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Avatar f tn Hello, Executive blood panel includes complete blood count, thyroid panel test, heart profile, liver function tests, kidney function tests minerals and bone panel, fluids and electrolytes and diabetes check. It rules out most of the diseases but sometimes for specific diseases like autoimmune, viral, liver diseases and heart diseases sometimes for pinpointing the diagnosis, you need to get certain other investigations done. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 20 yr old male and unsure about my doctor's diagnosis. I have had heart flutters, constant chest pressure and occasional shortness of breath for about 2 months now. I have had 2 EKG's, a 24 hr. Holter monitor, pulmonary function studies and blood tests. Everything seems fine. The doctors think I have anxiety but the symptoms are constant and im not so sure.. it's really frightening and I don't know what else to do.. has anyone had symptoms like these?
Avatar n tn ve read about has all these symptoms and all these different of sickness then why not have all the test needed to rule out these things. Get blood work done,Find out how to get a balance in the level of proteins,vitamins,the body needs to function normal and check your hormonal levels get them leveled out,and try eating a healthy and nutritious diet using organic foods,all natural and drink water and pure juices.Use organic soaps,shampoos,and deodorant.
Avatar n tn the nail of my little finger of hand is green in color and also separated frm the nail bed since 6yrs..i hv use ZOLANIX capsule according to the doctor's advice,my nail was becoming normal due to it but then i left using it.please tell me somthng and also abt the medicine..
Avatar m tn Was a mixture of dark and bright red blood. Before that happened my previous two movements were turning green. My last one had no brown or black color. It was Green with a lot of blood. Could it be from the lump, what could the lump be? It is not bruised and is protruding towards the center of my torso.
Avatar f tn I even used pre-seed lub. didnt work for me on the 1st month. However, i heard about drinking green tea can help when you are TTC. what is your thought on this? does anyone tried green tea? does it work? please let me know.
Avatar f tn i am grace 26 years old ,i am single mom,im worker here in qatar and of course i have boyfriend and we have sex for first to 3rd month take pills then wen i stop ,and i wondering coz white blood is color green and have bad smell then just ignore but im curious coz f we hve sex and i smell it and im ashame..and now i have menstratuation on aug.
400157 tn?1201734098 I underwent EDG and colonoscopy two years ago to diagnose digestive tract disorder. Biopsy of the small intestine showed inflammation. I was then set up to undergo the "pill cam" for further investigation. Problem was, this was over three months after my initial tests and the flare up was in remission with no symptoms present at the time I underwent the "pill cam".
Avatar m tn I am eating smaller portions, and staying away from fast food. I am eating more fruits in my diet. My poop has been green the past couple days. what causes this? should i be concerned?
Avatar m tn Hello, The first possibility that is coming to my mind is mammary duct ectasia.It causes one or more of the ducts beneath your nipple to become inflamed and clogged with a thick, sticky substance that's green or black. However, this diagnosis depends upon whether the discharge is coming from one duct or more than one duct.
Avatar n tn How might a person build up their low hemoglobins other than using blood transfusions, and "Hizentra', which is a blood product? Thanking You in advance.
716841 tn?1289948186 The stool can become green on taking food rich in green leafy vegetables. If this is not the cause, then the stool is passing out of the large intestine at a very rapid rate so the bile does not break down. This can happen if you have malabsoroption syndromes. A viral infection can change the stool color to dark bottle green color. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.
Avatar f tn -30 hours later went back to ER for blood in diarrhea, dark stool (dark green- looks exactly like green algae).. I was told they were unsure what’s happening, maybe it’s something bacterial in the GI tract, just take cypro... (I refuse any fuloroquinolone for how dangerous they are). I left a stool sample. -following day now: •I HAVE NOT SLEPT or EATEN in 6 days because of the nonstop severe cramping and cramping pain and the diarrhea (which is exactly the same - green algae like).
Avatar n tn I recently got this cough that goes and comes. But when it's here it's like I'm coughing up nothing and really hard. I coughed so hard tonight I got sick. But if I'm just clearing my throat, I occasionally cough something up, but it's a very light green almost clear. What could be causing the coughing?
Avatar n tn If it was previously used and not sterile, you risk various bacterial infections, but not HIV. Blood draws take blood OUT of you - they don't put blood into you. Absolutely no risk for HIV. I am also doubtful that a qualified medical professional would risk her livelihood by re-using a needle.
