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483733 tn?1326802046 I do exercise but I can't say I enjoy it. If you want to start some program I would highly recommend you do it with a friend. It helps the time go back more quickly and you're more likely to commit to it. We did invest in a recumbant bike for home. It's easy enough to sit there, leaning back a bit and reading a book while I pedal. Or set it up in front of the TV and watch a show. I do enjoy my bike.
571042 tn?1271450741 hahahah exercise .. the only exercise i do is run around after my kids.. littest one being just about 10 months.. thats all i get .heehee and thats enough. im not a fan of it.. and i have only gained 2 lbs so far and im 21 weeks and 2 days..... so just relax and do wht you want for ur pregnancy.. either way its labor wheither it be a hard one or a easy one you still get the same result in the end ...
649848 tn?1534637300 We know that exercise can help lift depression, energize us, keep our hearts healthy; and of course, it can help us lose weight, along with various other benefits. In trying to come up with interesting things to do in order to keep myself moving, I realize that there are a ton of various exercises, games and sports that can be done to keep us healthy, trim and in good spirits.
Avatar f tn Hi All, I am trying to determine the best exercise for my abilities. I used to be a distance runner, but now walking can even be a challenge. It has been 8 months since I was able to run and feel safe doing so. I have gained some weight since I've stopped running and I am not happy about that. I have been walking outside but the cold, snow, ice and dark will be here soon and that will no longer be an option.
Avatar f tn I was near 200 pounds and then exercise was hard. Now that I am in the 140's it is much easier. In the summer I have to exercise early in the morning. I ride horses at 9 AM.
649848 tn?1534637300 I have a really hard time getting into exercise. I do find that if I can get into a habit that I do enjoy it. The chicken and the egg... Having Lupus has made it more difficult but it is necessary for me to get moving as long as I don't tire myself out. I get easily bored - at everything! I really hate cardio - have an eliptical machine but struggle to stay on for 5 minutes at a time. I do love weights but had sold my weight machine.
393685 tn?1425816122 Dh and I have decided to get the kids one for I am REALLY excited to get it....LOL.I will probably never get a minute on it...
Avatar n tn I usually enjoy vigorous aerobic exercise and did so right up until the start of my treatment (which started in August of last year). But from the get go, treatment just knocked me off the treadmill rght away. There was no way I could exercise, I was so anemic I had a bluish tint to me. I was haggard and sickly and weak and winded and just fahhhgettabout the exercise. The only exercise I got was operating my remote control and adjusting my pillow position.
Avatar f tn my kids and sisters run kids that don't are big time snow all kids of stuff...bottom line exercise is a part of my life...the one thing i did notice in the past years reading posts here is it seemed to me that the folks here that exercised and pushed it through tx didn't do as well as the folks that were a little careful through tx...for me as soon as i started tx i was done...i would just pass out...
Avatar n tn I lose my breath and fell anxious.I have 4 kids and I can't even enjoy them.I am very anxious all the time.A feeling of being on edge. To mention, I also breastfeed my 1 year old. I have been nursing for almost 9 years. Maybe my body is so depleted with vitamins. Also my mother is very sick with kidney disease and now heart failure. I see her suffering everyday.She just had her lung drained of fluid yesterday and that tore my heart apart.
Avatar f tn I didn't like the idea of being on inhalers, but I finally realized, it was something I was going to have to do. Also, exercise and eating healthy does help with COPD. The exercise helps build up the lungs. I will be thinking of you. If you need me, I am here for you. Enjoy your little ones. I swear to you, you will live to see them grown and see your grandbabies.
616227 tn?1251079998 Good Morning Everyone! Now who loves dancing? I know everyone does here in this room! Here is a fun way to exercise with Paul Eugine! Check this out! Here is the link -
Avatar f tn Oh my goodness, I would be upset too! Sounds kinda like my family when they found out I was expecting number 3 and my friends pretty much deserted me. It took a while for me to get it together. I just decided to heck with everyone else, im happy about my baby and feel lucky! My "baby" is 1 now. Just ignore them and concentrate on your kids and hubby. Sorry I don't have any miracle advice but I do understand where ur coming from. Good luck to u.
Avatar n tn I would drink water all day, feel better, exercise, feel worse, drink water.... Now I am over it. I did some reading about toxins in the body and found out that fat may also be a mix of cellular waste, water, unprocessed hormones and other nasty stuff. I guess if your liver is metabolizing this fat, kidneys have to work over time to remove this extra waste. Some might end up back in the bloodstream and you would feel icky. Sort of like the drain backing up in your basement.
Avatar f tn thank you for the reply I will try it. I have 3 kids and I try to do things with them now. Maybe I will take up a sport I used to enjoy that.
