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547512 tn?1273248625 few weeks ago I had a mc at 6 weeks and I am going to try soon again. i allways love fitness and I was going to gym or running outdoors everyday. when i found out I was pregnant I stopped and I just swam. Now that I am trying again I am a bit confused whether is good or not exercise. I like to run but I dont know if its good for fertility or even if i became pregnant and I dont know it yet. Please if anybody know anything about this matter I would appreciate any kind of advice.
393685 tn?1425816122 I Love Yoga ..........................when I used to work in a office full time I would take yoga at lunch in the fitness center on-campus ... then my boss would look @ me all relaxed and say, "ut oh .... she took yoga and is now to relaxed to go back to work!" ... Thanks Stella ..................this is so so true!
177486 tn?1192161447 Hello all, I am a 38 y/o male that is about to be going under the knife next week for a possible TT for a "suspecious" Papilliary cancer it's approx 1.1 cm on the left side. My labs were all normal. What should I expect starting when I wake up after the surgery? I have not been started on anything at all. Really nervous about all this happening to me. It was an accidental finding. Lucky me!!! I see my surgeon on Monday 1/8/06 for the preop and then the surgery is 1/11/06.
384896 tn?1335297931 Like running, high-intensity aerobics are not for pregnant beginners. Take a class designed for pregnant women, or take a regular class and modify the workout according to your abilities and limitations. Your instructor should be able to help; make sure that he or she knows you're pregnant. Avoid exercises that require you to lie flat on your back or overstretch your joints. Throughout the nine months, low- or moderate -impact workouts make more sense than high-impact ones.
Avatar f tn I can understand why you have no faith in doctors, especially psychiatrists. As I said before, after 10 years with the same p-doc you should be pretty far down the road towards recovery! That is seems you have gotten nowhere with this one is ample reason to move on. Finding a new p-doc is not always easy and I understand when you say you have also run out of energy.................
233488 tn?1310696703 Nevertheless, daily and less strenuous exercise remains one of the most important facets of getting and staying healthy. Regular exercise and high levels of physical fitness are linked to lower risks for cardiovascular diseases and improved life expectancy. Four decades ago Thomas Bassler, MD, an American physician, reasoned that if some exercise was good more had to be better, and famously hypothesized that marathon running confers immunity against coronary plaque buildup and heart attacks.
Avatar n tn I live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, and work at "A New You", which is a holistic fitness center. We are going to start this program soon. we have a website (www-anewyoubody-com) replace dashes with dots... and would welcome any questions.
Avatar n tn They should be running blood tests to check the Thyroid, Bleeding disorders etc.. Women go through changes for no apparent reason as they get older. Not that 25 is old, just that you may be having a hormonal imbalance that is usually treatable with the use of hormone therapy (Birth Control pills). My daughter has had severe bleeding since the onset of her periods and after years of tests and many different pills that would regulate her temporarily she is now back on track with no more pills.
281219 tn?1219118514 Exciting stuff (woohoo) and i fell into it somewhat accidentally and ended up liking my first company so much I stayed with them for 12 years, went away for a bit and went back to them before I had to quit for good when we moved out to the east coast. During my time away from my "first" company I went to a big processor / semiconductor company (not allowed to mention their name in forums...silly) but their "little i" logo is on gazillions of computers everywhere.
Avatar n tn I would encourage you to have a second opinion at an academic center. They will be able to review the testing and then make further recommendations.
Avatar m tn There are several of us on here who have a similar eye complaint: seeing a bright flash, like the afterimage of a flash bulb, when we blink, and sometimes, on upgaze. This is transient symptom for most of us, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When the "spot" in our visual field passes over a dark background, the spot appears light. When the spot passes over a light background, it appears dark.
802547 tn?1237850517 Women in their 40’s are at an advantage when it comes to weight control and fitness. How so? I asked three of my favorite medical experts to explain what it means to be fit and forty, and how you can get there. Myth-busting With Dr. Dickerson Dr. Val: I know that many women in their 40’s complain of having gained weight. What causes that weight gain? Is it inevitable? Dr. Dickerson: Many women don’t gain weight in their 40’s so it’s certainly not inevitable.
Avatar m tn When i was under-going a hard stage within my lifetime when When i was lacking vitality to perform on the health and fitness center and may even certainly not execute a lot more than 1 hour. Generally When i likewise identified personally certainly not keen on doing intercourse having my wife, which quit the woman pissed away from at the end from the day. Immediately after receiving frustrated having several vitamin supplements, When i eventually thought we would consider Pro Factor.
Avatar f tn I work in a fitness center and i like to work out not heavy but work out. Im 6weeks and i know the crazy.things ive started liking to eat i really just want to have a easy labor and delivery and lose this extra baby fat!
Avatar m tn I can understand your concerns. However self realization is very important for a fitness program to be effective. You could probably nudge your daughter to consult a counselor or a dietician regarding her diet. Also she should be made to take all blood tests for obesity check ups such as diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid etc. Usually people who do not eat healthy have these problems and metabolic disorders. Seeing abnormal test results is often motivational enough.
