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Avatar f tn 5mg of prednisone for chronic inflammation which makes me hungry 24/7 what can i do to lose weight without causing me more pain
Avatar n tn I have a hard time losing weight fast? What are some of the healthy foods that you should be eating that will give the proteins and vitamins; not the fats and carbs?
Avatar f tn Breakfast - fruit salad n orange juice. Lunch - salad, fruit salad, powerade, n water. Dinner - meat, potatoes, fruit salad, salad, powerade, n water. x2 Snacks - fruit salad n water. Physical: Morning - 10 minutes yoga. Afternoon - 5 minute stretching, 1 hr power walking, 5 minutes stair laps, 10 minute 10-20 arm weights, 50-100 push ups, n crunches. Evening - 10 minutes yoga. *minimum of 4 days a week* I am 190 lbs n I want to lose 70 lbs in 1 year.
Avatar f tn t giving nutrients to her baby while breastfeeding because she was dieting. I dont have much weight to lose to get back to my pre-pregnant body (maybe 10 ibs) so I dont need anything drastic & I'm not in a big hurry. But having a newborn, most of you moms should know their is absolutely no time for a work out. Maybe just a few crunches, squats and sit ups while the baby is asleep.
1359792 tn?1277488784 i am 14, and i have been skipping one meal every day (not intentionally). i do eat healthy foods, my parents are very watchful to what i eat i don't eat much junk foods. i try to run a bit every other day but i am not very resistant, after 5 minutes i get really tired. what can i do to lose weight healthily? and is my skipping a meal every day the reason i gain weight so easily?
Avatar f tn Hey, I am very new to this app but I have lost 3 stone and is a very decent weight but I want to be able to control ny eating habits. Does anyone have any healthy meal ideas that taste really good and are low in calories? I also need some tips on how to avoid snacking so much!
Avatar f tn I have trouble deciding what healthy foods to eat I need to lose weight before the summer can you list Amy healthy foods such as meats and whatnot.
Avatar f tn If you want to lose weight in a healthy way and have a better chance of keeping it off for good, losing weight gradually is the way to go. It took me a long time to realize that, but once I started taking things a bit slower and doing it the "right way" I was finally able to lose the weight I needed to. A few things you can do to drop probably about 5-10 lbs really quickly is to limit your sodium and alcohol intake and increase your water consumption.
Avatar n tn It might help you lose weight, depending on how small the portions are, but it's not healthy... You aren't eating anything that has protein, at all and what you're eating has very few vitamins/minerals, like B-12, calcium, etc. You need to add some type of meat, dairy, eggs, beans, legumes or something with protein and since vitamin B-12 only comes from animal products you either need to supplement or add some of those animal products to your diet.
Avatar f tn Google the diet to pull up all the foods. It pretty much is a meal plan to curve your chocolate intake, take away your bad fats, increase good fats, and stay on better sugars. (: Hope this helps!! I've lost 25 lbs. on this. And I've never felt better!
Avatar f tn Yeah second that- first things first- you HAVE to eat every meal. Skipping it makes your body think it's starving and no weight will budge until you can convince it otherwise. This is also the probable cause to your fatigue and difficultly sleeping- get a schedule and keep it. Without adequate sleep or foods you can't even begin to loose weight- this coming from a person who battled insomnia and did used to eat only once or twice a day.
Avatar f tn It also helps to plan your meals ahead of time so that you know before hand how many calories your going to eat that day. You dont have to eat much of some foods to keep from losing weight. You can purchase the calorie counter book in a paper back at most any book store... Id also suggest that you try eating 1,500to 1,600 calories daily. Most males usually use or burn about 2400 calories daily.
Avatar f tn I really wanted to lose weight that's why I came up to take raw fruits and veggies in every meal. These steps I made were effective and simple. It made me full fast and at the same time I get all the vitamins and minerals my body needs the most. Eating something raw fruits and vegetables at every meal can help you to lose weight. These steps are effective, common sense, and simple ways to add raw and high fiber foods to your diet.
Avatar f tn You want to lose 25 lbs in 11.5 months? Is that correct? There's no reason you shouldn't be able to do that relatively easily. The first thing you have to do is stop drinking sodas and other sugary drinks. That would probably help you lose the most. Make water your drink of choice and make sure you drink plenty throughout the day.
1269982 tn?1271173219 those are great for a meal on a go when needed but try to stick to healthy natural foods. This is the plan i`ve been on for a month and ive lost 8 lbs. best of luck.
Avatar f tn Hi there. I am 5'7'', 18 years old, and 190 lbs. Honestly, I carry my weight well. I do not look as much as I weigh, but I don't like the feeling of having all of this extra weight on me and I don't feel healthy, especially since a lot of goes to my thighs and backside. My doctor said that a healthy weight for me (because I am big boned) would be 160 lbs, and I would really like accomplish that by June (my senior prom). I have always had trouble with weight loss.
Avatar f tn I was finally getting a handle on losing weight when I found out about my first pregnancy.. that was in 2011.. never lost that baby weight an more so this time I'm heavier than I've ever been.. I have got to get this weight off me once and for all!! Baby not due til Sept but I know this is something I have to do.. I can't stand myself like this.. Best workouts, diets, plans that have worked for you??? Overall I need to lose about a hundred pounds honestly.
463707 tn?1218748031 If you want to lose weight you need to eat at least three meals a day, on a regular schedule. You have to let your body know that there is plenty of food available so that your metabolism stays up and meals are not stored as fat, but rather used for energy. Then, there’s the subject of exercise.... So many people assume that in order to lose weight, they have to constantly do strenuous exercise....And in reality, this isn’t the case either.
Avatar f tn Hey,i am an obese teen. I am trying to lose weight but y'know...i really love food. I tried so hard not to eat,but i still end up eating more than 2000 calories a day. I started taking fish oil cause i heard it can make someone lose it true? Because my appetite is still the same. Please dont tell me to eat oatmeal,i cant swallow it,i hate it. Is there any other ways for me to lose appetite ? And also i do exercise.
Avatar f tn I have been weight restored for about 2 years but I have overshot my weight goal and would like to return to a BMI of 20, so rather healthy. I am only 4'11 and I am pretty active...burning 300-500 calories in exercise each day. I am curious to know if 1200 calories would be a safe amount to begin consuming. I am 22 years old, so outside of the growing years. I am afraid that if I consume 1200 calories my metabolism will shut down.
Avatar n tn ) are there any healthy diet plans to recommend, or any tips for this? thank you so much!
Avatar n tn Hi runali, You say you want to lose 44 pounds in a month. This is not a healthy weight loss goal for anybody. Most people can lose anywhere between 2 -3 lbs a week. Losing weight too quickly may put your body in shock. Before you start any diet, you should talk this over with your family doctor to make sure it is appropriate for you. Perhaps your doctor can suggest a food plan that will help you lose weight at a healthy pace.