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144586 tn?1284669764 If a mistake is made a single line is drawn through the entry. The log reflects every visitor in and out of the room. With a printed name. The times meals start and finish. All phone calls. The time in bed and time in the chair. An exact menu of every meal (I make the meals anyway). Every bowel movement is documented with a comment as to the consistency. Did she strain? Were the stools hard or soft? Urine color is noted each day.
Avatar f tn A log drop is when you take a 0 of the end of a number.
Avatar f tn january4th 2011 I did 1.62 miles on treadmill in 30 min. 7 miles on lifecycle in 2o min and 30 min on the weights. january 6th I did .82 miles on tread mill in 20 min. 15.40 miles on life cycle in 30 mins and 30 min in weights.
Avatar f tn so i won't be tracking my workouts in the journal portion here...going to log it in a notebook...the usual. i will still use the chart though.
Avatar f tn Trying to walk two times a day now. Especially in the evenings to avoid snacking.
Avatar f tn january8th i did 1.32 miles on treadmill in 30 min then 30 min on the weights then 30 min on life cycle and did 11.4 miles. haven't weighed myself again yet.
Avatar f tn So glad u were able to log in and its great to hear you in such good spirits. Sounds like you are well on your way my friend. CONGRATS to you for getting off those devil pills. U gave me a nice little laugh when I read that. Best of luck to you my friend...
Avatar f tn I am interested in purchasing some software that would allow me to print up exercise sheets that I can give to patients. Does anyone have any suggestions on what software to use? I'd love to hear some comments on other products that people have used.
1134263 tn?1307298584 401 point work out goal --Perfect score upping-- maximum reps allowed in every exercise and adding dumbbell rows
212705 tn?1221624250 I see the wink, so I'm guessing I'm way off base? Anyway..i just barely made the log drop..it was something like 28984 whereas the exact 2 log drop needed to be 29000. Incredibly close. Of course I was hoping for UND with all the extra riba...but hey...this will do. and it is going down, down,down. Thank you Jesus! How u doing, sweetie? Hope you're taking some time for yourself..kickin' it back? Yea right ;) I hope so., or else I'm gonna have a word with Michael..
Avatar f tn It would be nice to be able to complete the exercise tracker (and other trackers) using metrics (km, kg, cm, etc). Also when trying to enter distance in the exercise tracker it wouldn't accept decimals. An 8.6 km run is neither an eight or a nine k run. A bit frustrating for the pedantic.
Avatar f tn supersets? measuring perceived work? exertion? Please help!?!? In my dream world, the exercise community at large would work with the tracker community and vice versa in order for the users to download the designed plan into our trackers. However, at this point in reality I'm excited to input the plan one component at a time. :o) Thank you for all the work you've done here and continue to do. I am very excited to find a place where everything can be tracked and communicated in one place.
Avatar f tn One idea would be a to get a pedometer - that way you can log your daily steps and get a better sense of exactly how much exercise you are getting. You can get a cheap one, or if you're interested in more of an investment, there are some cool devices out there like the Fitbit which also help you integrate everything on a website that you can track easily.
Avatar f tn baby step walking as of June 03, 2012 and today Only 2 days and I look forward to doing something positive for my body, just so I can log in and share. Thanks again.
483733 tn?1326802046 wasn't trying to say you were doing anything wrong in the manner in which you use the exercise tracker. However, this came up last week and some direction was sought from MedHelp and I was advised that crunches fall under the heading of calisthenics. Was just wanting to share this information with you and our community members. Here is a list of exercises that would fall under the category of calisthenics.
Avatar f tn I have been wanting to lose some weight for a few years now but I can't seem to find the motivation nor knoe exactly what kind of exercise I should be doing. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I was unaware that strenuous exercise could cause this to happen. Can someone explain why strenuous exercise causes liver inflammation to occur? I will try to work the enzyme levels back down again, and I guess my backpacking days are over.
579258 tn?1250652943 but one must be aware that in electing to “not” exercise, we are CHOOSING the perils of not exercising. Those would be the Opposite of the list below. -Exercise improves mood. -Exercise combats chronic diseases (heart disease and osteoporosis, helps us manage high blood pressure and offers cholesterol benefits. It also helps us prevent type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer. -Exercise helps manage weight. -Exercise strengthens heart and lungs.
