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Avatar n tn My Father, age 60, has just recently passed blood in his urine. He's currently on flomax for an enlarged prostate and has been for a few years. He's very good about going to the doctor and getting all the check ups. When he passed the blood he described it as feeling like a "relief" and actually thought he may have passed a small kidney stone. No pain was associated with it at all and he hasn't passed blood since(about 1 week).
Avatar m tn The urge frequency was sometimes unbearable!! Anyhow started on Flomax, and in just one day noticed the frequency (6-8x day to 4x) and urgency diminished. If no BPH...how is the Flomax working??? Thanks!
Avatar m tn It just relaxes the smooth muscles of the urethra to aid in smooth flow of the urine. Though flomax may lead to sexual dysfunction and retrograde ejaculation, the effects are unlikely to be permanent. Hope the information is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn It is not a very complex procedure and expected side effects will be mild hematuria (blood in urine ) and slight burning pain in the area which should be reversible in 24 hours. Cystoscopy will also allow your physician to take tissue samples when indicated. Just think positive and keep a good attitude. You have been very proactive about this. Let us hope for good ,clean results. Keep us posted regarding your progress.
Avatar n tn The daily recommended dose for normal supplementation (in the absence of deficiency) used to be 400 IU, but this dose has been found to be inadequate in certain populations and regions and has been altered to 700 IU and up to 2000 IU can safely be taken daily. If you have been responding well to the current regimen you are on, there is no need to step-up the dose.
Avatar n tn the first three were normal, and during the fourth i ejaculated blood and blood and a blood clot came out in my urine. 4 days ago i was at a strip club and had a lap dance. i was aroused and had an erection. i went to the wc and a huge clot came out followed by blood an then another clot. this occured again during urination.
Avatar m tn It is encouraging to know that you have stopped passing blood in urine and are on the way to recovery. If the infection in your bladder was present over a long time, it will take some time for normal sensation to return. Meanwhile, do not wait for the urge to pass urine but void by the clock - every 3-4 hours. Blood at the end of defecation is indicative of hemorrhoids. It could also explain the crampy abdominal pain you have.
Avatar n tn However since you have a history of cancer, it would be wise to go back to your doctor once and rule out the possibility of bladder cancer, which too can result in blood clots in urine. Even other wise repeated injury to urethra is not good. I would sincerely advice you to consult your urologist ASAP. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Last week, however, I had urine retention and had to go the the ER to get a catheter put in. Though I did have a UTI, my CT didnt show that I had any obstructions. The ER doctor suggested that I ask my urologist to see if I had a dropped bladder, which we will test for this Friday. I feel as if all of these things have got to be related, and am afraid that my doctors aren't piecing the puzzle together. Does anyone know of anything that may tie all these things together?
Avatar n tn It is important to determine the presence of casts, protein and crystals in the urine as this may suggest underlying urinary tract stones or kidney disease. Do keep us posted with regards to your progress.
Avatar n tn Straining during urination, decrease in urine flow, dribbling of urine, difficulty in ejaculation may suggest obstructive symptoms. A complete physical examination by a physician is needed to determine the cause. Are there any palpable mass in the groin or scrotum? A simple urinalysis may not be enough. Further tests that would visualize the structures may be requested.
1516809 tn?1345086364 I went to a urologist who told me that my prostate because of my age is starting to enlarge like all men, and that I am retaining urine in my bladder per ultrasound. He prescribed Flomax for me to take indefinitely, and told me that the hematospermia will heal on its own and clear after a few more subsequent ejaculations. Recently, I experienced hematospermia again, red blood in the semen again.
Avatar m tn I have had foamy urine for about a year now. I went to my doctor and he did a blood workup and checked my urine. Everything came back normal. My PSA was fine, thyroid, liver, kidneys, cholesterol was 164 and my good and bad cholesterol were fine. My potassium level was 4.4 . He said everything was fine,but I still have real foamy urine. My doctor told me to drink more water, I'm drinking 8 glasses or more a day and I'm just urinating more with foamier urine. He said, everything was fine.
Avatar m tn i went to the ER a little over a week ago and they said i had a kidney stone they gave me oxycodone and flomax then said to see a urologist in 5 days but i dont have the money to go, i haven't had pain in about 5 or 6 days until this morning when the pain was back in my testicle and a little in my left side just not as bad as before. i had blood in my urine when i went to the ER but i couldn't see it but this morning it was bloody enough to see..
Avatar m tn For the past year I have urine leakage/ some type of clear discharge also have this weird sensation as if something is being forced out of my penis- almost like a spasm- the tip of my penis is red and inflamed- gets worse after ejaculation- I get this intense itching feeling at the tip and also a pinching sensation- the redness comes and goes- one day its there and the next it's not- another symptom is a tingling/ cold burning sensation-I am not having this pain in my bladder- the feeling is
Avatar n tn The blood clots come and go have seemed more old darker blood recently and urine varies between cloudy and clear. I seem to be passing urine more freely but it seems I have had near crisis after passing larger clots. Has anyone had a similar experience?
