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Avatar f tn Its been 4 months and I am still not well-at all. I have dizzeness, severe headaches and pain, and always feel like im under water or in a fog. Oh ya I stammer a lot and have memory loss and am so very tired and just wiped out. Sometimes I dont see things right. When will this all end? Can someone tell me what kind of meds works best for the pain in the head. I tried Vicodin but got tired of being nausea, Then I was on Butalbital and that was worse-didnt help the pain.
2150896 tn?1337516798 Physical Activity (Lack of) Our children's generation, for the first time in history, will have a lower life expectancy than ours! And this trend is expected to continue, as the health implications due to the above, are increasing at alarming rates. Food for Thought! Cheers!
Avatar f tn Doesn't really mattter how you got it...we need to get rid of it. 5 years of my life with the quality of life of a goldfish. They need to realize this is becoming an epidemic....or acknowlege it. Lincoln had more fun at the theatre. LETS GET RID OF THIS CAEBV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Organ failiure or suicide or just being sedentary sets you up for a very much shortened life span if this doesn't go!
Avatar m tn If ALS is the diagnosis, then it is a slow progressive disease, and not curable. Life expectancy can vary from 3-4 years to 10 years post diagnosis. Take care!
547368 tn?1440545385 Tennant concluded that the significant improvements in quality of life and physical functioning from opioid therapy are so positive they outweigh any negative complications, which can be easily managed. Research Methods Tennant's study looked at 16 female and 8 male chronic pain patients between 30 and 79 years of age. Their chronic pain conditions were: Neuropathies and Arthropathies – 29.2% Spinal Degeneration – 25% Abdominal Adhesions or nNeuropathies – 20.8% Fibromyalgia – 12.
Avatar m tn I go through the why me, being depressed because doctors and website giving you an approximate time frame for your life expectancy. My future seems so dim. I always hoped to have children but it seems that will not come to pass. But, I just wanted to share my feeling and maybe get some positive feed backs of encouraging words. God knows I could use them.
4173379 tn?1355360151 IF, HOWEVER, the iron overload symptoms are detected early, many of the disease manifestations and subsequent problems can be avoided, with normal life expectancy. The longer left undetected, and thus untreated, the more compromised a person`s body, immune system and body functions become, leading to shorter life expectancy and death. Liver cirrhosis, diabetes, cancers, and arthritis can be PREVENTED if iron overload is detected in the early stages. Who are affected...
Avatar f tn The progress of my illness is slow and my pulmonologist refuses to speculate on my life expectancy. He says there is great varieability.
Avatar f tn With treatment, you should live a normal life expectancy with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. The following info is from the book "The Everything Guide To Thyroid Disease" by Theodore C. Friedman, MD, PhD and Winnie Yu Scherer: "Although the majority of people with Hashimoto's will not develop any other disorders, it's important to know what some of these autoimmune conditions are in case you do start to experience symptoms.
Avatar f tn I've had emphesima diagnosed now two years ago, moderate emphesima, had stoped smoking about two years before I ever even noticed I was short of breath. Life expectancy 15 to 20 and more if you have an attitude, but ever you do stop smoking now.
Avatar n tn One good thing is that the treatments have improved in the last ten years and I'm positive they will only get better. It is important to know that the life expectancy of someone with MS is much better now. The first thing they told us was that most people live long, almost completely normal lives. Just need to pay attention to the triggers and continue to do the injections. Props to you for paying attention to what you are experiencing... even if it isn't MS.
Avatar m tn Also, calorie restriction/weight loss has been demonstrated in all animals to increase energy output and life expectancy. The many examples of 'more veggies/less meat/more frequent but smaller meals' advise on this site are in keeping with that so seems very good advice overall but especially important for us. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn In fact, treatments for MS has really come far in the past 20 years and we now have a life expectancy that matches the general populaiton without MS. The vast majority of people with MS will remain ambulatory their entire life, and not need any assistive device to walk (cane, wheelchair or walker). People with MS still fulfill their dreams, sometimes they have to do it a bit slower, but they still accomplish them.
Avatar f tn can be fatal (either from the disease itself or fromcomplications arising from the disease) MS significantly reduces life expectancy. M.E. significantly reduces life expectancy. (M.E. reduces lifeexpectancy by a greater period than MS: see Table 3.
Avatar n tn They also do not alter life expectancy at all. Of course he told me all of this AFTER they did an EKG, Holter, and Stress/Echo on me. I have no underlying heart structure issues, or disease. The one thing that most (if not all) doctors agree on, is that there is no real "known" cause for these things. Some say caffeine, stress, smoking, and alcohol consumption can cause these too.
