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Avatar f tn I am in the pharmacy program that pays for my patched until i get my DSS and I cannot find the brandname anywhere due to the new DEA guidelines on sched 2 narcotics. Any ideas? none of the pharmacies in my county or surrounding counties have the name brand and I can't afford to buy my own generic right now.Does anyone know of a generic equivalent patch that the drug company will give me for free?
374225 tn?1269899262 There are two types of generic Fentanyl and at least one of you claims that one is superior to the other. Which one is the better of the two? My doctor is probably going to let me try the patches over the methadone and I just want to be sure. It amazes me how much knowledge we all have accumulated and outside of these boards so much of it is wasted. I'm so glad this place exists and I found it.
Avatar n tn I just started using a new brand of generic patches. I am using Alvogen 100 mcg patch x 4 (400 mcg total) every 48 hrs. I just switched from Duragesic brand name (I was getting these through Johnson & Johnson PAP now defunct as of 05/2020)to these this week. I noticed my kidneys were hurting right away. Has anyone had something similar happen?
Avatar m tn I would think a good Pharmacy or a Pain Clinic would order them for you. The generic is Oral Transmucosal Fentanyl Citrate (OTFC) and the trademark name is Actiq®, manufactured by Cephalon. I would also check to see if your insurance covers them. I wish you the best...
725248 tn?1316162245 My pain doctor has not mentioned the patch yet, but the one thing I am getting tired of is waking up in the morning and being in so much pain I don't want to move, but it usually gets better after my oxycontin & oxycodone kick in. I too am a heavy sweater. Are they any other pro's or con's to the fentanyl patch?
Avatar n tn He kindly switched me from the Mylan generic brand of fentanyl patch to the Alvogen generic version. These patches stick perfectly! And they don’t itch! So try asking your pharmacist or doctor to order a generic that sticks very well. My new pharmacy in our new state is Safeway, and Alvogen is their standard generic that they dispenso to anyone without an Rx brand-name patch. Good luck.
Avatar m tn m new on here I just switched from fentanyl to methadone and I was wondering which generic was the best, when it came to my fentanyl Duragesic was far and away the best, just trying to get the biggest bang for my buck
1134609 tn?1269272200 ----I stabilized completely last summer and I was on the brand name version of the medication. When I switched over to the generic, I started having problems and had to increased the dose from 900mgs to 1600mgs over the space of a few months. Any changes in the dosages over this time dropped me into a deep depression and I HAD to drop the dosage many times because it was agitating me. I just assumed it was because I was adjusting to the medication.
Avatar f tn I have been on Fentanyl Patches for about 3 years. I don't remember the name of the first brand I was on but I had problems with it staying on no matter were I put it. Some time ago when I got new patches they were an new brand, to me, called Advast. . They work very well for me. When I got my last patches they were a different brand called Apotex . I don't know if it is a new Brand but I have never used that brand.
Avatar f tn My insurance company recently switched fentanyl from Tier 1 to Tier 3. Their claim is that there are cheaper (to them) drugs available. I use a 100 and 25 patch plus "break out" drugs. Any suggestions?
1390350 tn?1279902967 I have had that problem when I was on Fentanyl. I was switched from my preferred brand to the gel kind (I did not like them at all and they did not provided 3 day relief) and I used medical tape around the outside of the patch to hold it on. It seemed to work for me. Call you doc and see what he says. Are you wanting to come off the patch or are you just having withdrawals because the patch isn't sticking? I am glad you are being careful with the patch.
Avatar m tn I have heard that the generic Fentanyl patches can be rather expensive too. I have confirmed with my doctor that brand oxymorphone indeed works better than generic oxymorphone for the reasons just mentioned. There is also methadone but it has a tendency to build up in your system so dosing is very tricky. If you decide that methadone is a medication you want to explore, be sure that you have a physician that has extra training on how to properly dose and titrate methadone.
374225 tn?1269899262 My story is very familiar. Back pain, more back pain and then more after that. I'm 34 and have had horrible back pain since I was injured at 17. Been a great life. {wince} :) Right now I'm 11 days into Methadone and am wondering if there is something else out there I can take that's as effective without some of the negatives. Drugs I have taken and the results: Vicodin: These are actually breath mints right? Lortab: Works okay for 1 hour the other 3 to 6 can be a downer.
Avatar n tn If you use the Mylan generic fentanyl patch that looks like a clear piece of tape rather than the more common gel pouch patch, you can slowly taper by cutting it. I am currently doing that with the approval of my doctor, as is another member here. If you decrease by about 12.5 mcg a month, it's not too terrible. One of the biggest complaints with fentanyl withdrawal is the powerful hot flashes and cold sweats. It happens if you're either over- or under-medicated.
Avatar f tn That was a few weeks ago. I actually came off the Fentanyl due to that as I have trouble with the generic as well.
Avatar f tn what is a generic drug?
Avatar n tn 0 down to 0.
Avatar m tn t give you a partial fill and put a refill on it for the rest - I was also on the patient assistance program so it had to be the brand name and not the generic) - anyway, they were able to find another of their locations that had both boxes and they were able to talk to the pharmacist at that location and have him set them aside for me after faxing them a copy of the script I had the hard copy for.
177002 tn?1264998540 OK the name is TurningANewLeaf there is a post over on the social side with your name on it they has been looking for you after reading some of your past posts if you need any more help finding the post let me know