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Avatar f tn At 15, your body is not fully developed and you should not try to lose too much weight, or lose it too quickly. Getting down to 120 lbs brings you almost to the under weight category. Be very careful losing that much weight, at this point.
Avatar f tn Breakfast - fruit salad n orange juice. Lunch - salad, fruit salad, powerade, n water. Dinner - meat, potatoes, fruit salad, salad, powerade, n water. x2 Snacks - fruit salad n water. Physical: Morning - 10 minutes yoga. Afternoon - 5 minute stretching, 1 hr power walking, 5 minutes stair laps, 10 minute 10-20 arm weights, 50-100 push ups, n crunches. Evening - 10 minutes yoga. *minimum of 4 days a week* I am 190 lbs n I want to lose 70 lbs in 1 year.
Avatar n tn 10 kilos is 22 pounds, which is a lot to lose in just 2 months. Safe weight loss is considered to be 1-2 pounds/week, therefore, you might want to take longer to lose the weight, in order to do it safely. Are you making sure you eat healthy foods, right proportions and getting proper exercise?
Avatar n tn I really want to lose weight faster but don't have any ideas, I can't afford a gym membership so any home ideas?
369861 tn?1306275686 How does one start to lose weight? I was doing fine in the weight department until I started having issues with my thyroid and I haven't lost anything but my mind. This is really frustrating. Where does one begin when they are hypoglycemic and forever sticking food in your mouth? If someone could please, please tell or give me steps as to set the mind and get the ball rolling to lose weight.
Avatar f tn There really isn't a way to lose weight quickly, if you're going to it in a healthy manner. In order to have a body that's healthy and that you can be proud of, you have to eat healthy and exercise. For starters, give up sodas (including diet) and drink water instead. That alone could save quite a few calories, depending on how many sodas you drink each day. Additionally, eat a yogurt after exercising, instead of a candy bar, etc.
Avatar n tn Losing weight quickly is not a solution it will only cause you too gain more when you start eating normally again. You should aim to lose 2 pounds a week and can do that by simply eating a healthy balanced diet. Drink 8 glasses of water a day and try to have vegetables with everything you eat!
1372716 tn?1278527329 Over twenty pounds in one month is probably too rapid a weight loss. I think a person can lose as much as twenty pounds in 8 weeks, depending on their starting pound and their follow-through. Here are some quick tips to get started: 1 - Weight yourself every day. 2 - Write down every single thing you eat or drink for the next two weeks. 3 - Drink 6 glasses of water a day. Believe it or not, these simple things should get you losing five pounds in the next two weeks! Check out www.
6155374 tn?1384962433 You shouldn't aim to lose weight while pregnant, that's not healthy. And everyone gains different amounts while pregnant. If you want to slow your weight gain, just eat healthier. Don't diet.
Avatar n tn Hi runali, You say you want to lose 44 pounds in a month. This is not a healthy weight loss goal for anybody. Most people can lose anywhere between 2 -3 lbs a week. Losing weight too quickly may put your body in shock. Before you start any diet, you should talk this over with your family doctor to make sure it is appropriate for you. Perhaps your doctor can suggest a food plan that will help you lose weight at a healthy pace.
Avatar m tn There are ways to lose weight quickly, though you don't say how quickly or how much weight you want to lose. Some are logical but absurd, such as stop eating, take speed, and the like. But if you're looking to permanently lose weight and keep it off, doing it quickly might actually work against you. The key to permanent weight loss is to alter permanently your metabolism both in digesting food and in your energy output. You increase your metabolism by exercising or just moving more.
Avatar f tn You can't lose 45 pounds by March unless you starve yourself.
Avatar f tn I'm no doctor, just a man who has read way too many articles on fitness and tested a few out. What I've found the best way to lose weight is to find your maintenance level (you can find a rough calculator online) that will tell you about how many calories you burn in an avg day. Subtract around 250 calories and you've found your ideal calorie amount! Keep in mind you should take exercise into account as well. You should be shooting around -2 lbs a week.
Avatar f tn I'm only 17... my weight is excessive... I'm 120 kg... I need to lose weight in 1 year... how can I be fit n slim in 1 year??
Avatar f tn Weight gain doesn't mean healthy baby nor is it bad.
Avatar f tn While Atkins may help you lose weight fast, it's not something that most people can stay on long term. An overall healthy diet that centers on veggies, lean protein, low/no fat dairy and eliminates sugar and processed foods, including sugar, white bread, pasta etc is something you can maintain. It's not fast, but fast isn't healthy and will only result in further gain down the road.
1448446 tn?1284774417 I'm 5'5 5'6ish, 17 and weigh about 129 :/ I'm looking to lose weight quickly! I eat healthy and don't excessive hard core but I'm relatively active. anyways what's a good dietary supplement to help me lose the little bit of weight I can't seem to get rid of quickly????
Avatar n tn Hey. I am 15 years of age! I am trying to lose weight. I am every fat! I need to lose weight but everytime I try it I fail. I start back eating sweet and bad foods. I feel emabarred when I say I try to lose weight because all my friends do is laugh at me and don't take it serious. I need tips on how to lose weight fast and healthily of course. I need someone to tell me what to do. Please I really need help. Thank you!
Avatar f tn I think you shouldn't lose weight. Because you are tall and thin.
Avatar n tn I agree with what the others have said. A sauna is not a long term weight loss solution and all the weight you do lose is just water weight that will return very quickly, probably almost immediately. You're better off sweating off the pounds in a gym than in a sauna.
1597722 tn?1297379694 Aerobics or dancing is the fastest ways to lose weight. 1 hour exercise daily. It could be cycling, jogging, or aerobics. I mean cardiovascular exercises. Don't skip meals or else you will gain weight instead. Eat healthy. Lower down your carbohydrate consumption. Intake more proteins and fresh fruits whenever you feel hungry. You will see the results soon. Believe me.
1794093 tn?1357930759 So I haven't actually started ttc yet. I'm hoping to start at the end of Nov/Dec. Anyway I'm looking for friends or support to get healthy. I prefer to lose some weight but overall my goal is to have a solid platform that I can continue with through pregnancy... anyone else struggling with weight that's ttc?
Avatar m tn How many calories should I eat each day to lose a healthy amount of weight each week. I am a 6 foot 1 inch male, 28 years old and weigh 261 pounds.
Avatar f tn 5 kg is too much to lose in one week. Safe weight loss is about 1 kg/week. You can stop eating junk food and drinking sodas to get a good start on your weight loss and lose what you can by eating healthy and exercising, then continue losing after the first week is over.
Avatar f tn I know it's hard and ur impatient but if u lose that much weight that quickly u will make urself I'll, u should only lose between 1-2lbs per week if u lose more then it's actually ur muscle mass and not fat that u r losing.