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Avatar f tn theres no half life after 5 days
Avatar n tn It takes approximately five to six half lives for the drug to be cleared from the body. The half-life for fentanyl patches is 9.5 to 12.4 hours. Multiply that by 6 and it could take up to 74.4 hours to clear the drug.You can do the math. Fentanyl lozenges-approx. 7 hours. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn The half-life of a drug is how long it takes for half of it to be eliminated from the bloodstream. Hope that helps.
6298176 tn?1380134459 It has a very long half life, though I can't give you specifics. The dose and how long you were on it does factor in. Your doctor should be able to help you with your questions on this.
Avatar m tn I hope not because the half life of the patch is days and the injectible is 186 min i think. I am hoping the withdrawal from the injection will be much shorter than from the patch. please let me know if anyone has any onput on this or how the half-life of a drug relates to the withdrawal one can expect when comming off the drug?
Avatar m tn Fentanyl patches have a slow rate of elimination and the half life can extend to 27 hours as the fentanyl is slowly eliminated from the fat under the skin.You are still probably feeling the effects of residual fentanyl and when that is gone you will probably feel worse withdrawal.But maybe not if you are lucky. Keep on course and I hope everything goes well for you. Fentanyl injection has a short half life,but the patches are designed to stay in the body longer.
Avatar m tn Actually, fentanyl has a very short half-life, which is one reason it's commonly used for twilight sedation for outpatient procedures. It's the method of delivery through the patch that makes it last 72 hours, not the molecule itself. If you've had the patch off for three days and feel fine, you're in great shape!
Avatar n tn The half life of a Fentanyl patch is 17 hours after you take it off. The drug screen time is up to 3 days.
874891 tn?1240432420 ve found - the fentanyl patch has an average of 17 hour half life AFTER removal. The actual range listed was 13-22 - so it could be somewhere in between depending on factors like body mass and absorption etc. Safer to assume more than less tho, so I'll say 22hours. So even tho you take the patch off, the drug continues to circulate and work for up to 22 hours later.
1895503 tn?1332373374 With the Fentanyl patches, that is my concern. The 1/2 life is only 2 hours, but as with the patch, it is delivered continuously! So it would work for a detox. My sis and I have felt the same concerns, as the potency of the way it is delivered continuously on the patch. It is hard to believe it is a good drug to switch to. If you look at Opana ER 30 mg 3 X a day, you will be stunned at how strong it is....unfortunantly. Thanks so much for your help. I share your concerns!
Avatar f tn I referred myself to the addiction team and last week (Monday) I started on a 12mg patch of Fentanyl and was reduced to 6 tablets a day. Then yesterday morning I was put on a 18mg fentanyl patch and no tablets. I was told I wouldn't suffer any withdrawels but I am. I feel totally crap, weak, cold, goose bumps, tingling, runny nose, sneezing and just not right. I will be reduced off the Fentanyl gradually over a yr. my question is how long will I feel this rubbish? Thank u for ur time.
Avatar n tn what is the half life of oxycodone in cats? I've heard it works well for pain in cats. I'm trying to get more information on what may help my 12 year old cat. I'd like to have my questions in order before I pay my/her vet?
Avatar n tn I began taking it even when I did not need it for pain and became addicted and tolerant to the medication... About 5 months ago, I got on Fentanyl Patches at 25mcg then increased it to 50, and now am on 75... I need to get off this and tried last month and I couldn't, it was too hard... My question is, what is the right way to get off of the Fentanyl without wanting to die. I am a registered nurse and am getting my nurse practitioner degree and will be done with my masters degree shortly...
Avatar f tn Did the croaker give you a pat on the back and some words of encouragement? Because that is not help. The good thing about fentanyl is that it has a very short half life, so wd should not be as long as say morphine or heroin. Bad thing is that wd tends to be sharper and harder with a shorter half life. Go back to this "helpful" doctor and ask him for some real help.
2080475 tn?1332126191 decided to quit taking it on a monday felt fine all week untill sun when i went into serious withdrawl! so as far as half life im not sure? but you can bet i was back on it mon! so i guess it was in my system for 6 days after i stopped. p.s.
Avatar f tn ?? Does anyone know the Half life of SUBOXONE - Beprenorphine.? I HEARD it was 70 hours, but that's what I heard....unsure if that is even accurate?
535882 tn?1396576685 whats the half life for syntriod. about how much time does it take to build up in you and also leave your system?
Avatar n tn Hi - I was on 50mg patches as well; prescribed for 6 months. In the beginning, I used sporadically because mybreak through meds were easier. When I started using the patches regularly, my estimate (IMHO) was that within 6-8 weeks I had built a dependency on them. Fentynl is a very difficult drug to withdraw from because the half life of the med is 2-3 days. Since you haven't been on them to long, you should be OK...maybe minor wd issues. Read the Thomas Recipe, Aminos, etc.
Avatar f tn The posts I mentioned apply only to my experience and I never cut the patch in half or anything like what you described. I first stopped the fentanyl and then two weeks later I stopped the morphine but I was only taking the morphine 15mg, once a day or maybe 2x a day every 12 hours as needed. Exercise really helped a lot, I did a lot of walking. I know the withdrawal can be rough but worth it in the long run. I had been on the fentanyl for about 6 months but down to 108 pounds from 150lbs.
Avatar f tn u r in a very rough situation and probably feel scared about how bad it will get...and it will get worse for a while when the half life of the fentanyl is all gone... u can hope ur other med will compensate to make up for loss of fentanyl but that can only work for a few days and then u gotta cut that back too or that creates another monster. Slow is the only way I know to not crash but that ship has sailed for u if ur on ur last patch....
177002 tn?1264998540 Perhaps you can help others with fentanyl problems.I know one has to taper very slowly and that fentanyl has a very long half life and stays in the body much longer than regulat opiates.