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1279364 tn?1280682588 My husband & I are trying to get into a fitness routine at home & our son, age 8, wants to join in. I am very happy about this, but are there limits to what he should be allowed to do? I am reluctant to hand over the weights for curls, etc. I don't want him to injure himself! I want to to encourage his interest in fitness, so we let him stretch out with us & he does the situps & push ups with us. He is healthy, though a bit weak in upper body strength, & pretty active.
Avatar m tn I am a personal trainer and manager of a fitness center. I would cation everyone who takes all this info and applies it to there life. I just want to STRESS the importance of everyones word choice, when responding to someones question. Because you are influncing someones life, and that has consqunces.
547512 tn?1273245025 few weeks ago I had a mc at 6 weeks and I am going to try soon again. i allways love fitness and I was going to gym or running outdoors everyday. when i found out I was pregnant I stopped and I just swam. Now that I am trying again I am a bit confused whether is good or not exercise. I like to run but I dont know if its good for fertility or even if i became pregnant and I dont know it yet. Please if anybody know anything about this matter I would appreciate any kind of advice.
973741 tn?1342342773 So, I thought this was very cool and am excited about it and wanted to share. For those of you in my age range (the, oh . . . one or two that ever even read this forum LOL)--- you may remember the president's fitness challenge from grade school. Oh, I hung from that bar for as long as I could, ran my laps and did sit ups until it hurt!! LOL Fond memories or our gym class participating in it and getting our certificate. Well, there is a presidents challenge again!
5765170 tn?1373903229 I do not know much about pacemakers, but I have seen people with pacemakers exercising at the fitness center I attend. You deserve answers to these questions you are asking and they need to be answered by your doctor. Good luck.
653870 tn?1231166086 I would like to see a Wii tracker or have something added to the exercise tracker for the Wii. The one on the Wii system is great but since I both use the Wii and a fitness center at work, it would help to keep all of my fitness progress in one place.
Avatar m tn that I needed time to regain my cardio fitness in order to return to work (Company physical ability test). I started back to the fitness center about 2 weeks post treatment & hit the treadmill, stair stepper, and also did some light weight training. On my third day after returning to work I was stacking some metal parts on a pallet and was using proper lifting techniques when I sprained my ankle with a possible achilles tendon injury.
Avatar m tn t have any symptoms with everyday activities and moderate exercise at the fitness center.
Avatar n tn I want body shape and fitness. .what kind of exercise needed?
1855476 tn?1356739693 I am 16 years old and i am trying to get the fitness model boby. I partly succeded but now i eat much and lost a bit my fitness figure. I always deink protein shake and im trying to keep up my body with running, gyming etc. what do you think i should do in order to lose weight ?
Avatar f tn Peak 8 actually stimulates the growth hormone in the body. I encourage you to visit Dr Mercola’s site to learn more about Peak 8 fitness because I personally feel that it is one of the best ways to exercise, especially considering the speed at which you can lose fat and build muscle.  I highly recommend you read this article and watch the videos on the page.
Avatar f tn Soo on my way to work i stopped and got a supreme pizza from pizza hut just for my self....i would in a fitness center at an Arts conservatory.. lol i feel so bad bc they are dancers and est and ill eat right in front of them.....
Avatar f tn They were happening so frequently that I DID go to the fitness center, but I asked the technician if she thought I should exercise. Her comment? "Well, you know that they always improve by the time you are done. Give it a shot." So...they put me on the portable heart monitor, and away I went. Oh my gosh. In the beginning...strictly willpower kept me on that treadmill, because I wanted to get off and go home SO bad. My palpitations were fast and furious.
973741 tn?1342342773 For now, I workout during nap time. And some nights, I go to our local rec center for their fitness classes when hubby is home so he can watch the LO.
Avatar f tn pools have less chlorine in them than regular chlorine pools. If you go to a fitness center (or wherever) you can ask what type of pool they have and they'll tell you.
Avatar f tn I remember when i was writing my book that i interviewed one of the top experts in the field Dr ML founder of the Center for Anxiety and Depression in NYC and he told me that most medications try to help fix one part of the brain while other gets compromised so make sure you are in the right treatment. On a side note you must now that exercise has strong effects when comes of treating mild depression or anxiety.
6366847 tn?1381549089 Are any of you ladies also on the baby center community boards ? And is it just me or are most of the people extremely rude ?