Avatar f tn Because of this reason, it is difficult to give the exact age or years of life expectancy. This is also one reason why it is difficult to find literature regarding the exact prognosis. Further studies are needed. Wishing you all the best.
Avatar m tn ) I know what you mean about it carrying over to other aspects of your life. I am so focused on this as a life issue, how do we, when we heal, regroup and reorganize a life that has been on hold. It is a problem I am sure we all look forward to dealing with, nevertheless it is on my mind.
1116669 tn?1269146866 I am going to change drs because my specialist doesn't explain anything to me! I asked what the life expectancy is and he said "some people live years, others do not" he said was early stage but when he did egd said I have 4 small varices in my esophagus and gastric stomach mild enlarged spleen but all my liver enzymes are good. He advised me to get a hepatitis immunization and monitor my sugar better, lose weight (I am a little overweight but not obese) and that was it!
633143 tn?1262137135 I asked him about my life expectancy , risk of seizure, risk of rupture.. and once again he dismissed all my concerns and said that I would definitely not get a seizure, very low risk of rupture.. it wasn't growing.. He gave me a referral for an MRI scan and told me to go back to my GP and get a referral to a neurologist who would give me medication to any of my symptoms.. So here I am reflecting over this one day later.. Still feeling the dull pressure type presence in the back of my head...
Avatar f tn It goes by the name Hypermobility syndrome or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. There's no cure and average life expectancy is 48 Just thought I'd share. And if you happen to be double jointed here's your answer.
Avatar f tn I was told the life expectancy of JIB patients is 55. I'm about to turn 54 and my life has gone downhill so drastically over past two years. 55 - possible? Anytime you take a supplement, try to take the citrate version (magnesium citrate, calcium citrate, etc). They absorb much quicker. Even though you suffer from "dumping" keep eating the veggies. I used to eat like someone who has chrones or colitis.
Avatar m tn the fact that I've grinded over half of my spinal cord away, my doctors predict that my life expectancy has been significantly lowered, to the point that my odds of me living past 50 years old are very improbable! I'm in pain constantly, headaches, neck & back pain, extreme nerve damage on my arms & hands that cause me to have "the drops" & my hands & fingers are numb at least half the time. if I hadn't had my fusion, I would have died.
667923 tn?1421466324 If you look up CHF online, it will scare the daylights out of you. It will tell you that your life expectancy is about 6 months. I've had CHF for over 2 1/2 years and I'm still going, so don't just give in, but DO get a doctor who knows about CHF, and get what you need to take care of the swelling before it takes care of you.
Avatar n tn I have fibromyalgia as well which is also an autoimmune disease. I have not been diagnosed with Sjorgens syndrome although I believe that I have it and I still have hypo symptoms although tests are "within normal limits"...going to take some time to make my doc understand that within normal limits - is not normal for me per se. Anyway, just thought that it was interesting - Hope that you find some answers soon and are on the road to good health.
Avatar n tn Whats life like without a large intestine? Will I lose a lot of weight, will I have to change my diet around? Any details would be helpful. So far I know that I'll be going to the bathroom a lot. And for curiosity, I'm 18 -- so I'm quite young.
Avatar n tn if so then it is no problem for me, and als one gets it from earlier stages since childhood so i shouldn't worry about it, MS is not fatal but no offence i read that it can make you very disabled, some of the people end up aided or on a wheelchair, but i hope its not MS, and it is not very common i think..MS has no life expectancy , just the normal life span as the other healthy individuals, Means ms people can be as strong as ahealthy individual, and not know that have ms...
Avatar n tn I am 22 years old and have been diagnosed with Beta Thallassemia minor by a doctor. All my life I have felt tired, had palpitations (When I was younger), flatulence and difficulty concentrating and fuzziness. I cannot really look people directly in the eye sometimes because its too hard on my eyes (it strains them) even though I have perfect vision. Doctors have told me that I need no treatment and that Thallassemia has no symtpoms. I go to sleep tired and I wake up tired.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry to hear of your MS dx however, I know from search in regard to it, that most people deal well with it and it doesn't effect life expectancy. I wish the best for you in regard to your dx's!
Avatar n tn wash and leave face bare, neem oil AND Dr Hauschka Eye Balm on lids I want to also tell you that I have acne prone skin. I've had it all of my life and it continues into midlife. It took me a very long time to find that most acne products do not do as good of a job for many. The key is to exfoliate (find the method that YOUR skin can tolerate on a daily basis) MOISTURE!