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454022 tn?1208373994 I'm looking to subscribe to a good fitness magazine for women. Any recommendations? I'm 29 and just want to lead a pragmatic healthy life. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Thanks so much for posting this question. I have great news for you since there is emerging research showing the importance of mild exercise for you and your unborn baby. There are different factors that you should take into consideration such as how far are you in the pregnancy or if you were active before getting pregnant. You should keep the same level of activity but slightly modifying it and adjusting it to mild.
973741 tn?1342346373 There's also the question of whether toning means just having a lean body or do you mean having noticeable muscles that you can see through those plastic yoga pants women are wearing these days? I mean, if you want nice biceps, nothing beats curls, but there are a hundred different ways to do curls and all of them provide the requisite resistance.
227228 tn?1389368886 I'm in my mid 50's and like other females in this age group, find it very hard to lose wt. even with watching what I eat and upping exercise. I read in a fitness magazine rec. that Hydroycut helps with wt loss. Any feedback please? Thanks!
802547 tn?1237850517 Women in their 40’s are at an advantage when it comes to weight control and fitness. How so? I asked three of my favorite medical experts to explain what it means to be fit and forty, and how you can get there. Myth-busting With Dr. Dickerson Dr. Val: I know that many women in their 40’s complain of having gained weight. What causes that weight gain? Is it inevitable? Dr. Dickerson: Many women don’t gain weight in their 40’s so it’s certainly not inevitable.
394503 tn?1315012683 i was reading pregnancy fitness magazine and i came across this advertisement for a gender predictor kit. supposedly one can use it after the 10 week mark and it is up to 90% accurate. check it out at www.* * * * .com. don't put the spaces in. just did it that way so it would show up. if you look it up come back and leave a comment on what ya think about it!
Avatar n tn It takes a little time to get back to optimal fitness (I settle for Close to optimal fitness on occasion so I don't drive myself crazy) but the payoff is huge. And, my lung health (Have had to have lung/breathing tests for allergy related problems) is better now than in the early 80's when I started consistenly doing aerobic activity (thank you Covert Bailey, MN...Pick up his books, "Fit or Fat" or "Fit or Fat for Women" and "Smart Exercise").
1741471 tn?1407162630 It is known Chronic low-grade inflammation is a possible risk factor for cancer that may be modifiable with long-term exercise BREAST CANCER AND EXERCISE More and more literature is being published on the effects of exercise on breast cancer patients. According to IDEA Health and Fitness Association Magazine, It is well researched that regular exercise can help prevent breast cancer (Peel et al. 2009).
684604 tn?1293481326 There is a monthly magazine out there, I think its called Fit Pregnancy. There are also some good books specifically for pregnant women - also try Neo-natal yoga( maybe they have this in your area, not everyone does) also google it online! Good luck with your pregnancy!
Avatar n tn I replace 1 to 2 meals a day depending on my schedule. Muscle and Fitness magazine gave them the highest rating and the taste doesn't make me gag, they even have Mocha flavor. If you drink lots of water your skin should be elastic enough to not bag when you lose the weight, mine never did except my baby pouch from my 2 children.
Avatar f tn Last summer my legs looked fantastic and I was wearing a size 4 and looked almost like I could be in a fitness magazine aside from those issues just mentioned. Now after a stressful time this winter I am still a size 4 but have cellulite on my legs (front and back) and my bottom that squishes out from behind me when I sit, I have a roll of back fat behind my bra area, and even some cellulite in my calves.
Avatar f tn You've not mentioned anything about your life on your profile, I can tell you , as a women, that 8-10 beers a day, is not going to land you any kind of a relationship, and I suspect this has been the case with you. There is SO much more to life, and at your age, you need to start to think about finding true happiness, not going toe to toe with booze for the rest of your life. You have chosen life, you might as well give it your all, and get busy at the gym to lose those extra pounds.
Avatar m tn This is with a new gf and I'm a bit nervous as you'd expect but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm mid 30s and in good health and fitness. I've just found this website and all the great advice from people with the same problem and have read about connection between porn and ED. I've m to p all my adult life and particularly in the last year between my last and present gf. Static images weren't enough so went to videos and then on to harder stuff in order to get an erection.
Avatar n tn Which is also a risk for women taking this for fertility treatment of course. However, women who are on the hCG therapy for infertility take about 15,000ui, where on the weight loss program you are taking around 125ui. Big difference. You cannot take hCG if you are pregnant. It has dangerous risks to the embryo, and that's where I think fightu was trying to go with his misinformation.
