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Avatar n tn I know someone who has been on OxyContin for about 9 years for Fibromyalgia pain. This person gets about 90 OxyContin a month. I personally think that is outrageous. I really wish the FDA would get rid of this drug completely.
Avatar f tn I take oxycontin 20 mg daily, zannaflex for muscle relaxations, ambien, melatonin and seroquel for sleep, synthroid for hypothroidism, I tried the new lyrica and it works for about 3 days and they the side effects such as terrible swelling and headaches are just not worth it. I tried taking the lyrica 3 different times all with the same result. I so frustrated I could scream.
1550882 tn?1295726059 I went from Lortab to Oxycontin. To stay on top of the pain, I was on alot of Oxycontin and that scared me! I moved to Alaska and the change in weather did help alot. But that was short lived. I was lucky to find a very compassionate doctor! We put together a good plan that has for the most part worked very well.
Avatar n tn Need to know if anyone knows how long it takes to withdrawl off of oxcycontin and innovane. or how long to takes to sleep when withdrawling. Started taken oxcycontin 9 years ago and innovane 9 years ago for fibromyalgia. Now after all this time the doctors cut me cold turkey. Haven't slept now going on 16 days, very aggitated,sick, feels like my body has pins and needle feeling every where, my head feels like high blood pressure setting in, and not hungry at all.
Avatar n tn i think my body is used to the oxycontin and when i have a flareup, only ibuprophen seems to help, not more oxycontin or oxyfast. I used to use oxyfast when i had a flareup but i don't get them like that anymore. ergo, either i am in fact over the worst of the fibromyalgia and can get by with ibuprofen or i am on the right maintenance dose and will simply have to live with the oxycontin daily as i have been for 8 years. no way to know until i go for it.
Avatar m tn In November 2010 it had moved into the soft bone and by February 2011, it began trying to push through the hard bone cortex. I was put on Oxycontin 20mg BD and in February 2011 I was put on 5 - 10mg Endone four tines a day. I have rapidly developed an intolerance to both the Endone and the Oxycontin, I get very itchy skin, although there is no rash. The itch jumps from one place to another.
975514 tn?1324997938 I think I have been misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia. And I feel as though I am getting weaker and weaker lately. I need some opinions from the group because my doctor doesn't seem to want to help me. First, I have a strong family history of autoimmune disease including RA, Reactive Arthritis (my father), thyroid and diabetes. I have been diagnosed with DDD, degenerative facet disease, and facet osteoarthritis.
582937 tn?1218177043 SUV -vs- Nissan and I lost. Three herniated disks and Fibromyalgia on top of that. I tried various (read taht every) opiates until we found Oxycontin. Finally! So for seven years I've been on this stuff-- when I have it, it's a miracle and when I don't it's a nightmare. I have also been using cannabis tea to help (a lot) with several Female Conditions. For years.
Avatar m tn I know it's a relapse by its technical definition, but I'm taking it purely for the pain. Only I know if I'm telling the truth, but last week it got to the point where even my acupuncture session (which usually helps) didn't help. The treadmill wasn't helping either. I took 30 mg per day for 4 days to "get through" work, then didn't take any on Saturday. WD's weren't too bad, but I was definitely tired.
Avatar f tn I take 20 mg of oxycontin morning and night. I use oxycodone twice a day 5/325. I have chronic pain. Severe arthritis, fibromyalgia, senior citizen, unemployed. I am ready to stop taking oxycontin. I've used them for about a year and a half. I had exhaustion and left my job. I've had two knee replacements. I am ready to return to the workforce. I hope half-time. Money is an issue and my husband is ill with Alzheimer's. He is in LTC at this time.
Avatar m tn Im a Fibromyalgia patient with severe body aches and pain bad enough for narcotic pain killers. I get urine drug tested every month when i go to get my prescriptions from a pain management clinic. I have tested positive for either Hydrocodone or Oxycontin the last 6 times I tested. I havent taken Hydrocodone in 5 years and Ive never taken Oxycontin. The dr doesnt believe me and Im probably gonna be released because of it. I cant make him believe me.
Avatar n tn They are the specialist for Fibromyalgia. Stand tall, you are not alone. I have Fibromyalgia and had to leave a high two figure income career I loved in 2002 because of the pain and exhaustion along with insomnia i suffer. Not sure about the ALS question. But I do know it is companion to Chronic FAtigue Syndrom. I take oxycontin (low dose) 2 am and 2 pm along with percocet for pain management. Also, neurotin helps to sleep better.
