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973741 tn?1342346373 For now, I workout during nap time. And some nights, I go to our local rec center for their fitness classes when hubby is home so he can watch the LO.
Avatar m tn I eat ok, but get hardly any exercise between my job and having 3 young children. Recently, I've been getting some pressure in the center of my chest (just left of my sternum), but it is generally relieved when I press on it and/or burp. I also get tightness in my left shoulder and shoulder-blade, and some numbness, but I also have a herniated disk in my neck. If I press on the shoulder muscle in the right place, or sleep on it oddly, my arm falls asleep.
5765170 tn?1373906829 I do not know much about pacemakers, but I have seen people with pacemakers exercising at the fitness center I attend. You deserve answers to these questions you are asking and they need to be answered by your doctor. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I wasn't an elite athlete by any means, but I enjoyed crossfit as well as being able to lift weights, play with my kids, spend long days sightseeing or shopping, etc. I used to row or walk or even sometimes jog for fitness, as well as lift respectably heavy weights. My knee pain with normal walking and standing is greatly reduced, however I have not returned to the gym. A full day of walking (say, at the mall) has me icing my knee that evening due to pain.
Avatar n tn Last week he took a ergoespirometric test and had right bundle block pre-exercise (inhale-exhale-hyperventilation phase) but was otherwise a normal test with good recommendation for exercising; fitness zone 130-145. Sometimes he wakes up with numbness in the arms which we couldn't correlate to anything and he is otherwise a bright young man. Is this benign syncope, malignant syncope, or some other neurology/cardiology condition? Does he need a pacemaker? Is he in risk of sudden death?
Avatar n tn We pick him up and the counselors say that he misbehaved and was in time-out. A few times a week, he goes to a 1-hour Child Watch play area at the local fitness center while my wife and I exercise. Almost every time we pick him up, he gets called out for one of the 3 Big Rules. Recently, he decided to throw a rock through our neighbor's window. When confronted about it, not only did he lie but he blamed it on his best friend.
700223 tn?1318169294 com , is the section chief for sports medicine and the orthopedic director for the center for sports medicine at Hackensack University Medical Center. Recognizing the importance of nutrition and alternative health in both sports medicine and overall wellness, The Active Group, LLC has added the Active Center for Health and Wellness, www.activecenterforhealthandwellness.
Avatar f tn Almost nobody had money. Parents weren't at all interested in the minutia of their kids' lives. Kids and adults lived in different worlds. People forget that all these organized activities that keep kids under tight control all day every day didn't exist until recently. If a kid was a little odd, nobody thought they were sick, they just thought they were who there were, and most everyone grew up to be fine.
284738 tn?1283110419 but i was thinking of sending my daughter to daycare one or two times a week just so she can socialize with the other kids.. do you think thats a good idea? she just get much socialization at home with kids her own age so i thought maybe it might do her some good to go to daycare so she could learn some socialization skills.. plus with me being pregnant i know im gonna need a break from time to time and this would give me that break..
802547 tn?1237850517 Michael Dansinger, Lifestyle Medicine Physician/Researcher, Tufts Medical Center, Boston. Nutrition and fitness advisor to NBC’s Biggest Loser.
Avatar f tn I don't know how handicapped your son is, but a paraprofessional at this stage may be a bit of overkill. Typically, something like that is reserved for kids in the Autism spectrum and kids in general who are in a situation much worse off then your son appears to be (to me). And, they do draw attention to the child they are helping. I am the CL on the adhd forum, and your son is showing some pretty classic ADD symptoms.
Avatar f tn He's gone from working a regular 9-5 job to working late nights, he's barely home to help and spend time with the kids because of how much work is involved in running your own business. I started to get depressed and am being treated with antidepressants. I also started snooping through his text messages and found some texts among some guy friends of his that really upset me, talking about other women and how attractive they were or what great bodies they have.
305544 tn?1198001210 I only ate 2 suckers that I swiped from my kids, yet I think I am struggling with a plateau. I have only lost 1 pound! I think I will have to switch things up a bit. I have included forcing myself to use the treadmill that sits waiting in front of the TV. Oh, but how I would rather sit at the computer and chat.... I hope you are all doing better than I am. Remember muscle weighs more than fat, approx. 3 times as much, yet only takes up approx. 1/3 of space.
Avatar n tn after I wrote the above, I realized I remembered something that I had forgotten over the week's time. I went to the Fitness Center, near the indoor pool area......and almost fell, caught myself before going down. It was not until I warned my kids today to be careful, did I remember that incident a week ago! So I thinking that in an effort not to fall, this is when it started. I also will follow your recommendation for the pillows at night.
