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Avatar f tn I have been using the fentanyl patch several years now. For me I had to increase the dosage, I think about ever three years. I am now on the 50 mg patch with meds for break through pain. I do go to a pain management doctor, and it is much better for you to talk to your doctor about the pain not being controlled. Your body becomes tolerant and increased doses are expected. I am surprised your doctor hasn't already increased the dosage after such a long time taking the same pain killer.
3222105 tn?1346080471 Since December, I've been taperiNg down my Fentanyl patch, after about 6byears at 100 mcg every 3 days.At that point I went down to a 50mcg every 3 days. I made the move because I had recentlycome across a GREAT supplement that really did what it said, as far as really helping with my pain, called Laminine, which I use faithfully and yes! sell it for 35.95 a bottle or 3 for 107.95, NO S&H! ANYWAY, though pain levels have decreased, I've become increasingly depresseed and SO fatigued.
1279189 tn?1275244868 No, with fentanyl on board you will have no withdrawal symptoms from the vicodin. However, it takes two or three days for the fentanyl to reach a steady dosage in your bloodstream, so you may need to overlap with the vicodin a bit as your body gets used to the change. You will not get a "buzz" or as you put it, increased spike in energy from fentanyl that you experience with vicodin.
Avatar n tn Hi! Thanks for having this online resource! I'm researching the pro's and con's of the fentanyl patch. My fiance has been in a great deal of back pain and is prescribed oxy's, morphine and percocet. However, he doesn't take them because they the only things that work for him are 80's and roxy's that he gets from family and friends.
Avatar m tn Just wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with switching methadone 95mg once daily, to fentanyl patch 100mcg Hour patch? or know the methadone mg fentanyl dose equivalents?
Avatar f tn Within 24 hous you should begin to feel tje fentanyl working, and after a day or two after you apply the 2nd patch, the level of fentanyl in your system will stablize. You can do a couple of things to make sure the patch is working. First, make sure that patch is properly applied and second, acquire the covers for the patch. Information about proper application of tjeeethe patch and the covers is is on the patient information you should have received with the medication.
Avatar m tn The Fentanyl that is. It was pointed out that the dosage is most likely low and I should be on the 50mcg patch, but I'm not a big fan of the patch in general. Maybe the dosage issue has just soured me, but I feel like having the patch on all the time, and the possibility that it could stop working short of 72 hours is an issue for me. I ask for advice because my PMP brought up taking a sabbatical from the meds.
Avatar f tn ve read where you could cut the patch if it was a mylan patch only. I also read where someone went from 50mg to 25 to 50 then went 25 to 50 to 25 and then 25 to 25 to 25mg as a way to work my was down on the dosage. I'm really scared.
Avatar m tn I was on morphine SR 60mg twice a day for years and my doctor switched me to fentanyl 25 patch. I ended up with severe withdrawal and went back to the morphine for a week until my next appt where he put me on the 50 patch. Still I am going through withdrawals. My pharmacist says I can't be but I know 100% that's what is happening. Anyone else deal with this?
Avatar m tn m sorry that you are having problems with your pain. I KNOW that there is NOTHING stronger than the Fentanyl Patch. A 25 mcg Fentanyl Patch is a VERY low amount. If you are to try a higher dose it MIGHT give you the relief that you need. :) We REALLY aren't qualified for give you dosing advice. You RALLY need to discuss this with your Doctor.
Avatar f tn I was offered fentanyl patch or opana by my pain mgmt docs and thought the patchnwould be better because I know some people who get high on opana. Should imhave gone with it anyway? I have had 64 surgeries and 10percs don't do much for me. The patch is the lowest dose but I am only on first week. Second week we were going to meet up and give my impressions and determine appropriate does. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Which one is stronger and which one has worse withdrawals?
Avatar n tn They obviously were already taking 200 mcgs of the patch and the question was about the heat, not their dosage. It's not a cookie cutter world, everyone it's different. Tolerance levels, renal test results, etc.
1360851 tn?1277581906 I was on the Fentanyl patch and became very sick, I went to the ER and found out the patch was leaking due to a manufacturing error, I was being overdosed. Since then I've been afraid to use the patch, I use only percocet to control my pain. I understand there is a class action lawsuit against fentynyl.
Avatar n tn I was also placed on the Fentanyl patch prior to a total hip replacement. I wouldn't think your detox should last too long because the dosage wasn't that high, and three weeks isn't that long. However, if you were on hydrocodone before the patch for very long, it is possible the patch delayed your overall withdrawal symptoms til now.
