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Avatar f tn What possible causes could there be for someone who constantly throws up green bile. He cannot eat or drink anything. As soon as it goes in his mouth, he throws it back it as green bile. They did exploratory surgery and didn't find anything wrong. They did however take his appendix out. His stomach stays distended and they have been getting off at last 700cc of the bile from his NG tube every 7-8 hours. Now they are saying his Bun and Qurt blood work is up. What does that mean?
Avatar n tn if green tea is shown to stop hiv from binding to a cell (in a test tube) and you do stop it from binding to your cells in your body how long will the hiv virus survive in your body befor you are no longer at risk of it multiplying and becoming positive
Avatar n tn Trying to figure this one out....I recently had my right ovary & right fallopian tube taken out. last week I woke to a grey/green sticky discharge from both my nipples. Consequently this happens every day, i went to see my gp but she did a breast examination & said its perfectly ok & not to worry. I cant help but worry, surely this isnt right?
Avatar m tn The released stem cells then follow the concentration gradient of these compounds and leave the blood circulation to migrate to the organ where they proliferate and differentiate into cells of this organ, supporting the natural process of renewal
Avatar n tn I have a perpetual yeast infection since...and the pale green vagina mold, even when my blood sugar is well controlled. I cannot consume many carbs per day or I pay for it in fire pee. I can't even have fruit, and I certainly cannot have sex. I've been to the GYN -- tested for all things -- I think I am expected to live like this. Having a's become absolutely hellish.
435139 tn?1255463991 Folate is important for pregnant women as it prevents neural tube birth defects in babies. The problem of green tea during pregnancy is that the EGCG molecules are structurally similar to a compound called methotrexate. Methotrexate is able to kill cancer cells by chemically bonding with an enzyme in the body called enzyme dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR).
Avatar f tn I had a small procedure done an not only they saw a blocked tube... But also a pool of blood sitting off somewhere an a hole an none got closed sewed ect... But last year I also had a cyst on my left ovary it busted... I need help I've tried to get my cycle back regular but even being off BC for a week it's no telling when the next time I'll see out again... I don't ovulate and it's making me so depressed... Plz help me someone...
Avatar n tn oh and a little tip if you are serching google for info, tying in Eustation Tube and Eustachian Tube brings up very different results i sincerly hope that you all find some releif to what im sure is a terrible problem for you all
Avatar m tn since the provider you are seeing seems at a loss for a diagnosis, time for a dermatologist. unsatisfactory sample means they didn't send enough blood to test or sent it in the wrong tube. Your gf's provider can call the lab they use to see if they still have the sample to test for trich. I am pretty sure it's automatically done even if the report doesn't say it was but best to make sure. If she is still having discharge though she should be seen again for repeat testing for vaginitis.
Avatar n tn no problem. ETD stands for eustachian tube dysfunction. Its went the little tube that connects your sinuses- nose and ear- has problems. the fluid can get trapped in there- causing problems. there is a ton of info on the web about this. good luck!!
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with over distended Gallbladder after I have done a Liver Gallbladder flush which have cleared my stuffed Gallbladder,Ihad Gallbladder attack about two weeks ago and I have been in severe pain for the last two weeks,I did a blood test for the following( AST,ALT,GGT,WBC,bilirubin)All were OK I have had fever,chills,yellowing of the eyes.
Avatar n tn Current Symptoms -Constant green stool sometimes pale, very bright green sometimes, I havent seen normal brown stool in a long time -Thin shredded. small air bubbles.
Avatar n tn I’d rather have the congested feeling than the diminished hearing. The tubes are to treat eustation tube dysfunction that was causing a sensation of chronic ear congestion – always having to “pop” or clear my ears. My left eardrum was significantly retracted. There was no fluid in my ears, no infection, and my hearing tested normal for my age (43). I had tubes in my ears twice as a child because of recurring infections.
Avatar f tn The elevator were full of people I am not sure whether she scratched me when she passed by , when I got back home I found spots in dark color on my jacket, we all know that sometimes when nurses pull out needle from the tube, small amount of blood might spit out and could passible left on the tube .If the spots on my jacket was the blood spit out from the Anticoagulant tube(the one with green lid on) , will it remains infective in 10 minutes(since the blood will not dry up with anticoagulant)?
Avatar n tn I also am having blood in my spit. I've been to an ENT, a gastroentorologist, and my primary care. I've been scoped every which way. No sinus bleeding, no stomach or ulcer bleeding, clean chest xray and semi clean CT scan. The CT scan came back with enlarged nasal walls, which are symptomatic of a person with constant allergies and sinus problems, which is me. The ENT put me on a nasal spray as well, to hopefully reduce that and I'm going for another CT scan in 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn I have been getting very light headed bunged up and tired, and today the green mucus had blood in it. I know it's probably all the nose blowing. Also I feel very like I will pass out and have had reoccuring sore throats. Does anyone else suffer from this and is blood normal?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm a 41 year female, who up until recently, has always been healthy. I have been dealing with a problem for going on it's second year now. Saw a gastro doctor as I was having constipation, mucus in the stool and blood in the stool and was becoming quite concerned. He started me out on medication for colitis, altogether tried 3 different ones which all made no difference, while I waited for the date of my colonoscopy to arrive.
