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Avatar f tn Everyone applying or renewing their work or residency visa must undergo a medical fitness test that screens them for a number of deportable diseases including HIV/Aids, leprosy and TB. According to the Ministry of Health, in 2007, the latest year for which figures are available, there were 81 cases of TB registered in the Northern Emirates. Dr al Marzouqi said officials have discussed the importance of early TB detection and “complete treatment”, which would help reduce its spread.
Avatar n tn He is a contributing editor at Consumer Health Interactive, and was the staff writer at Hippocrates, a magazine for physicians. He has also covered science issues for Time Inc. Health, WebMD, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. His reporting on occupational health earned him an award from the northern California Society of Professional Journalists. The References for his article are here: American Academy of Family Physicians. Self-care on Abdominal pain, acute.
Avatar n tn He gave me steriods for the pain, and my orange tongue went away. In January, my tongue turned orange again and my throat was sore, but there were no blisters. There's no cure for coxsackie and it's lays dormant in the body, and it tends to come back during times of stress.
Avatar n tn they left 1 ovary. I had the surgery in early aug. and its now late january and I have put on nearly 60#!! Most of it in the stomach, rib and butt. I look pathetic, and am so afraid of being fat agian. I cook good healthy meals, I live on a farm and am outside doing chores ect. I have found that I have an INSATIABLE sweeet tooth that I have NEVER had. so i dont keep sweets in the house. I am so relieved to know that some of you have experienced the dame problems..
162948 tn?1205256292 I got a real period on January 9th and Feb. 9th, so I was regular pretty fast, but I had a lot of pregnancy symptoms immediately after removal and a lot of spotting and brown discharge, which the doctor told me was normal. So now I'm very happy we got pregnant so fast, but I'm also worried.... I hope all will go good!!
Avatar n tn Five days ago, I noticed my feet were swollen and sore just from me entering Walmart at the Garden Center, walking to the magazine rack and standing in one spot for about 10 minutes while I read a magazine. I was alarmed, but shrugged it off and thought I needed to get off my feet for awhile. The swelling will go away at night as I elevate my legs to sleep, but returns at some point throughout the day. Today, I notice that my calf muscles were extremely tight and sore.
Avatar n tn I just had an artificial disc inserted C5/C6 on January 25. There are no artificial discs approved by the FDA yet, you have to get into a clinical study. The clinical study I'm in compares the Kineflex C artificial disc with standard discectomy and fusion. There are a few studies out there comparing two different discs. I was lucky to randomize into the study group, but was in so much pain I would have been happy with a fusion.
Avatar n tn I started taking lutien because i read that there was a 2006 study it improves skin elasticity. Its 2010, you would think they would invent something for skin elasticity and aging skin by now. thanks!
Avatar n tn this protocol is great, im hoping ill keep it off like it says and i cant wait to start round 2 p2 in mid january, i would like to loose another 20 lbs. i started at 183 after loading and now i am down to 159. id like to get to 140.
Avatar n tn I have lost more than 25 pounds during the last two years after ( perhaps due to) I started taking Metformin for my diabetes. I take 500 mg. two times a day. I watch my food and do regular exercise ( but not too much). I have become too skinny with this weight loss and would like to reverse the pattern, and gain some weight. Quite opposite what most of the people in the USA need. If any one has any idea as how to gain weight, please let me know.
Avatar n tn It literally saved my life! I started WW in January, and only lost 6lbs in 6 weeks. I exercise 3-5 times a week, an hour and a half each time (cardio, weights, the works!). I got married last September and weight 162 then. I've gained 20 lbs, and I know that part of it has to be the Lexapro. Before, I never worked out, and ate whatever I wanted, and NEVER gained this much weight. Now I am watching what I eat and working out several times a week, and gained 20 lbs? Has to be the Lexapro.
Avatar n tn Just 3 days after giving birth to my son these sweats started, after reading in a magazine and on Google that the major causes of night sweats was the menopause and Cancer!! I was totally freaked out and went to see my GP. They orderd me to have blood tests, when the results came back all was normal apart from my inflamation markers was a bit high, but the doctor assured me that could be down to any slight infection.
Avatar n tn I found out that I had bilateral internal carotid artery dissections in January 2007. My arteries have not healed at all in 14 months. I have been on Coumadin this whole time. I have been exercising regularly, but sometimes I feel a lot of pressure in my neck when doing some of the cardio. I just take it down a few notches, and I feel better. I still lift weights, but not so much that I strain myself.
Avatar f tn And IF it is caused by sun exposure, then why does it wait until July/August to show up (I am outside almost every day--I now live in Austin, TX, and I used to live in Colorado where I was outside all spring/summer/fall April-October, in short sleeves, but the itch would continue thru December/January in winter when I was skiing, etc...) why wouldn't it itch on days you are exposed to the sun, etc, and go away sooner?
Avatar n tn They ran lots of blood tests, which all came back normal. I'm scheduled to go to a neurologist mid January, but in the meantime I am doing lots of supplementation. Also, I have 3 small children to take care of (5,3, and 8 wks), so this really scares me. I was 3 wks postpartum when I got the shot, so I'm wondering if my immune system wasn't run down to begin with, and therefore made me more susceptible to side effects. I am also breastfeeding, so I'm scared to take any medicine.
Avatar n tn I am also under a doctor's care for this diet). Since January I have lost 49 lbs, which along with a preceding diet started in late November has given me a total of a 82 lb loss. I got tired of being fat/obese and determined if I did not do it now I probably never would. Releana has worked for me and without side effects. The 500 calorie diet wasn't as hard as I thought it would be but there was a few weeks where I thought about "regular" food a lot.
Avatar f tn Of course, the fall I took in the parking lot at school in January 2008 when I broke both arms, my knee, and tore my rotator cuff requiring surgery do give some affirmation to my anxiety. Then there is the time my daughter and granddaughter were visiting from out of state and we were shopping for groceries for a family get-together. They were almost panicked when I had the chest pains and wanted to call 911. I have told my family about the "episodes" but only my husband had seen one.
Avatar f tn I'm hoping to reach my goal by January. I'm not worried about the holidays because I have been turned off all food and I don't think it will be difficult to continue following what the naturopath has told me to do. By the a lot of really facilitates weight loss. I eat about 500g of yogourt per day and drink 2-3 glasses of milk per day. Topamax alone won't make you lose the weight, it will just make it easier for you to do it on your own. I hope this helps you!!
Avatar n tn In the old days it was masturbating with a magazine like Penthouse or Men only etc (those were so tame compared to now). Now with the internet I seem to be more addicted than ever to masturbation with porn as my wife has almost gone off sex (I am lucky to have a couple of sessions a year with her). I still have a really high sex drive needing to come almost every day, but I seem to need more to get me aroused and orgasming.