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Avatar n tn This is a workers comp injury, and I am being treatedly farly well at this point. I live in an upstairs, end-unit Condo here in Irvine, CA. The good news about this injury is that it's ok to be weight bearing on my injured left knee, I just (always) have a brace on when moving around, etc. OMG this Dr. has been great for me, the staples came out 2 weeks after surgery, and after 6 weeks I have been cleared for Physical Therapy.
Avatar n tn They will be opening another one in the san jose area if anyone is interested just call the above number and they will give you the information. His name is Dr. Wilkins. I will contact you and let you know how everything goes after i get it done! Hopefully the info was useful.
Avatar n tn do you have any suggestions for quick home workout routines? I have a membership for 24hr fitness but with a 2 month old its a little difficult to make it. I'm 5'6", 158 lbs. I really want to maximize this hcg diet!