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Avatar n tn but the majority of times blood came out in the sperm, or only after ejaculation during urination, or both in the sperm and the urine. once i woke up without having had sex that week and urinated blood. i tested my blood, sperm, and urine and the only abnormality was a high psa level. my dr said it is very rare and is that high in 40/50 year old. i did a biopsy for prostate cancer and my dr said that everything was ok. after the biopsy, i waqs back to normal.
Avatar n tn My issue is too much sugar and not enough water and probably not enough salt also. I've been under stress at work and have been eating lots of sugar lately. Not my normal thing though, I try real hard to watch my food intake due to colitis. But wanted to tell you thanks for writing all that - it was helpful.
Avatar m tn very tired and have dizzy almost passing out when i stand or urinate.had uti but cleared up and i had high amounts of sugar protein and something about bloodcells.im on flomax cipro.im losing my insurance this month and still have no answers.please help,thanks.
Avatar m tn In my opinion, investigations like kidney functions, blood sugar levels, ultrasound lower abdomen(already ruled out kidney causes) ,intravenous pyelography , thyroid function tests and cystoscopy may be needed to confirm a diagnosis.I sincerely advise you to consult a urologist or nephrologist and get yourself evaluated so that a confirmatory diagnosis can be made. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.Kind regards.
Avatar f tn I went to the dr the next day and he took a urine test and found a trace of blood and put me on antibiotics and something to numb my bladder and I took those and started feeling alot better but I was still not 100% better by 3 weeks later so I asked the dr to give me another round of antibiotics and he did and I also started taking vit.
Avatar n tn ” I started treatment with a urologist who treated it as a prostate problem. None of the medication such as Flomax, Vesicare and Oxbutynin had much effect. I also did various techniques to strengthen my pelvic muscles including electronic stimulation, but they had no effect. Eventually the urologist performed a Transurethral needle ablation (TUNA): This improved my urine flow and ease of urination, however it did nothing for the nighttime problem.
Avatar m tn constant pressure in the lower abdomen (pelvis and groin), and a constant urge to urinate that makes me practically home bound. On Flomax 0.4 mg. and hydration. I use a strainer, and thus far – no stone. 1. Is a 3 mm stone likely to pass on its own, if it has not passed already? 2. How long can it take for a stone to pass? 3. Anything I can do to expedite the process? 4. How much fluids should I consume? Please, advise...
646318 tn?1261185094 When I told u guys that my blood sugar was 40 at one time it was because I was in jail and they didn’t feed me enough I lost 35 ibs in a few months in there I was away for a year.. I felt sick and dizzy so I when to medical in there and I got my blood sugar tested everyday for a week in the mornings at 5:30 before I ate breakfast.. Mind you we ate chow at 4:30 in the afternoon so every time I got my sugar check it was a fasting sugar level because I didn’t eat anything for over 12 hours..
Avatar n tn Following the end of the prescription (End of March) i start to feel tingling in my fingers and toes and a little arthritis .......SO EVENTUALLY Me and my Present girlfriend have unprotected sex (April 2008). WHen i performed oral sex on her my beard felt exteremly inflamed and irritated.... and about 4-5 days afterwards i feel my groin lymph nodes activated. Eventually.....
Avatar m tn One regarding the prostate which he addressed with Flomax, and the other an intestinal problem that I needed to see a GI doctor for. I had blood work and a stool test performed by my GI doctor who found the CDL infection. I took Metronidazole for 14 days and I believe the infection is cleared up (which is nice, but I would have never known it was even a problem without my Dr. saying so). My follow up with her is on January 3rd.
Avatar f tn It's like the feeling when you urinate and there is still a little trapped inside the urethra. I so took flomax for that and that didn't really do anything. I just wish I could get pointed in the right direction on who to talk to or what kind of doctor to see. It's just amazing to me that all these symptoms are happening after receiving oral sex.
Avatar n tn I have tried supplements along with the flomax and achieve much better flow but no decrease in freqency. I have had urodynamic study, and also just had bladder dissension, with a biopsy. The biopsy was negative and I don't have intercisital cystitis (sp?) I have monitored my intake and measured output several times. When I do go, it is about 5 ounces +/-. I go 3-5 times a night, and about 15-20 times during the day.
Avatar n tn listen to y'al.in ed if u run all the necessary tests from blood sugar, testosterone to STIs and its normal then the cause is not organic and will stil be having morning hoods.however if u are having morning hoods but can't maintain an erection when u meet ur partner then its purely psychogenic.this could be as a result of stress,fear and anxiety. finally let me comment on one key cause of ed.PORN INDUCED MASTURBATION.guys if u try evrything and it doesnt workout quit this habit and see.