Avatar n tn He had 10 bowel movements, all which were pastey green followed by clear mucus with bright red blood mixed with it. Original pediatricain thought that this was strep related. We took him to another pediatrican for a second opinion. The second pediatrician said that this was not related to strep but could be result of taking all the antibotics. He tested a stool sample for bacteria. (Which were all negative) We scheduled him for an appointment with a GI doctor.
Avatar f tn If you have a lot of blood in your stool the stool itself would be black like tar. If there are traces of blood/mucus when you wipe or some in the toilet it could be many things such as fissures, hemorrhoids, bowel disease, partial bowel obstruction etc. However there are times if you have blood it can be Endo related but most times Endo will not fully go through the bowel. Most people with Endo need colonoscopies done to rule out bowel disease and see if Endo has perforated the bowel.
Avatar f tn They craw a few droplets of blood into a very thin tube. There may be a problem with fragility of the blood vessels, or a simple vitamin-K deficiency. Vitamin K is necessary to clot the blood. Sometimes people on odd diets have this deficiency. But don't take any without consulting your doctor. First of all - cheer up. This isn't as serious as it sounds. The problem is to get your physician to pay attention to you. It's hard. They don't pay attention to adults on many occasions.
Avatar m tn minutes after, i felt the urge of urinating but to my surprise, blood came out together with my urine. there were blood clots which blocked the passage of urine so i always felt unsatisfied whenever i urinate. there were times when i really had the urge but couldnt get it out because something was blocking it. until i got to release the big clot that was blocking my urine by doing the valsalva maneuver (the act of pushing when pooping).
Avatar n tn At this point we had a g-j tube inserted through the same stoma the g-tube was in-with a port in his stomach (for emptying gastric fluids to prevent aspiration) and one in his Jejuenum. This tube was repositioned four times as the j section kept coiling back up into the stomach. All his meds were going into the g-port and feeds into the j-port.
Avatar m tn Hi there, If blood collection was difficult it can cause blood to leak into the tissues and pooling there. It should go away on its own in a couple of days and there will a big color change form purple to blue to green to yellow). You should avoid heavy lifting for a few days as this could aggravate the pain in your arm. However, gentle movement is recommended whilst the bruise is healing. This will help the bruise to disperse. Application of cold packs to the area can help.
Avatar m tn Thanks for your response! The blood was found only for three days. Now the blood stopped after taking medicine and sore throat has reduced but not completely gone!
Avatar m tn I do get cramps in my lower left side, sometimes gets sore, but its only mild and comes and goes, green tea helps. Pooing helps rid of the soreness and pain in my lower left side. I had blood tests and physical exam on abdomen by doctor couple of months ago, blood test was normal. I'm beginning to think its just hemorroids and anxiety playing up again. My health anxiety does seem to play a lot with my mind, and I'm only 30y/o.
Avatar n tn Simple question here, has anyone ever had a negative blood test and negative urine test and went on with their daily routine and a month or so later found out you were in fact pregnant while having ultrasound done. If this has happened to anyone or perhaps someone you know, please respond, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
Avatar m tn could anyone please help me, i generally have blood on toilet paper and loose stools and pain around the anus sometimes very sore approximately half the year i do eat fatty foods am decent weight though at about 170 lbs male now i have had diarrhea 3 times in the last week although i got general well being blood test which was fine any help is appreciated
Avatar m tn If the Hemopurifier being tested by AEMD in India is able to reduce viral loads in blood of HCV infected subjects, then how could this not be anything but helpful? I am sure that it is not cure because not every copy of the virus is in the blood. There are likely only a small percentage that in the blood. But from the virus''s point of view , is it not a numbers game. Because the reason that a person's own immune system can not rid the body of the virus is because the virus keeps mutating?
1836820 tn?1339479188 Once she got there and told them everything they did an vaginal ultrasound and found that the baby was stuck in the good tube (ectopic pregnancy) and had busted the fixed tube and was bleeding very bad sooo they put her in emergency surgery.Doctors remove fetus and lots of blood but the tube was damage n still bleeding soo they had no choice but to remove the fix tubes.. This means she will never be able to have kids again.
Avatar f tn Just so that I understand, a bit of someone's residual possibly infected blood from the tube tip rubbed into my 2 min prior removed needle opening on my body cannot transmit the virus, no way, no how is that correct? Based on what i described(acupuncturist using no gloves when pulling out needles and handing patients the same neosporin tube for reuse) of this otherwise clean acupuncture place, should i have any concern contracting HIV/HEP C from continuing frequent use of this place?