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Avatar f tn Sarafem is a brand for fluoxetine which is just prozac and as a generic, it's only $4 at the pharmacy i work at. but some doctors write scripts for sarafem which is insanely expensive compared to the $4 fluoxetine. anyway, don't know that anything i said helps other than pointing out how drug companies like to rip people off.
1027802 tn?1253125706 first of all your not alone.i have for several years had the problem of crying for no reason.and for years it was mis diagnosed as bi polar,depression,etc...maybe so but when diagnosed with ms in august it all made sense...it all fit.i had probably been walking through life for well over ten years with ms.i still to this day cry for no apparent reason not to say that depression doesnt have an impact.
Avatar n tn Im on lamictal right now and currently have really bad pms problems. Im depressed most of the time except for when im on my period then im fine. Then when I start my birthcontrol im depresesd and moody and irritable. I was wondering if sarafem would affect the lamictal and my bipolar symptoms.
Avatar m tn Reboxetine (Vestra) I would just interject, what works for one, doesn't for another - so even though this grand compilation of different studies shows the top drugs, it doesn't mean it the end all be all. I did fairly well with Luvox for years, then was on Zoloft, which was on for 4 - I did gain weight, but it's because I began to binge.
Avatar f tn I feel like I have PMS and it is not time for that. I am so angry with every little thing. Yelling at people in traffic, and at my 5 year old for no reason. Is this from my MS?? Is it depression, anxiety, or just anger issues?? Is there a pill I can take to make it go away?? I feel bad being so angry and mean to everyone. This is the 3rd day of this. It is starting to scare me. I want to be in a good mood really I do.
Avatar f tn I am prescribed 10MG Buspirone 2 x day, 20MG Fluoxetine (generic for prozac) 1 x per day, and I had tried taking amphetamine 10MG (generic for adderalll) 2 x day but I felt it put me in "slow motion" and I wasn't sure I had ADD rather than just anxiety. I did some research on my Myers Briggs type ENFJ and with chronic stress I start to use my inferior introversion and overthink everything instead of asking for help, which is my preferred tendency.
Avatar f tn Hello, I've been on Fluoxetine (prozac) for the last five months for depression. I also suffer from very bad anxiety, and insomnia. The drug has definitely helped with depression, and evened out my moods, but the insomnia is getting a bit out of control. When I first started taken it, I was literally only getting a maximum of 1 hour sleep a night, then I started taking sleeping pills which increased my sleep to about 4 hours a night (not much help, but better than 1 hour!
Avatar f tn My GP has finally started treating me more appropriately. However... I have also, for years had sever menstrual cycles, with very heavy flow, painful cramps, irregular cycles, mood swings, throat pain and migraines. All of these things have been increasing in frequency and severity. ( periods are every 1-2 weeks, migraines are 3+ weekly) My GP has been addressing these things individually, but I'm starting to believe that they are all related.
5677775 tn?1372623720 I was on two different meds. Citalopram for a long time, which helped a little and then the fluoxetine. I had been in hospital twice over suicide attempts as my depression had gotten unbearable. But thankfully a nice nurse gpt me in touch with the right people and I went through minfulness classes, counselling and therapy over the space of 5 months. Somewhere in the middle of all that treatment I decided to go off my meds. Not because they were making life difficult, I just felt ready.
Avatar n tn Tosca, Funny you should mention Prozac because I was on that medication years ago. After five wks. on it my sleep quality became poor & quit the medication "cold turkey". I can't remember if the jerks started right after that or not. Sometimes I wonder if it had anything to do w/this condition I now have. I have been told it does not because people who have never taken Prozac have hypnic jerks. I know anxiety certainly makes a person have isomnia.
4451049 tn?1387157037 How am I suppose to differentiate a welcomed herx from a serious drug reaction, PMS or just a typical flare? I just traded Zithromax for Doxy as I was having some pretty serious issues on Zithromax. If it hadn't been for the serious FDA warnings and many similar reviews, I may have continued the medication but I'm not really sure as it got pretty rough. (I always take my abx at different times so if I do have some sort of reaction, I have a good idea which medication is the culprit.
Avatar f tn I'm not really self conscious so it didn't bother me too much but it was a little embarrassing. I took the antidepressants for PMS. Never took more than the lowest dose. I would say my jerking lasted a couple years and then I got pregnant and it really subsided after that. Everyone said I should be pregnant all the time - no thank you - because my health was so much better.
Avatar n tn I have tried to find active case studies on the disorder and would highly consider participating in a study to discover more about this disorder if it meant peace for me and my family and for others who have to go through this every month. I know that hormones are very complicated and individually based, but there has to be something else out there worth trying, especially when you are fighting for your life and peace of mind.
Avatar n tn It has been recommended to me to try drinking Estro tea by Lorna Vanderhaeghe,this is a raspberry herbal tea,that is for hormonal help it's says it's for effortless periods Reduces heavy bleeding halts pms and protects breasts and cervix,the lady at the health food store figures it should help with the night sweats,so I'll give it a try,here's hoping,check it out at www.hormonehelp.com I have only had too cups so far,so I can't say if it helps yet or not.
Avatar n tn iv been on effexor xr iv gained 50 lbs.my biggest concern for you is the withdrawl symptoms when stopping it.just 2or3 days without it is hell.moodswings ,headaces,vomiting,flu like feeling,hot flashes. please talk to your doc about that.they dont tell you when you start it.
387660 tn?1242600342 Thyroid is responsible for the speed that the whole body and its organs work y, you could be hyper or hypo. Get blood test for TSH and free T3 and T4. If your ranges are wacked then test for thyroid antibodies - autoimmune.
Avatar n tn Every article on the internet has to do with Strep B in prenatal women (when it is very dangerous for the baby) and nothing about Strep B for regular women in their 40's like me :) Thanks, I'd love to hear from anyone who has ever been treated for this disease or any doctors out there.
Avatar n tn I have been for numerous checks, doctors declaring IBS, testing for endometriosis (family history) and putting me on Yasmin (a contraseptive pill which will apparently stop symptoms.) This is because what I have noticed is that my symptoms, although constant, appear to worsen to great heaights during my menstrual cycle. I wondered if you have this same problem? Like you my outbursts are frequent, yet random including a feeling of acidity, nausea, diarroea, lethargy, trembling and cold sweats.