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Avatar n tn Does anyone know what would cause green stool? I have had green bowel movements for the past 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn Also I am experiencing a bit of difficulty seeing at night, and everything becomes green in my periphal vision, for a short period of time if I am in darkness for a certain amount of time. I am very concerned, seeing as I am only 21 years old, I am wondering what it could be that has been affecting my eyes for a good amount of time now. I went to my eye doctor two years ago, and he dialated my pupils, did a thorough eye exam, and said everything was fine. What could these problems be?
Avatar n tn I have been seeing a jagged line (like a lightning bolt), one white and one black (together) flashing quite brightly in the left side of my left eye. It lasts about 20 minutes and is preceded by looking at a bright computer screen. It takes up the entire outer edge of my eye and move towards the top of my eye before going away. I was pretty scared till I read your post about eye migraines. Does this sound like one to you? I used to have migraine headaches but they're gone now.
Avatar f tn Whenever I get low blood sugar, usually at night, I get a bright spot that varies in size from small to large in my field of vision - the lower the sugar, the bigger the spot. It is usually a yellow-green glow that goes away as my blood sugar increases with treatment. I don't get blurry vision, as listed in almost all symptom lists, but a bright blind spot. I haven't had an occular migraine or classical migraine with aura in at least 5 years. Why do I get this bright blind spot?
Avatar m tn anyways I have these spots all the time, its not like arua that you see with jagged lines or yellow green red left eye I see what looks like a ink spot..i see better against a white wall, and mostly when I blink, but do also see when I,m not blinking.. I have had aura without any headache...never had a migraine, that I know of..i never get any headaches',,I do get very tense....I seen my optamoglist thurs he got me right in that da..he knows this issue. Also sent me 2 yrs.
Avatar f tn I've always suffered from migraines.... Tylenol does nothing for me....
Avatar f tn At other times a few tests are conducted. Blood tests to rule out anemia, stool test to look for white blood cells, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy etc are used to diagnose ulcerative colitis. Braium meal and follow through, endoscopy etc are done to rule out GERD, Crohn’s disease etc. Irritable bowel syndrome is diagnosed by elimination of other causes. Gluten is a complex protein present in four main grains---wheat, rye, barley and oats.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone! I have a migraine problem so tell me best medicine for this problem.
Avatar m tn The effect was perfectly bilateral. My blood pressure is low and blood glucose well controlled on insulin and metformin. No trouble at all seeing outdoors. Only the area where the window image was on the retina was affected. Peripheral vision was normal.
Avatar n tn ever since then I have had a balance disorder where very often, at least once a month, I get really dizzy, the side of my face that was effected by swimmers ear swells slightly and is sore to the touch, my jaw is tight and i get a migraine with an aura. Smells bother me, they are so unbearably strong that I am nauseated and cannot eat. Light and bright colors hurt my eyes...
Avatar f tn i am grace 26 years old ,i am single mom,im worker here in qatar and of course i have boyfriend and we have sex for first to 3rd month take pills then wen i stop ,and i wondering coz white blood is color green and have bad smell then just ignore but im curious coz f we hve sex and i smell it and im ashame..and now i have menstratuation on aug.
Avatar m tn I have been a long time sufferer of migraine, After reading the posts on this website i have deduced that my type of headache is an ocular migraine. I get an aura of a small dot in my field of vision in my left eye that steadily gets worse untill i have zig-zag arc shapes that flash with colours red,white green and blue. This usually starts in my left eye and then progresses into both eyes, and near the final stages leaves via my right eye.
Avatar n tn I know of the PFO - headache connection. My question is about my symptoms. For 3 years I've had a serious headache disorder. 24/7 dull headache, with frequent migraine like headache in the mornings espeically. I had an extensive neuro workup, negative. Now recently I've begun having atypical chest pain, fatigue, heart palps which are aggrivated by exercise during and after, constant nausea, episodes of breathlessness, eratic pulse.