Avatar n tn Normally, it gets cleansed from blood daily, but low kidney function means the kidneys are not flushing out the potassium, so after just a few days, in less than a week of eating normal portions of high potassium fruits and veggies, the potassium level in the blood just builds up and can lead to heart attack. I got routine blood tests and afterwards, they walked me right over to the cardiologist's office.
Avatar n tn Looking back at my symptoms a blood circulation problem makes total sense. Since blood is the only way the penis can react and retract. Hopefully my problem and yours could be easy as a simple operation....
Avatar f tn Since then Diabetes ll discovered and on Metformin-1000mg ....does not follow diet or check his blood sugar. A couple years ago he had a bout of gout...Dr had taken him off the HT part of his Benicar and placed him on allipurinal-100mg. Shortly thereafter I noticed his breathing was heavy...watched and listened and finally called the Dr...seemed like CHF after reading that the HT was a diruretic. She thought more like pneumonia...HT not enough to cause that she thought. Went to ER...
Avatar n tn However, most of these drugs can increase heart rate and blood pressure, which can be dangerous in men with high blood pressure or heart disease. I would suggest you to discuss this with your urologist. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.Kind regards.
Avatar n tn I am also having a lot of blood and blood clots in my urine. The doctors gave me Loretab 7.5 that I'm supposed to take 2 of every 4 hours. This is not helping the pain much. I've been in bed since the stone was removed. I must let you know I have not had any vomiting or fever but the pain was so intense it caused nausea. I went to my urologist b/c I was so concerned. They said I developed renal colic and gave me Rapaflo(same as Flomax) to help the urine flow better.
572651 tn?1333939396 Believed to be a fairly common teenager thing caused by not eating much of real substance for too many hours; blood sugar was low, but rebounded quickly once he had juice, etc., & seemed fine after a good meal. Squad crew remembered him from the training exercise in which he participated earlier in the year, in which they all rappelled down the side of the high school auditorium.
Avatar m tn Noradenalin activates these receptors causing the blood vessels to constrict and reducing blood flow. This can be caused by anxiety. Cold and exercise also cause it, presumably by a similar mechanism ?? Like others here I thought ok lets try some alpha blockers (like Tamsulosin). Guess what , it works ! About 5 hours after taking one, I usually get a much better hang which last about 36 hours. Sometimes however it doesn't works so well, why ? I have no clue.
Avatar m tn He did blood work and a urinalysis. The blood work came back fine but he noticed blood in my urine, so he put me on a round of antibiotics which helped clear up my issue for the time being. Around a month after issue went away, it came back. I went back to the doctor and he referred me to an urologist. She found nothing out of the ordinary and suggested that I might be having pelvic floor spasms.
Avatar n tn I have all those symptoms and more, and have microscopic blood in urine, but no bacteria, so it's not an infection, but could be many different things, just make sure you do get in w/a doctor, maybe even try a reg. physician first to get in sooner and rule out infection or get meds for it! In the mean time you could take uristat or azo to relieve some pain, that's all they've told me to do for now! Good luck!
Avatar n tn My grandma was just complaining the other day that a spot on her leg felt hot, and she went to the doc, and sure enough, it was a blood clot. I guess it can become serious if you don't get it treated.
Avatar m tn Have had cystoscopy, showed slightly inflamed prostate. Urine test showed white blood cells. Cipro for a month, along with tamsulosin and dutasteride (avodart) made no real difference. Symptoms 90% remained. This is making my life very miserable. Some days pain lasts for hours after urinating. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn How did your appointment go? I had an appointment on 8/8 as well... got full blood and urine analysis and everything checked out completely normal. not even the "trace" amounts of blood and protein that the urologist found showed up in my urine this time.
Avatar n tn I asked both my Dr's (primary and hematologist) I have a blood disorder..and neither one of them has ever heard of this..The vibrating in my feet has been going on for about 6 months and the vibrating in my chest has happened 3 times..Its the strangest thing..hopefully someone comes up with an reason for this..
Avatar m tn - Fearing the worst, I went to the doctors and told them about the pain, and he ordered an xray for my back and this came back fine. - I've changed my mattress twice now to one that is designed to support the back. - I've paid attention to my pillow, and have changed that too, to one that provides greater support (latex - dunlopillow) - I try to exercise regularly, and pay particular attention to stretching out the back. I believe that the pain must be associated with the way that I sleep.
Avatar n tn I agree with the theory of drinking more water and not urinating before sex. I had blood tests, STD tests and the doctors finger up my bumm and all those have been negative. It really makes me wonder if doctors know anything at all. It honestly sounds like that while we all SEEM to be experiencing the same symptoms, the actual causes for all our problems might not all be 1 in the same.