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Avatar f tn The Past month or so i go to sit down to go to the bathroom and i dont pass a bowel movement but when i go to wipe there is blood coming out of my rectum , i finally took a bowel movement about 10 minutes later! the toilet paper has blood all over it and noticed there was some blood attached to my stool and my stool was green, my stool being green has been going on for about a week but the blood coming out of my rectum has been going on off and on for a month , i feel isnt right !
Avatar f tn I even used pre-seed lub. didnt work for me on the 1st month. However, i heard about drinking green tea can help when you are TTC. what is your thought on this? does anyone tried green tea? does it work? please let me know.
Avatar m tn I thought I started my period today So I had used a tampon ( sorry so in detail) When I pulled it out there was only a little blood and a yellow greenish discharge on the tip, could I be having these stomach pains because I have an infection/ It doesn't hurt when I pee or itch so I have no idea whats going on.
Avatar n tn My daughter has had her toe nails change colors and become very thick and out of shape. At this point her big toe is blue/green/black and looks like it wants to fall off. She is not in paid but it looks terrible and i worry whatever she has will spread throughout her foot if its possible. What type of doctor should she see for this because the summer is coming around and she would like to wear sandals?
Avatar n tn today i noticed that my feces was paritally this bright green color, not diaherra, it was hard. i have not eatin any leafy green veggies, or eatin anything purple. i have not taken any laxatives but have been taking benefiber and a stool softner because im suffering from an anal fissure. i am also using nifidipine, lidocaine, and hydrocordizone suppositories to help in the healing. i did take a fish oil supplement and vitamin b12 once yesterday.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend asked if I'd tried squeezing it, which I hadn't, so I tried it and it seemed to burst as if like an abscess, a white, thick fluid poured out of the breast which was pretty freaky at the time but I figured it wasn't anything much to worry about until the next day when I noticed that instead of the thick white fluid that came out it was coming out a dark green and was now a watery substance. It is completely odourless.
Avatar n tn Sounds like if everyone I've read about has all these symptoms and all these different of sickness then why not have all the test needed to rule out these things. Get blood work done,Find out how to get a balance in the level of proteins,vitamins,the body needs to function normal and check your hormonal levels get them leveled out,and try eating a healthy and nutritious diet using organic foods,all natural and drink water and pure juices.Use organic soaps,shampoos,and deodorant.
Avatar n tn I have a perpetual yeast infection since...and the pale green vagina mold, even when my blood sugar is well controlled. I cannot consume many carbs per day or I pay for it in fire pee. I can't even have fruit, and I certainly cannot have sex. I've been to the GYN -- tested for all things -- I think I am expected to live like this. Having a's become absolutely hellish.
276119 tn?1189783036 exercise as tolerated. My hubby is a fan of the green teas (a lot of antioxidants) ....but he's on TX and feeling horrible. Hoping you don;t ever have to get there. Best luck to you!
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with MSK in my mid 30's. I began a low fat, no sodium, low protein diet and only drink water or green/herbal tea with the occasional indulgence of a very, very weak latte. This is coupled with a daily diuretic tablet and 3 monthly blood tests. I''m now 64 and have not produced/passed any stones for over 10 years.
1375327 tn?1278783066 Do you have high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol? Or other risk factors for heart disease? If not, then that might be a reason there were no spots on your most recent MRI and I would then highly question the original interpretation of them being caused by atherocclerosis. My understanding is that if the original spots were from small vessel ischemia (atherosclerosis), that once they are there they never go away. They would appear on every MRI you have from that first one on.
Avatar m tn It it is kidney urination is frequent If I eatr garlic I see some other parts of the body like say elbow starts itching Frequent anal itching Questions Can this be Parasite infection? If yes please tell me a comprehensive test either stool or blood or any other Can this be done in Mumbai also or u know somone here What are the tests to rule out?
Avatar n tn Back story: I've been told by doctor's that I have IBS, I have had a blood test for celiac's and it came up negative. I am lactose intolerant. I'm a former smoker, been cigarette free for over 2 months. I also used to drink a large amount of soda, which I have also recently quit drinking all together. My issue, is a little over a week ago I started having flatulence that smelled much like sewage. Horrible and embarrassing. Typically in that past this would pass after a day or so.
Avatar m tn One last thing, if you do decide to get tested - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE SWEAT CHLORIDE TEST DONE, NOT JUST BLOOD WORK! This is the most effective way to test for Cystic Fibrosis and blood tests only test for like the most common 23 mutations. . . remember, there are over 1,400!!! So just keep that in mind. If it comes out as a borderline test, try to retest, usually those with even borderline tests tend to have the disease in milder form.
Avatar n tn For starters, any time you have foul smelling breath or odours in your nose, you've got a bacterial infection, especially if the is green! Did your doctor sample your green mucous to see what bacterial type it is? Some of the strains show resistance to certain antibiotics, so it's important to know which one to give. Secondly, if it goes chronic as in your case ( I had this too), then you can have it turn acute every once in awhile.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 20 yr old male and unsure about my doctor's diagnosis. I have had heart flutters, constant chest pressure and occasional shortness of breath for about 2 months now. I have had 2 EKG's, a 24 hr. Holter monitor, pulmonary function studies and blood tests. Everything seems fine. The doctors think I have anxiety but the symptoms are constant and im not so sure.. it's really frightening and I don't know what else to do.. has anyone had symptoms like these?