Avatar f tn Hi before taking anything consult your gynaecologist and never swurb while bathing
Avatar n tn Some individuals have high uric acid levels in blood and this results in the formation of uric acid crystals in the semen. Such individuals are prone to developing gout and need to focus on a low-purine diet. High-purine foods include meat, fish, beer, alcohol, and breads made with yeast. Foods low in purine include green leafy vegetables, milk and milk products, breads that are made without yeast, coffee and tea, etc. Foods like white meat and cauliflower, green peas, etc.
Avatar f tn The Past month or so i go to sit down to go to the bathroom and i dont pass a bowel movement but when i go to wipe there is blood coming out of my rectum , i finally took a bowel movement about 10 minutes later! the toilet paper has blood all over it and noticed there was some blood attached to my stool and my stool was green, my stool being green has been going on for about a week but the blood coming out of my rectum has been going on off and on for a month , i feel isnt right !
Avatar f tn my daughter is puking green stuff as we speak, no blood involved, she is getting off remicaide and going down on steroids, she took antinausea meds that havent helped her yet please any help, the hosptials and doctors have no answer they say this puking is not anything but a virus AND IT IS NTO A VIRUS SHE IS SICK FROM
9671341 tn?1443128711 the immune system starts to produce more white blood cells to counter the incoming threat. These white blood cells contain a green enzyme called neutrophils and they can cause your mucus to turn into different colors. Since the green mucus is appearing from the wisdom teeth extraction hole, there is a good likelihood that you are affected by some sort of teeth infection. This infection may not have necessarily arisen as a result of the teeth extraction process.
Avatar m tn Um, this should not be taken lightly! Tell her to tell her dad to take her ASAP! Let docs help her fig out what's going on! She should not try to self-diagnosis. Throwing up blood is bad & peeing out blood may be due to a kidney problem! She needs to get to the emergency ASAP!
Avatar n tn 0 on the blood test. The IgM was out of range. Never get any blistrers, just swelling and then a moist green discharge from the foreskin after a couple fo days. Then it dries. No scabbing or bleeding. There seems to be scaring. Some symtoms seem to be HSV others do not. Testing has been confusing. The original blood test was done around 10 weeks after exposure. BTW, I know I am positive for HSV 1 as most people ( since i was a kid ). Form the time of my original posting I was sowllen.
Avatar f tn Yep, that's standard where I'm at. Everyone gets the 3hr one done straight up as its more accurate. Fingers crossed for a great result for you!
Avatar f tn say, green grass in your neighborhood, but if the robot goes roaming around and finds a green apple instead of green grass, the test will still say 'positive', because the robot mistook one green thing for another. However, that test will also show positive it find green *grass*, so the test is not useless -- it just has to be evaluated in the context of all your other test results and your history and symptoms.
Avatar f tn Brown discharge is completely normal and is just old blood, though green discharge can be a symptom of something else, but doesn't always have to be. At times that discharge can be normal as well with certain hormone fluctuations. I wouldn't worry about it unless it begins to give you problems and there are other symptoms involved(begin to get itchiness, swelling, different odor, pain, or anything else).
Avatar n tn The intestinal biopsy is the ONLY definitive diagnosis for Celiac. The blood work may show a false negative, and even if it is positive, still is not considered a true diagnosis. It is possible you may be gluten intolerant and not in full blown Celiac as well. Unfortunately the doctors that really know this disease well are few and far between. I would suggest strict gluten free living (very challenging but do-able) for a few months, and see if you notice a difference in the way you feel.
Avatar f tn I have had three phlebotomies but find I can control the amount of iron in my blood by drinking green tea and taking an EDTA tablet once a week. My last phlebotomy was two years ago. So, even if one has hemochromatosis, there is hope.
Avatar f tn Hi, firstly when we talk about std,s we must mention symptoms as with out symptoms there is a probability of a false postive esp if you were tested with a pap smear. When a female has trich the vaginal discharge will be green. Also men very rarely get trich due to the nature of their genital structure and diagnosing trich in men is extremely difficult. The one option is to have your discharge swab and perform the NAAT test to confirm you have trich. How were you tested for trich?