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Avatar m tn My wife has been perscribed fentanyl patches and has been told not to eat grapefruit, does this apply to all citrus fruit ie.
1322157 tn?1279656681 So, I just poured myself a glass of grapefruit juice and took my medicine - then for some reason I remembered that grapefruit juice interacts with some medications. I just did a quick search online and here is a list (probably not complete) of some medications that interact badly with grapefruit juice. Including some opiates.... Please be careful! a small part of the piece I read: "Amy Karch, R.N., M.S.
Avatar m tn Thank you for the response Tuck;). I was just curious because since my doc switched me to ms contin from fentanyl 2 weeks ago my instant urine screen came up blank. It leads me to believe the instant test isn't so reliable especially since 2 other controlled meds he administers were not present either. I have also been eating nuts lately and grapefruit juice.
Avatar f tn Is grapefruit OK to eat for breakfast everyday? I tried to Google but no good answers. I know it is acidic, but I don't think harmful. Just want to make sure.
Avatar f tn Grapefruit or grapefruit supplements are a no no on tx from everythng I have read. Other will echo this as well.
Avatar f tn Hi, i broke my tailbone bad in Sept. and was bedridden in pain laying on my right side with severe pain. The pain medicine didn't touch the pain! I had a grapefruit size hemotoma in my left buttcheek. I broke my S4 which is the 2nd to last bone in my lower back. I could barely walk and couldn't sit. I limped with paindown my left leg to the bottom of my foot.
Avatar m tn //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grapefruit%E2%80%93drug_interactions I avoid grapefruit because it interacts with simvastatin and oxycodone. If you are taking other medications please check with the respective provider and the pharmacist about interaction with grapefruit.
268911 tn?1213744781 Grapefruit and grapefruit juice may interact with Xanax and lead to potentially dangerous effects. Discuss the use of grapefruit products with your doctor.
Avatar n tn A Potential for Adverse Events Many patients may take their medications with a glass of juice. However, since the accidental discovery of an interaction between the calcium channel blocker, felodipine, with grapefruit juice,1 it has now become evident that grapefruit juice has the potential to alter the plasma concentrations of many medications when they are taken by mouth. In some cases, this may result in undesirable clinical effects of medications.
Avatar f tn Do you mean with olysio, grapefruit not allowed ?
Avatar f tn I decided I was going to lose weight and eat healthy this year so about a 11/2 week ago someone told me that grapefruit helped with weight loss. I started drinking 2 8oz (I think) cans of juice a day for 7 days and I was adding grapefruit essential oil drops to my water. I didn't really feel different I was sweating more but I thought it was from the grapefruit working and I wasn't sleeping hardly at all.
1175033 tn?1492201228 I started taking Valium recently and noticed that the bottle warned not to consume grapefruit of the juice at all while taking this medication. This was a issue for me because I drink hansen's natural cane sugar soda with real grapefruit extract and I had to give that up, but I really didn't want to so I read up on what it will do. One article I came across said it would increase the potency of certain meds by 400% http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar n tn The report is specific to only eating Grapefruit or drinking Grapefruit juice. There is no mention of any other citric juices, including Crystal Light. Below is the information that you may have already seen but I thought you might be interested. While you are taking this medicine, you should avoid eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice. You may choose an alternative citrus beverage (such as orange juice). In the event that you are instructed by a healthcare professional (e.g.
Avatar m tn I remembered something about not eating grapefruit because it can reduce absorption of the Riba. I googled, but only found one article... seemed to indicate this is so. Does anyone know if this is a fact? I love citrus.... and I just bought a nice fresh bag last time I went shopping. Should I toss the grapefruit in the garbage?
Avatar m tn It was explained to me that grapefruit may cause a allergic reaction with the PI's. They did not mention lemons and I put lemon or lime in my water daily. Now I'm not suppose to be doing that? OOh **** one more thing to worry about! Lol !
Avatar n tn This is a really good question! Grapefruit and grapefruit juice actually are contraindicated with many medications...from cardiac drugs, meds for hypertension, antidepressants. It's always good to ask your doc or Pharmacist what common interactions a medication has, both for other meds and food. Without getting overly technical, grapefruit affects the ability of a certain part of the intestine to metabolize certain medications.
142526 tn?1397090672 While you are taking this medicine, you should avoid eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice. You may choose an alternative citrus beverage (such as orange juice). In the event that you are instructed by a healthcare professional (e.g., doctor, pharmacist, or dietitian) to eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice you should discuss with your doctor the effects of grapefruit on the blood levels of this medicine.
Avatar m tn Do not consume grapefruit or grapefruit juice during treatment with Prograf unless your doctor has told you do(sic). Prograf can have a dangerous interaction with grapefruit or grapefruit juice." http://www.drugs.com/prograf.
Avatar f tn s a good idea in general to avoid grapefruit or grapefruit juice when on any prescription meds. It can alter the way it is absorbed in your body thereby affected how it works for you. Visit the following site if you want further information. http://www.health.harvard.edu/fhg/updates/update0206d.
Avatar f tn thanks Research about the interaction of grapefruit juice with drugs suggests that compounds in grapefruit juice, called furanocoumarins (for example, bergamottin), may be responsible for the effects of grapefruit juice. Researchers believe that furanocoumarins block the enzymes in the intestines that normally break down many drugs. One glass of grapefruit juice could elicit the maximum blocking effect, and the effect may persist for longer than 24 hours.
Avatar n tn can I drink the juice of 1 grapefruit a day, if I am taking metoprolol and fosinopril for blood pressure? My blood pressure is completely controled.
976606 tn?1263667593 I'm not sure what the official medical answer is regarding grapefruit juice and Synthroid, but I have never noticed a difference when I drink pink grapefruit juice vs. any other juice. I know grapefruit juice is a no-no with certain meds (my Mom can't drink it because of one of her post-heart attack medications), but I have never seen any warnings regarding synthroid.