Avatar m tn I am a 28 yrs old guy, who had right knee total knee replacement at 2005. ever since then I have terrible pain following me. I have tried many different pain medication and even TENS unit, all of those didn't work. After trying all those option at yr 2009 my pain management doctor offered me to tried "FENTANYL PATCH." FENTANYL PATCH really help. Before the FENTANYL PATCH, I use to took 8 -11 tablet NORCO (325mg/10) per day for pain.
Avatar f tn Is there a chart that I can use to convert fentanyl patch strength to the Opana Er strength?
Avatar f tn I went cold turkey off fentanyl patch dr didn't taper just said wasn't going to refill it. On day 10 feel great just tired. My question is will the withdrawls be worse with the oxy? I'm on 5/325 4 times a day. This time I'm talking to dr about tapering and I got something for withdrawls on day 4. I also take soma I assume this will be done at the sametime.
1412606 tn?1282882129 Ok, so the last time I saw my doctor about 2 months ago, she decided to put me on MS Contin 15 mg 3x day. I was already taking 2 5/325 percocets 3 x a day, but I went in because it wasn't enough. It never has been enough. She always gave me muscle relaxers for the nights, because she didn't want to give me anymore percocets, but I still wake up in pain. They don't work at all. So I finally went in and she put me on the MS Contins.
Avatar f tn The doctor might increase the dosage of the patch, add another medication to take with the patch, change medications altogether. Whatever happens you simply have to take it as prescribed. Doing anything else jeopardises your health, and maybe even your life. It also may lead to the doctor red flagging you and then you will have a terrible time getting pain relief then. Please don't go down that road.
Avatar n tn What was your total dosage of Oxycodone/Tylenol (Percocet) per day-? I know you said 10/325 but how many doses per day? It may be that the conversion to fentanyl was too high a dose... given your description of symptoms, they aren’t typical withdrawal, but sound more like the fentanyl dose was too high.
Avatar f tn I never abused the Fentanyl or any other drug and went on it as a last resort for the severe back pain. i never plan to use another Fentanyl patch again. I hate the things. I felt as if Fentanyl was running my life instead of me and have become so negative. i have to get my old vivacious, funny loving personality back! As I said, any tips will be appreciated, especially for the insomnia problem and the low self esteem I have developed from being angry at myself for getting into this situation.
Avatar f tn i have spent the last 4 weeks lowering my dosage of fentanyl. im now at 75mg every 3 days but i am wearing my las t patch and will start going through wd tomorrow. Fentanyl is the nastiest drug to get off of. i am so determined to get off of it but im also very scared that i wont survive the withdrawal. Ive read on here that the severe wd can last a couple of weeks and that scares the hell out of me. I have no more patches and i did that intentionally to force myself to get off of them.
Avatar f tn I am sorry you are having so many issues with the Fentanyl Patch. I know we have some members that use the parch for pain control effectively. I am hoping one or more will respond to your post. Holding the patch on your skin can be as simply as purchasing a clear adhesive covering that will go completely over the patch. There are several names for the product...but talk to your pharmacist and they can recommend one. Some ppl use their choice of tape products.
Avatar m tn My doctor and I discussed this problem so instead of upping my Fentanyl dosage, we decided to change the patch more frequently and that was the answer. I also asked the doctor why the patch did not work the entire 72 hours for me, on the package it says it can work up to 72 hours. I tend to run higher than normal temperatures so I wonder if I absorb my medication faster. My doc essentially said that not all people make it to the 3rd day and that she has definitely seen this before.
Avatar f tn Initially when I saw that you were on 175 mcg/hr of fentanyl I was shocked as that it is a really high dosage of fentanyl! So you are getting almost twice as much oxycodone through Fentanyl TD. I'm very surprised that your doctor wants to keep upping the dosage. I don't think that is the right approach. Have you considered getting a second opinion from another pain management doctor?
Avatar f tn My mother who has cronic back and shoulder pain is being taken off of fentanyl 100mcg patch and 7.5/500mg and being put on morphine 60mg 2x daily and then morphine sulfate 15mg every 4 hours for breakthough pain. What I'm wondering is there going to be withdrawl or is the morphine going to have enough of the same stuff in it. If not what kind of withdrawl systems will there be to watch for.