its also very hard and fixed. i had an ultrasound done but the doctor only said that i have one breast bigger than the other.
Avatar f tn So she decided that we should do a core biopsy just to be sure she said im really hard to exam due to the dense breast tissue and im lumpy. so this lump has been there for a year now more than likely its not bigger but when I feel it it is really freaking me out now cause its a definate lump. Im really nervous. However she said that cancer does one thing for sure gets bigger and harder.