Avatar m tn Two years ago I did a Cystoscopy and last year flow measurement test (Not Urodynamics) and blood test for any cancer and prostate issues. They found nothing. Again I went to a different doctor thinking to find the cause of this last week. He wanted me to do the Cystoscopy again and UroDynatics test. My question is is it necessary to perform a cystoscopy again since they did not find any issues when performed last. This test makes me nervous since I suffer for months after this.
Avatar n tn I did go to an ED doctor and he said my blood flow was just about normal. Doppler test. But then why the dysfunction. flomax was of little help. Seemed to acutally make it worse. Do you think prostate massages would help?
Avatar m tn hard to urinate and burning and feels like something gets stuck in urine tract and lots of pressure and going alot.testicals are red and swelled especially around the sides.have signs of infection.protein was 300 in urine.muscle spasms in rectum and behind penis.also rectum swells or pokes out around rectum and is very painful.but goes back after few mins after bowel movement also lots of pressure.had fissure/inner hem.
Avatar m tn I saw my GP and had urine test which showed no blood, bacteria etc. I had a blood test done and white blood cell count was normal. I then had digital rectal exam and it was normal.. The Dr. stated that this would have been very painful if the prostate had been infected. The Dr. stated prostate felt fine with no nodules. The prostate was however, enlarged. The Dr. ruled out prostatis and diagnosed as enlarged prostate. The PSA test has not returned yet.
Avatar n tn That was two weeks ago, and my pain in my bladder and blood in my urine have only just stopped. I alerted my Dr's office several times and they told me to just hold out - that it should pass. It took two weeks, but it has finally dissapeared. Good luck to you!
Avatar m tn Hello, Male 41: I have a pain in my prostate aera, right epididymis, weak urine stream and a weak erection that started a year ago and will not go away! I've had Prostate exams, 3 Cystoscops, PSA blood work, Flow Analyzer, Urine test, Ultrasound, CT scan. ALL NEGATIVE RESULTS I have taken, Tobramycin, Cipro, Bacclofen, Levaquin, Doxycycline, Flomax, Uroxatrol and Terazosin(this really helps with the weak urine stream) and take lots of Advil. NOTHING HAS SHOW RESULTS EXCEPT FOR Terazosin.
Avatar m tn I will have my next cystoscopy and review in March 2010. In my case it will be a big and complicated surgery. From all that I have read, I most likely will have a temporary colostomy as well. (someting that I dread) Even though prostate surgery has changed, urologist will often use alternative treatments prior to using surgery. I can somehow understand as to why this approach is used.
Avatar n tn The results of those tests show 2 small stones in the lt. kidney approx. 4mm in size located in the lower pole of the kidney in the pappilae and a 5 mm stone in the right kidney, no obstruction was seen. My urologist does not feel that the kidney stones that I have in the left kidney are the cause of my pain, so I am stumped because the pain seems to be similar to the pain that I had in the past just prior to having the lithotripsy done.
Avatar m tn My prostate exams turns out normal - PSA levels in blood are normal. I tried taking flomax but it has bad side effects for me and hence I stopped it. who do I go see now to investigate this? I wish there is a way to investigate the plumbing in the region where prostate wraps around the urethra.
Avatar n tn The urge is worse when I'm sitting down, and usually if I get up and walk around I feel better. I went to the doctor about a week ago and had some blood work done. All of the results for STDs, and a UTI came back negative. I'm currently taking Cipro but it doesn't seem to help. My physician said that it might be "nospecific urethritis" and would prescribe Doxycycline. From what I have read about post void drip, there doesn't seem to be any resolution.
Avatar f tn Some doctors mis-identify NGU in men as UTIs- the fact is the UTIs are VERY rare in men under age 40 and most men who have “evidence” of UTIs actually have UTIs which is manifest as the presence of white blood cells in a urine specimen. The process typically gets better with azithromycin and rarely, if ever, leads to complications. Sometimes it takes a few days following therapy for the symptoms to resolve. Stop squeezing these "bumps".
187666 tn?1331176945 have had obvious blood in urine for just over a year now, tests revealed nothing till a month or two ago. Found a stone lodged in right kidney. Last Tues. night ended up in ER. Seems like stone finally decided to migrate south into the ureter but not out into the bladder yet. Not sure if I'll know when it passes. Was put on Flomax to ease things along. But still having loads of blood in urine. Wondering if I'll know when it goes and when I can stop the Flomax.
Avatar n tn I had blood work (PSA negative), urine(normal), and testosterone(average). I was put on Flomax. Urine problems better now, but ejaculations continue to hurt. The longer I go between them, the more they hurt. Because of the Flomax, my semen quantity was at first reduced, but the last 4 or 5 ejaculates have contained more and more gel-like beads, that resemble tapioca or slightly rounded pieces of rice.