Avatar f tn After another day I started to get a large amount of discharge, but it was super thick and almost a bright yellow/green color. I felt a little under the weather, but that could have just been me freaking myself out. It's been about 5 days and the sores seem to be itching a slight but, and I've been keeping the discharge off of the sores by using a tampon. None of the sores have 'burst' and there is no crust, but they seem to be going away.
400157 tn?1201737698 I was diagnosed with IBS even though one distinguishing factor is that with IBS there isn't any inflammation or blood present. I feel that a correct diagnosis has yet to be found. I've currently been back into a pretty bad flare up and have no idea what I'm dealing with. Symptoms point to both Crohn's and Celiac sprue although blood tests ruled out gluten as a culprit (or do they?
Avatar n tn More often, there are slight problems with sugar metabolism that do not cause symptoms of diabetes but can still be recognized by certain blood tests. I know you must feel anxious about your symptoms and the diagnosis of diabetes, so if it's possible I'd suggest that you go ahead and do the CT scan -just to put your mind at ease.
Avatar n tn You need to see an ElectroPhysiologist. EPs are specialists/experts in the electrical activity of the heart. I don't know where you live but if your husband is as debilitated as I was pre-implant he has to be feeling pretty miserable. Pre-implant my rhythm was not only irregular it was irregularly irregular. It would speed up - 140 bpm or so - and slow down - as low as 30 bpm - totally at random with no rhyme or reason. On a good day I felt half alive.
Avatar f tn Hi, cell counts generally go low from leukemia/lymphoma because the bad cells crowd out the good cells in the marrow where blood cells are created. So production of good cells is reduced. Usually, all blood cell counts go down together - but it is possible for some to go down and others not. Another way for cell counts to be reduced is when they get destroyed. That can happen during an infection, or from some autoimmune condition. Infection is more likely than cancer.
1469003 tn?1286553288 My dog is possibly 44 days pregnant. Complete blood panel showed WBC 24.8 and RBC slightly low, but nothing to be concerned over the vet said. Gums were pink and temp was 101.8. They gave her one bag of sub-q fluids for dehydration, due to lack of not eating or drinking for a couple days. They gave her anti-nausea medicine and did xray. Xray showed gas in duodenum of small intestine and no sign of puppies though they said it was early.
675347 tn?1365464245 Hello, My dog Misty (age 14, spayed, but very very happy fit, and very active) recently had a mammary tumor removed. I got the lab. report on this tumor today. The cells were part benign, and part malignant. 2 types of malignancy present. I was not told which specific forms, just that there were two types. The vet got good margins in excision, & superficial examination of inguinal lymph nodes ( position of the tumor on lower mammary gland) showed no irregularity or enlargement.
Avatar m tn 3 days after the intercation I had a full STD blood test, all negative. I self diagnosed the symptoms as a UTI and started taking Cirpo 500 and the symptoms went away very quickly. This week I followed up with a uroligist that diagnosed Prostatis. They took a urethra swab to check for Chlamydia & Gonorrhea, results pending. I'm taking both Cipro and doxycycline right now and everything feels fine With that said could the bacteria be from diet (heavy alcohol intake the prior 5 days)?
Avatar m tn This time I think my current culture is within 48hrs or at 48hrs, and am awaiting results. Her blood test was negative for HSV-2, I guess. And my blood test was a unsatisfactory sample. Wtf does that even mean!? Now I'm also awaiting my 2nd blood test. Trich was NOT included in her swab and she was very upset about that. So far I've had 2 "outbreaks" of these small red bumps. Like a couple of them had some sort of pus in the center like a small pimple.
Avatar m tn hi i am 22 years of age i have been getting green lint looking particles on my scrotom and anal area also it has spread to my armpits but when i scratch they come out on my scrotom my penbis is very dry and cracked io have read two more similar stories of this website i have had this for years but my gf never brought up t6he subject of her being itchy and uncomfortable down there sometimes what can it be is it alarming i was reading that fungus could go systeamtical and life threatning but the
Avatar m tn Another 20% have depression, and the rest have other disorders. Irritable bowel syndrome can be a very difficult diagnosis to make. IBS is called a diagnosis of exclusion, which means that a doctor considers many other alternatives first, perhaps performing tests to rule out other problems.
Avatar f tn I haven't seen any blood. In the hard green poo this morning, (i was a little constipated at first then it was softer) there was browny red between but it didnt strike me as blood? Sorry to write in such detail, it's an embarrassing subject. Not the kind of thing you can ask your friends about. Im hoping it's a bacterial infection, the symptoms started getting worse before xmas after what i think was some dodgy chicken which after the first couple of mouthfuls i stopped eating.
Avatar f tn She had an EGD which showed a large ulceration and blood clot. The blood clot was removed, biopsy taken, and Dr. does know what caused the ulceration. She had a CT scan w/o contrast of her espohagus and lungs. The CT showed cirrhotic morphology of the liver, large infiltrative mass on right hepatic lobe. The lesion likely involves the porta hepatis and caudate lobe and is concerning in appearance for large primary hepatocellular carcinoma vs. cholangiocarcinoma in a pt.