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Avatar f tn Im in san jose ca and due sep20th
Avatar f tn Bakersfield CA
Avatar f tn San Jose CA, with family from San Diego to Redding lol :D I'm due August 29, and it's supposed to be one of the hottest driest summers in state history - I was sweating at 80° already- I might be living in my inlaws pool pretty soon lol
1530342 tn?1405016490 Neighbor: Suspect was upset he had been moved from day shift to night shift CUPERTINO, Calif. — SWAT teams were searching door to door with guns drawn Wednesday after a gunman killed three co-workers and wounded six at a morning meeting at a quarry in this Northern California city.
Avatar n tn Brian Ward of the Retinal Diagnostic Center near San Jose, California has mastered a surgery called posterior pole buckling which has been demonstrated to halt progressive axial growth of the eye. You might arrange a consult with him. Just google Retinal Diagnostic Center.
Avatar m tn I am a 27 year old male living in San Jose. When I was 3 I was bit on the forehead by a tick and it wasn't found for a little while, but my mother noticed it and removed it. I now have a large scar where i was bit because for some reason my skin kept eating away days after the bite. I had no symptoms until 2 years ago when i was bit by another tick. I got finger joint swelling and pain, asthma, and night sweats right away.
5441854 tn?1371187494 I live in the south bay in San Jose, Ca. It was 90 yesterday.. supposed to cool down hopefully.
7456173 tn?1422508875 I just moved here from San Jose less than a month ago. Im 26w 4d and having a boy. I havent found a doctor here yet so im still getting prenatal care in sj. Is this your first?
Avatar f tn Try to ask for a second opinion to other dentist. It's best to get advise now so that your teeth problem won't get worse. Try to call my dentist, Dr. Silvestre, here's a link to here website If you live near Newark or San Jose, CA, visit her clinic. She's nice and very gentle.
768754 tn?1373918737 Treatment decisions are discussed with Dr Robert Gish in San Francisco. I used this center in the past; these folks are excellent.