4261944 tn?1530523938 So I need to get back on the running! So I just want to log in my planned runs to make sure I stick to it! Otherwise I run out if time by time I remember I need to get out! Today I did really well and managed 45 minutes! Didn't even seem like I was gone that long! I got a bad stitch but carried on running through it! Obviously was more of a jog but I kept moving I didn't give in :) hard work but managed three miles of constant movement in the wet :) only almost slipped twice. NEED running shoes!
Avatar f tn I find it to be the key factor in helping to stabilise my moods. I've joined a Triathlon club and try to go as much as I can. I really find the swimming helps me dramatically, it's like I've been baptised when I come out of the pool. I had a bad reaction to Endep last year, which launched me into mania for 4 months. Over that time I had to take so much Xanax to control the panic attacks I ended up getting addicted to Xanax.
Avatar n tn Does it bother you getting the PVC's while you exercise in terms of anxiety? If you can ignore the PVC's and exercise, you should. Exercise is very good for you. The PVC's will not harm you. They are just an annoyance. I have learned to cope with them while I exercise and they have now practically gone away. Good Luck!
616227 tn?1251079998 Good Morning Everyone! Now who loves dancing? I know everyone does here in this room! Here is a fun way to exercise with Paul Eugine! Check this out! Here is the link - http://www.ranaesheart.com/2008/11/thanksgiving-weight-loss-challenge.
616227 tn?1251079998 Khendrick - With a tight scedule you are still able to squeeze in some time for your exercise! I think that's fantastic! Just shows your commitment!
958098 tn?1246812818 Teenage is the best time for sports, if possible you can join swimming. If not you try doing skipping, jogging in the neighbourhood, floor exercises, yoga, basketball etc. Calculate your BMI and also according to your age prepare a neat diet chart and stick to that. Do not consume fried food, desserts, choclates, icecreams, fast foods, etc. Exercise combined with Diet will do wonders on you. Take care!
Avatar n tn Isometric and aerobic exercises should be built into your daily routine to build up the strength of blood vessels in order to avoid the fall in blood pressure while you exercise. Please discuss the above factors with your doctor. Hope you can continue to run as you could two years ago! Good Luck and take care!
Avatar n tn All of sudden in April 2009 I started getting about 24 hours of flu-like symptoms post anaerobic exercise. Included in this is any kind of aerobic exercise with a significant resistance portion such as a "Hill interval" setting on an elliptical machine. I have taken a huge 5 month break of almost any intense physical activity and the first day back at the gym produces the same symptoms as when I was working out 4-5x a week.
Avatar n tn The Best Forms of Exercise for Those Suffering from Heart Disease What exercises work best, how often, and how long. Our bodies were made to walk. My advice is to walk for at least one hour per day (please consult with your doctor before starting any exercise regimen). This is even better than running or jogging, particularly over the long term, because it avoids the problems with arthritis that crop up in runners’ hips and knees. Our bodies were made to walk.
Avatar m tn Hi I would never exercise without a HRM. I have owned and used various Polar models since the 80s and in addition to tailoring my exercise routines to reach different cardiovascular goals they were also very instrumental on 3 occasions in detecting abnormal rates and I credit them on all 3 occasions for saving my life. You need to use them and learn your body and your heart and never ignore abnormalities when you see them.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, 29yo male I have been reading conflicting info from numerous web sites (especially from numerous posters on different web sites) and I am starting to get concerned because of some of the more scary info I have heard... My basic question is...at what point does someone with mitral valve regurge (in my case mild to "low moderate") need to worry about putting un-safe stress on my heart due to exercise. I am no marathon runner...
Avatar n tn On the bike, I can be somewhat more scientific and compare speed versus heartrate, although road conditions (wind and grade) make a huge diffrerence. In any case, in the early part of a workout, 20mph would require about 130 bpm but that would go to 150 or more after 50 miles. I strongly suspect that dehydration plays a huge role. Last Sunday my pulse after resting for 30 minutes after a 50 mile ride was 95 as opposed to a normal 45. Pulse was very shallow.