Avatar m tn Now I really thought that my symptoms of seeing colorful lines in my vision was migraine related but now I noticed something strange it's like a flickering effect like static except its colorful like colors of red blue or green and it does not take up my entire visual field but I can notice it in parts of my vision. This is always there but more noticeable on certain backgrounds Could this be a kind of visual snow or just another form of migraine?
Avatar m tn t rule out what is called an Aura - it usually but not always preceeds a Migraine. You may not end up with a migraine or headache as well since Aura can occur independently. I have had zig zags that started small and within 20 minutes encompassed all of one eye. If it continues, you may want to consult a Neurologist to discuss silent migraines ( I believe this is what they are called.
Avatar f tn I felt weak, disorientated and dizzy afterwards. I got a migraine an hour later. The emerald green - it was ike lookig through a pair of emerald green glasses - everything was the same shade. It's not happened since, though I do get often sparkling zigzag patterns as a part of my migraine aura, and vertigo. I'm wondering if it was some variation on migraine symptoms. Or if it was triggered by flickering light - I'm sensitive to flicker.
716841 tn?1289948186 The stool can become green on taking food rich in green leafy vegetables. If this is not the cause, then the stool is passing out of the large intestine at a very rapid rate so the bile does not break down. This can happen if you have malabsoroption syndromes. A viral infection can change the stool color to dark bottle green color. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.
Avatar f tn The possibility that your headaches are due to migraines is very much there. I would suggest you to maintain a headache diary or use the migraine tracker to identify the triggers for your headache. Also cut down the consumption of processed meats, cheese, foods with MSG, artificial sweeteners like aspartame and all canned food because these are known triggers for migraine.
Avatar m tn Floating debris in the eye is very different from bright lights experienced with migraine. One is a physical object floating around, interfering with the sight, whereas migraines are to do with electrical signals which are interfered with. We have all experienced how rods and cones in the retina can become sensitised. If you stare at a fairly bright light for a minute, then look around, the light follows you. It appears everywhere you look.
Avatar m tn The effect was perfectly bilateral. My blood pressure is low and blood glucose well controlled on insulin and metformin. No trouble at all seeing outdoors. Only the area where the widow image was on the retina was affected.
866972 tn?1240186975 I knew what I wanted to say but it came out jumbled and I had to repeat it multiple times. I still have the headache and body weakness. I have no taken excedrin migraine and a hot bath, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know what else I can take to make it go away????
Avatar n tn Hi, Given that she has been properly assessed and her underlying thyroid disorder and blood pressure are well controlled, then this may sound like a bout of migraine headaches. However, thyroid problems and even medications may sometimes present with headaches. It is best that she is being monitored closely. Migraines may be associated with weather change however this is not firmly established. Nausea and vomiting may also be associated with migraines.
Avatar n tn If it was previously used and not sterile, you risk various bacterial infections, but not HIV. Blood draws take blood OUT of you - they don't put blood into you. Absolutely no risk for HIV. I am also doubtful that a qualified medical professional would risk her livelihood by re-using a needle.
Avatar f tn The Past month or so i go to sit down to go to the bathroom and i dont pass a bowel movement but when i go to wipe there is blood coming out of my rectum , i finally took a bowel movement about 10 minutes later! the toilet paper has blood all over it and noticed there was some blood attached to my stool and my stool was green, my stool being green has been going on for about a week but the blood coming out of my rectum has been going on off and on for a month , i feel isnt right !
Avatar f tn my daughter is puking green stuff as we speak, no blood involved, she is getting off remicaide and going down on steroids, she took antinausea meds that havent helped her yet please any help, the hosptials and doctors have no answer they say this puking is not anything but a virus AND IT IS NTO A VIRUS SHE IS SICK FROM
Avatar f tn I have had a migraine from thanksgiving and it won't go away it is getting wrost I am 15 weeks tomorrow what can I take or what should I do