Avatar f tn I wanted of the opiates so bad that after wd, I would almost puke...even today to look at another pain pill. Do you have a gym, fitness center, etc., near you? I would recomend this for a quick recovery.
Avatar f tn I have several friends who ran and did step aerobics through their entire pregnancy. One of them has 5 kids, all very healthy pregnancies... And she's one healthy momma :0) I'm a FTM so I don't know... But my doc and fit friends say keep it up!
Avatar m tn I would drop off the kids in the fitness center nursery and take a class or treadmill and that gave me energy and being around people (adults) who were healthy also helped my craving.
171768 tn?1324233699 An hour from the ocean, 10 miles from beautiful state parks and mountains. Anything we need is close and it's great for raising kids. i'm minutes from a county zoo, a children's museum, a nature center, a farm, hiking areas, state parks, etc... And of course malls. 4 different grocery chains are wthin 5 minutes. I also love the diversity of the area- and with diversity comes every kind of food you can think of.
14991338 tn?1447197306 That's is a huge effect and people should realize that living a healthier life style gives you better odds of success than the average medicare center doing an ablation. The average medicare center does less than 25 AF ablation procedures per year, in fact 80% of centers that offer ablation services do less than 25 procedures per year. The first steps to try is to improve living habits and de-stress, always.
3119934 tn?1342041444 I had two beers (which noramlly cause a 4 days flare up for me) and I actually slept well, no flare up, and researching now to get off meds totally and focus on my own biochemistry. Try researching about natural items and our diet the way it was when we were kids, before considering psychotropic meds, they are a nightmare and I know first hand. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Fibromyalgia/Fibromyalgia/show/1007585">Fibromyalgia?</a>.
8221281 tn?1397574572 I'm taking NSAIDS in the morning and I shouldn't be but I have to go to work. I have kids to take care of I have to be able to get up. I am so tired....
Avatar f tn It isn't always convenient, but no drugs, great (if not the best) exercise in the world and it is most economic. You can either join a YMCA/YWCA or a fitness center that might have a pool. Trust me, read up on it yourself. Fibro is best managed by a routine swim!
Avatar f tn Maybe not zero, but it takes a bit to wrap your brain around no longer always progressing in the fitness area, but now having to play catch-up. If I get discouraged about anything, it's that. But (my new favourite saying) ... it is what it is :-). It's been an incredibly long, very difficult four + months ... praying I have time to catch up physically :-). How long have you had symptoms? Is this your first flare?
163305 tn?1333672171 and released by the San Francisco-based Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, looked at the number of people under the age of 18 who were arrested in the state over the past eight decades. The research not only found juvenile crime to be at its lowest level ever but, in the wake of then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signing a bill reducing the punishment for possessing a small amount of marijuana from a misdemeanor to simply an infraction, the drop in rates was particularity significant.
145992 tn?1341348674 I was never an exerciser, probably part of the reason my stretch marks are so pronounced, but I started regularly going to a fitness center 6 years ago. One of the trainers at the fitness center (a young gal in great shape) was convinced that I could get my belly back in shape. She gave me a complete routine to tone my belly, but it has had no impact.
Avatar f tn The kids left yesterday and will be gone till July 17th..It's been almost 2 weeks since I went CT off of Fentynyl abd Some....I figured I do thse first as they are the strongest..Get this..My Dr. at the Pain Center said he would refuse to treat me if I went off!!!!! back was fractured in a car accident and I was told it was inoperable..and yes..I feel pain...But after being on Pain meds for 6 or 7 years....
Avatar n tn Even though the legs don't wanna function I still go to the fitness center every morning and work these legs out.Trying to keep one step a head of it. Heck I'm all ready disabled from 2 back surgeries when I was 33.The MS is just an added bonus. theres nothing to fear but fear its self. When life gives ya lemons ya just make lemonade. My faith,my family and my friends get me through it with there love and laughter.Thats the best medicine of all.
649848 tn?1534637300 Stairmaster/elliptical/treadmill are a no-brainers, and the time goes by faster for me. When I was working part-time, I could go to the fitness center at my apt. complex and pretty much have the place to myself. But now that I'm working full days again, I need to compete with the masses and it's not going well! There are not enough machines to meet demand. I think I will buckle and pay to join a gym.
Avatar f tn Sections show unremarkable skin and a fragment of adipose where a percentage of the cells show nuclear enlargement and pleomorphism. This case will be sent to the Joint Pathology Center for consultation. My dermatologist told me not to worry till we have the final and we will move forward. He previously mentioned that there is a high likelihood that it maybe sarcoma. I was just trying to reach out to see if anyone had any insight on the possibility or similar situation.
Avatar n tn I am officially on a diet too! Go to This is what I am doing. This is the third time I have done it and had good success each time. Till I start stuffing my mouth!