Avatar f tn Between working, spending time with my kids, house work, I just don’t see were I can add some time in for exercise. How am I to loss weight if I don’t have any time for exercise ? I just started doing WW, so Im hoping this well do it. I want to be a MILF! LOL I know I need to loss a lot , but I would be fine if I could loss 25lbs. How do you guys have/put in time for exercise??
363281 tn?1518219421 I have posted here before, and at times, they do not bother me and others, like now, they are driving me to tears. I am supposed to exercise when I am able, weather permitting, etc. Well, I am afraid to, I will try to walk through the mall and if I experience a small "flutter" I get so scared, I can hardly continue, it is so difficult to try to act calm like all is well while inside you are about ready to scream and loose all control.
Avatar n tn end stage liver disease is really pretty ugly. And socially you will want to withdraw from activities that you enjoy now. It makes you want to isolate yourself. Exactly what are your plans for the inevitable time that comes when you need a dose every 4 or 5 hours to avoid the crawling out of skin feeling? You say that you dont see how you can make it through this day without one - - The truth is that you cant make it long with them...........
1172081 tn?1271925964 hi, this is my 1st question here, im 34, a mum of 4 under the usual mummy stress,i am 15kg overweight [not sure if that can also cause extrasystoles] ive now n then noticed skipped beats, but not often, i also get anxiety, am a hypochondriac and stress for everything last week i noticed i could feel constant jumpy feelings in my upper chest, after a few days as i checked my pulse i noticed the jumpy feeling were actually skipped beats, so i rushed to see my local dr he took my blood pressure, a
Avatar f tn Your fear of having a heart attack while exercising makes your heart pound even harder due to the increase in adrenaline from the exercise and anxiety. But your heart is fine and now you have to learn to accept this so that you can get back to doing what you enjoy so much! Exercise is so beneficial for anxiety, and you will find that you'll feel much better afterwards. Look at the past, no heart problems and everything checked out normal...time to start again.
221122 tn?1323014865 I do try to eat pretty well, and take supplements. Now I started a new job that I love, but I am TOTALLY exhausted all the time. Plus my PVCs have started coming constantly, probably thousands a day, with couplets, FELT:(kick in chest, sharp pain, tightness for seconds, breathlessness at time of palp). No ignoring these. I had a holtor and an event monitor before the symptoms got too bad and of course only light PVCs showed on the test.
Avatar m tn Is this how it is from now, that my exercise days are over? I've been thinking this for a while.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you have an appropriate heart rate response to exercise. It is in the 50-60's at rest, increases to 120-130's with exercise and returns to normal with rest. I think a holter monitor will straighten out the question what the rhythm is the first few minutes of your run. Good luck and keep up the running.
Avatar f tn I love them with all my heart and I know I will be a better mom clean but the temptation to just take a pill right now and then I could get up and do something with the kids and its really messing with my head right now. Its like I hit day 7, felt better physically yesterday but woke up today like now what??????? Im not puking and poo anymore so my focus isnt on whiteknuckle survival and I guess it all just hit me what the hell am I gonna do now?
Avatar f tn there are other healthy addictions to get you off the meds...mine is exercise now. I quit over 5 months ago after a taper and I'm really working hard in the gym to get it all back's pretty interesting to sub one obession for another but this one will help me live better. You are in no way a loser! Actually, you're more of a winner because you recognize you have an issue and need to change something. This forum, the people here, and the info, stories, etc...
770551 tn?1305582501 Get your kids in the exercise with you. You can do yours, and they can get into the habit of exercising . Which hopefully they will carry thru out their lives.
Avatar f tn When my son was young, I taught him to surf off the CA coast - so I do have a deep sense of getting out and taking the plunge that I have been missing lately. I enjoy biking so much and I want to enjoy what I can do now - one never knows what tomorrow will bring. My next doctor visit with the GP is on the third of July and then the specialist on the 5th of August - so I should know more soon. My arms get weak even when typing, like now, but for some reason the biking just works.
Avatar f tn good luck an wtg onthe 7 days thats a long time i know you might not think so but it is wtg sad
579258 tn?1250652943 Am making a promise to myself that I am going to do exercise BEFORE I do the things I enjoy doing. So .. no computer until I exercise .. period! ... and first business, enter it in exercise tracker.
973741 tn?1342346373 I can tell a big difference since I had to stop doing aerobic exercise, and especially since I had to stop doing all exercise. When I get sick now, I can't just go out and and run it out of me as I used to do. I can't run food off, so I often feel bloated because my body was so used to exercising heavily. I think it helps keep us regular. I really really miss it. But all that is a totally different question from whether or not formal exercise increases life span or health.