1741471 tn?1407162630 Really excited that TODAY starts my Program for BREAST CANCER patients Englewood Hospital and Medical Center!
Avatar n tn ( I work at a high end health and fitness center where I have full access to a gym. I feel like i will feel better if I at least go on the treadmill or the bike for a 1/2 hr a day, but it seems like every time I get off work, I just want to go home and lay down. I am at work from 7am to 1pm mon-sat. I am there so much, that when it is time to go home...I JUST WANNA GO HOME!!! It is way too hot outside to go for a walk...any sugesstions??
982214 tn?1471458381 I was once there, I get it but my only advice is to never lose who we are as women. So I'm writing this for people to write out who they are, who they REALLY are.... Try to remember who we were before this heart breaking journey or who we are away from this site. I see so much sadness and grief, if for just a moment lets remember what it's like to be HAPPY :) I will start!! My Name is Kellie, I am 38 3/4 (eek!!) years old...
Avatar f tn The average follow-up was 16 years. The overall mean age for men and women was 43, which stayed fairly constant as coffee consumption increased (44 years for those drinking more than 28 cups per week). The mean body mass index for men and women also was similar among the groups divided by rate of consumption (26 and 23 kg/m2 for men and women, respectively). There was a nonsignificant association with all-cause death and men who were overweight or obese.
Avatar n tn They also mentioned Cardia Rehab/fitness programs for women to get in shape. They also went on to say that we need to be more assertive? and ask for a complete cardiac workup if one feels something is not quite right. In my case, this is easier said than done. I have asked until I am blue in the face for a Stress Echo for my pains. I read here that a Stress Echo is a very good test for women. I had a plain echo and it was ok with just some slight thickening in various valves.
Avatar f tn Drink cold water. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Weight Management Center found that drinking cold water burns extra calories because the body actually requires additional energy to warm the water. When consuming a 12-oz glass of ice water, the body actually burns an additional 17.5 calories in digestion. PEAK 8 The basic concept of Peak 8 is to quickly raise your heart rate 8 times for very short bursts, with a cooling down period in between.
233488 tn?1310696703 Be sure to try Nature’s Tear’s Eyemist a spray for dry eyes that works for many people. It is available without a prescription. Tears may need to be used as often as 4-6 times/day. House brand or generic eye drops may work for the mild forms but moderate or severe OSD usually requires newer brand names. Omega 3, taken by mouth, has been shown to be helpful. Sources include fish oil (which some people have trouble tolerating), creel oil and flaxseed oil.
Avatar f tn Even baseball pitchers today have weight lifting in the offseason and run for endurance and do a lot of things like pilates for overall flexability and fitness. Doing a lot of different things when you're young enough to do them both protects you from overwork on one part of your body and keeps it fun. The more fun it is, the more likely it will become a lifetime enjoyment of fitness.
167 tn?1374177417 I felt proud to see the flags and the candles and the outpouring of hugs, speeches, flowers in the days that followed. For the first time in my life, I felt pride and love for my country deep within my heart and soul...
Avatar m tn The mainstream hasn’t recognized it yet, but nutritional and hormonal deficiencies often play a major role in fibromyalgia, and a good naturopathic physician can find them–and fix them for good. P.S. this is old for my wife!
Avatar n tn The body fat percentage necessary to reveal a cut torso varies according to your genes and body type, but for most men, a percentage of 6 to 8 percent will reveal abs, while for women require a percentage of about 11 to 13 percent. To reduce body fat, reduce calories below what you burn daily, which can be determined by finding your basal metabolic rate. A 250- to 500- deficit daily will lead to a 1/2- to 1-pound weight loss in a week.
14991338 tn?1447197306 Hi guys, I really appreciate you taking the time to write on my post, it means a lot having outsiders opinions and general knowledge on things, sometime the doctors are not with is long enough to explain these things. For tacolino - your explanation for suspecting it is correct, I don't show any abnormal changes on my ECG let alone a clear echo. But I worry that as I step up my routines, it may add strain to my heart and bring out thickening Of the heart.
Avatar n tn Im not sure if any of you know about CURVES, its a workout center for women and only women. Just wondering if anyone has tried it, and if it was worth it. Need to start losing some of this baby fat!!!
Avatar f tn Remember that improving health and fitness with an exercise program should be a gradual change. It takes time for your body to be fit enough to keep up with strenuous exercise, and you're likely to be sore, burned out, and frustrated if you push yourself too fast. It's just too hard on your body to work at a level you’re not prepared for. So while it's great to be enthusiastic about losing weight, be smart and slow about it. Don't run five miles your first time out; build up to that pace.
Avatar f tn But, people are always interested in a baby so you really will be the center of attention for quite awhile, and so will your belly. Wear it proudly because you may be surprised to miss it when it's gone. Besides, you can stress yourself about losing the weight after your baby is born. And please take the results of your down syndrome testing with a grain of salt. It seems that a great number of women are getting a good scare with their #'s when in reality most do not have Downs Syndrome babies.