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Avatar f tn i am grace 26 years old ,i am single mom,im worker here in qatar and of course i have boyfriend and we have sex for first to 3rd month take pills then wen i stop ,and i wondering coz white blood is color green and have bad smell then just ignore but im curious coz f we hve sex and i smell it and im ashame..and now i have menstratuation on aug.
716841 tn?1289948186 The stool can become green on taking food rich in green leafy vegetables. If this is not the cause, then the stool is passing out of the large intestine at a very rapid rate so the bile does not break down. This can happen if you have malabsoroption syndromes. A viral infection can change the stool color to dark bottle green color. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.
Avatar n tn If it was previously used and not sterile, you risk various bacterial infections, but not HIV. Blood draws take blood OUT of you - they don't put blood into you. Absolutely no risk for HIV. I am also doubtful that a qualified medical professional would risk her livelihood by re-using a needle.
Avatar f tn The Past month or so i go to sit down to go to the bathroom and i dont pass a bowel movement but when i go to wipe there is blood coming out of my rectum , i finally took a bowel movement about 10 minutes later! the toilet paper has blood all over it and noticed there was some blood attached to my stool and my stool was green, my stool being green has been going on for about a week but the blood coming out of my rectum has been going on off and on for a month , i feel isnt right !
Avatar f tn my daughter is puking green stuff as we speak, no blood involved, she is getting off remicaide and going down on steroids, she took antinausea meds that havent helped her yet please any help, the hosptials and doctors have no answer they say this puking is not anything but a virus AND IT IS NTO A VIRUS SHE IS SICK FROM
Avatar f tn Yep, that's standard where I'm at. Everyone gets the 3hr one done straight up as its more accurate. Fingers crossed for a great result for you!
Avatar f tn Brown discharge is completely normal and is just old blood, though green discharge can be a symptom of something else, but doesn't always have to be. At times that discharge can be normal as well with certain hormone fluctuations. I wouldn't worry about it unless it begins to give you problems and there are other symptoms involved(begin to get itchiness, swelling, different odor, pain, or anything else).
5915949 tn?1396188227 Warning TMI. I got my membranes stripped for the second time and had some green mucus come out. Nobodor, no blood, just super thick and gross looking. Anybody have this happen before?
Avatar n tn If the phlegm is not green as long as it is not large amounts of blood then as jaja says it may be due to excessive coughing. Again i am not a doctor but i do work in the field of respiratory medicine. if you are concerned then speak to your doctor.
1898060 tn?1336423105 My 4 week olds poo has been green the past day or two. It ranges from a khaki green to a greeny/yellow color. Should I be worried??
Avatar m tn urine sample alarms Urologist, calls it "real PINK!" ... after which he says " blood in the urine." He did not, specifically, say the test REVEALED it. In addition, he ignores my information about the juices and tea. 5. OK, I'm in panic, now. He knows I am treating a prostate crisis with an alternative protocol. He offers to be my Urologist for it. Orders a CAT scan, which he marks under, investigation of "blood in urine." 6.
Avatar f tn I have had a few episodes of seeing green upon awakening. Everything is green for a few minutes, then goes back to normal! This last time was just the left eye. I don't have diabetes or high blood pressure. Any ideas out there?
Avatar n tn i can taste infection when i swallow and i keep coughing up mucus that has blood in it, what does blood in my mucus mean?
Avatar f tn Hello I am a 55 year old lady i have hep-c went through the full treatment , it didnt work as well as they wanted , and i lost my hair and alot of weight not able to eat or drink but i finished in May but my stomach alway hurts and my stool has been green for about 6 days now i have fever at night and am getting blister on my lips. what can i do .
Avatar n tn im 13 weeks pregnent but i have noticed that i have green coloured discharge
Avatar m tn I have also had optical migraines since my early 20s and put on blood pressure medication to controll them and have since been off blood pressure medication for about 6 years now.
Avatar n tn i think i have an std , i need a blood test , but too fearfull to take test, cant stand needles, my ejaculate is lumpy , yellowy, green, i have constant pain in my penis, my gp says he cannot do anything untill i have had the blood test, as no one seems to help me.could you suggest what i might do to get help, i am 26years old , i cant have a sex life, i feel desperate. i have increased my canabishelp use to relieve pain and have taken cocain for the same reason.
Avatar f tn s are normal, ie, no diarrhea, blood, etc., just this green color. In addition, I have no stomach pain, cramping, etc. Should I be worried?
1512008 tn?1290210749 The stool can become green on taking food rich in green leafy vegetables. If this is not the cause, then the stool is passing out of the large intestine at a very rapid rate so the bile does not break down. This can happen if you have malabsoroption syndromes. Another reason is a diet rich in sugars. Take lactobacillus preparation for a day or two and see if the color improves. If the green stool persists do discuss this with your doctor and get your stool examined. Take care!
Avatar f tn I even used pre-seed lub. didnt work for me on the 1st month. However, i heard about drinking green tea can help when you are TTC. what is your thought on this? does anyone tried green tea? does it work? please let me know.