Avatar m tn If you want rapid weight loss, whether you eat a ribs-and-burgers diet, or live a vegan lifestyle and carefully balance your vegetable proteins, chances are you need more, especially if you want rapid weight loss. The Recommended Daily Allowance for men is 56 grams a day, and for women it’s 46 grams. That’s about what you’d get in 4 to 5 chicken drumsticks or two large hamburgers. Or 2 ½ pork chops, 15 slices of bacon, or an 8-ounce steak.
Avatar n tn She says the triggers are unknown. She has only seen it in women. Its treated with beta blockers and SSRI's. Already seems to be getting better. Why my cardio doc didn't get it...Well, looking for new Cardio! Has anyone one ever heard of this.. ? I have looked and looked and can't find anything by this name.
Avatar m tn If I remember correctly this latest study didn't exactly have all health and fitness guru's in it. If you do a study with people hanging on by a string to life to begin with, the results may be a little off. I never pay any attention to any of these vitamin studies. I am my own study. All my friends who don't take vitamins, let themselves get 'chubby,' don't exercise all think I spend too much money on vitamins. Meantime they are all on meds for cholestrol,or BP etc.
98010 tn?1305903335 If you want to lose weight, eat less and work out - cardio and firming. This is not that simple.
Avatar n tn ) and if you can't find a place nearby or don't have cash to buy a video or take classes, you can find yoga video clips on the internet for free even, ie Fitness Magazine website has them. breathing exercises there are many, but one especially effective one (my Dr. uses) from Dr. Weil that I just learned yesterday called teh 4-7-8 exercise. There is a great stress reducing exercise called Progressive muscle relaxation.
Avatar m tn I just started working out again as we have a good gym at our apartment complex so that's helping and i do crusie different subject forums out there on the internet to keep occupied and i also like to read the science and tech magazine sites. I guess it goes in cycles as a few weeks i'm fine then it starts to eat at me about all this so then i toss and turn and sleep for an hour or two a nite for about a week and that gets me tired and down and then it cycles again to feeling better..
Avatar n tn I never seem to see other women with this problem even women much older than me. I am so angry that I have to change the way I dress as I am so embarrassed to be seen like this. I am encouraged to read all the ideas and will start to try a few. Surgery is not an option as I believe the scars are pretty horrendous.
Avatar n tn My finger joints feel sore. I can't hold a book or magazine and turn the pages, my hands and fingers feel sore. I've had blood work, a MRI of the brain, and a nerve test done. All my test results are fine. My Neurologist suggested it's anxiety or I'm hyperventilating. Oh, I was also sent to Physical Therapy for tight muscles in my shoulder in neck. The PT said I was fine. The Neurologist told me to come back in six weeks. Okay, but I still don't know what's wrong with me!!! Help!
Avatar n tn I am certain the link is my hormones but changing clothes in the middle of the night from these sweats is annoying! I hope this helps someone and lets other women know your not alone in this! I also read the other comments about exercise and eating right and I do both and they don't help me.
140622 tn?1190102529 I'd change docs tout suite and get a doc onboard who understands extra hepatic manifestations and the very real risks we are taking with OTHER areas of our health fitness when we remain Hep C positive. My health facility ( and many others) now do recommend that ALL patients treat ASAP but unfortunately there is still this attitude that you can "likely die of something besides HCV" so why bother treating and just wait and hope "better" treatments come along.
Avatar n tn If I had not started the HcG program it is unlikely that I would have lost even those 14, so I am hoping this is the kick-start I needed to get my diet and fitness goals back on track. Best of luck to you and your hubby! Let me know how you do off the HcG.
Avatar n tn my erections became weaker and weaker during the last years. I got to the point that real life women don't turn me on that much in order to achieve a strong erection and be able to sustain a sexual intercourse. Anyway, I got involuntary pretty strong erections almost every night but they fade off shortly after I wake up. I'm healthy otherwise, not overweight, non-smoker, so I think it is the porn addiction and masturbation habit that brought me into this situation.
Avatar n tn I am devastated, taking over the counter diet pills and prescribed diet pills from my MD. I am very depressed about this and was wondering, any women out there have this problem? I am not on hormones either.
Avatar n tn that would mean your body 'lost' 87,500 calories in 13 days,people are dieing every day ,but yet all they need is HCG, which is taken from every women who gives birth...and cause of this fad,many places RX stores ran out of it,for those who really need it..the idea that fat cells magicaly release energy is so laughible,that cant and would never happen,and #2 your not pregnant so there nobodys defense to 'release' anything....and when all said and done.......