Avatar n tn The thing with methadone is that it is very long acting with one dose staying active for more than 24 hours, whereas oxycontin is far shorter acting with one dose typically wearing off after a few hours (especially if it has been crushed to bypass its delayed release mechanism). This means that generally speaking once a person has taken their daily methadone dose there is no great desire to take more a few hours later as there is with shorter acting opiates such as oxycontin .
Avatar f tn I have Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthrits and Fibromyalgia, so I have chronic pain. I take several medications, some of which are narcotic pain killers (Oxycotin, Percocet, Neurotin). I'm having shoulder surgery later this month and I'm a little concerned since I'm already taking all these meds - how will the dr. be able to manage this additional pain?
Avatar n tn _ Before commenting on sleep, I will relay concerns over the use of narcotics you describe for your fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a vaguely-described syndrome and certainly pain management can be frustrating. But there are seldom good indictions for the use of chronic narcotics in chronic pain syndromes. Once the cycle begins, it becomes difficult to stop with increasingly higheer doses due to tolerance.
Avatar n tn A friend of mine has chronic pain from fibromyalgia and other pain issues with her back. She has been on pain meds for about 5 years - first on vicoden, then vicoden along with oxycontin gradually going up to 160 mgs per day and 7 vicoden per day, then switched pain doctors because the previous doctor didnt know what to do anymore because this amount of meds was not helping the pain.
Avatar n tn The Lortab was prescribed while she was still on Oxycontin (20mg per day), when her family physician found out about it he said that if she did not stop seeing this other doctor he would no longer prescribe the Oxycontin. My wife got angry with him and just stopped taking the Oxycontin. She still sees the other physician.
Avatar n tn Approximately one year ago she was prescribed Oxycontin (180 mg per day) for relief from pain of fibromyalgia, DDD and carpal tunnel. Her doctor stopped prescribing about 7-8 months ago and she has been getting it from a friend. She is tired of the addiction and seems determined to kick it. I want to help her succeed but need some advice.
3038293 tn?1340081510 I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 3 years of seeing the Dr. and given numerous medications to treat what ever my Doctor thought was the problem or problems I was experiencing......It wasn't till the day I lost vision of my eyes and a neurologist performed I spinal tap followed by a spinal patch that then my doctor concluded I had fibromyalgia. well one of the symptoms I still experience is this throbing 4-8 second headache migraine.
Avatar f tn I suffer with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Muscle Pain, Arthritis, Depression, and High Blood Pressure. I am a 61 year old female that wants my life back. I found out I had Fibromyalgia at the age of 24. I had to give up my job back in 2000 due to the pain was unbearable. My Dr. has had me on Naproxen, and then the Ortho. Dr. put me on Hydrocodone. Prior to being on these meds on and off. I was taking Prednizone because I had a bad asthma attack.
Avatar n tn She is now in a position where she does not have the pain from the fibromyalgia, but still is taking oxycontin She currently is detoxing from the oxycontin she has been taking, and it is a tough road. She has dropped from 1200 mg per day to 110 mg per day. Do you know anything about easing withdrawal symptoms? Any advice is helpful. Thanks, A desparate caring husband.
Avatar f tn I was also prescribed oxycontin for awhile. Before the oxycontin I was taking oxycodone. They were 5mg and I was instructed to take 2 every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain so I was taking 10mg every 5 hours or so. When my doctor switched me to oxycontin I was started with the 10mg. He upped it within a week because I felt more relief from the oxycodone immediate release. Get the picture? Oxycontin and oxycodone are the same type of narcotic. The difference is oxycodone has acetaminophen.
Avatar f tn I've had fibromyalgia since 1992. I remember when they said I had it. I said "ok what now." it's been a life long process of trial and error. And we are all very different. I am sitting here right now with my Tens unit on my neck. If you have not heard of those look that up on the internet. They use the commercial version in physical therapy. IT really helps. It's like electrical stimulation. It is small electrodes that are sticky that you place on the area of pain.
Avatar n tn My sister suffers severely from chronic pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis and has been prescribed Oxycontin for over 3 yrs now. Although she follows the dosages prescribed, I believe that she crushes and snorts the drug as opposed to taking them orally. Can you please tell me what can happen to her because of this, ie: her nasal cavity, brain, etc.? I think her headaches are caused by this actions and I am very worried.
Avatar f tn hopefully, only a month, I have to pay for my meds out of pocket. I cannot seem to find a pharmacy that dispenses generic oxycontin sr 20mg. Any suggestions?
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