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Avatar m tn Following are new test results Bilirubin 17 umol/L AST 18 U/L ALT 22 U/L GGT 17 U/L Alkaline Phosphatas 68 U/L Protein 74 U/L Albumin 47 U/L Globumin 27 U/L -----------------------------------— HBV DNA Viral Load. Detected HBV DNA quantitation IU/ml 3.70 x 10^1 HBV DNA quantitation log/(10) 1.
Avatar f tn Hello all, I've been lurking around off and on for a couple of weeks. Okay, I'm not good at the terminology yet, but I will catch on I promise. I was diagnosed with pre diabetes to type 2 a few weeks ago. I hope I get this right, my AC1 (?) is 5.9 and insulin 2.3. My dr. told me to cut the carbs and sugar, which I have done; and as he put it lose the gut. No one in my family has had diabetes. I'm female, 5'5" 140 lbs. and 59 years old. Good grief, I need to exercise.
Avatar f tn You didn't eat nearly enough calories, but what you did eat was the wrong kind of calories. You ate mostly sugar and refined carbs; you need to add more protein and lots of veggies. In order to maintain your current weight, you'd need to eat 2100 calories/day, so to lose weight you have to subtract calories, by either eating less or exercising more; it's easier if you do both.
Avatar m tn 0) My test results from 11 Aug 2010 HBsAG Confirmed HBV DNS, PCR QUANT (c) H 213347 IU/ML HBV DNA, VIRAL LOG (c) H 5.1329 LOG IU/ML ALFA-FETO. TUMOR MARKER(c) 3.5 NG/ML (0-15) PSA, TOTAL 0.54 ng/ml (0.00-4.
Avatar m tn After going back to the lab,I located the June 07 lab test. There were two reports for June. 08 June 07.HCV AB PENDING;HCV RNA 6.143 IU/ml; HBs POSITIVE H; HBs AG NEGATIVE; 25 June HCV RIBA POSITIVE H; HCV RNA 6.143 IU/ml. I started a Peginterferon 180 mcb SC each week in combination with Ribavirin 1000 mg daily for 48 week in April 05. In Jan 06, my qualitative HCV RNA had No detectable virus.
Avatar m tn Your lab results: Hep B surface Ag= Reactive =You carry HBV. Hep B surface Ab = Neg =You are not immune. Hep B core ab= reactive =You have previous or ongoing infection with HBV Hep B core Ab, IgM = Negative =You do not have acute infection now. Hep Be Antigen = Negative =You are not very infectious now Hep Be Ab = positive =present temporarily during acute HBV infection or consistently during or after a burst in viral replication. Hep B DNA QNT PCR 4.0 log IU or same as 9,450 IU/mL.
Avatar m tn After the massive blow of my heart op - 2 stents and recovering, the Herpatologist visited to tell me I'm viral log undetectable at 4 weeks! Getting back on PegInter and Riba today in hospital so cardio can observe heart under the interferon conditions. By the way. The heart doc told me I have made him a believer in vegetarian diet - I have loosely followed a Dean Ornish kind of diet for about 10 years and the cardo said there is very little cholesterol or gunk in my heart for a guy of 63.
Avatar m tn 0 Antinuclear Antibodies Direct ANA Direct - Negative Ferritin, Serum - 258 HBsAg Screen - Positive Abnormal Hep Be Ag - Negative Hep Be Ab - Positive Abnormal Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab - 8 Hep B Core Ab, Tot - Positive Abnormal Hep A Ab, Total - Negative So yes, happy my vitamin D levels went up from 14. Still feel I could use 20 more points on there. Also need Hep A vaccine. The rest is good, except for the Hep B portion which I need to clear.
Avatar f tn I have mixed it with increasing exercise, decreasing exercise, and different combinations. I have been logging it all through myfitnesspal app so I know exactly what I am doing each day. My stats show that I should be eating closer to 1800 - 2000 calories, and it just isn't happening when I get near that level that scales creep up. Flying - I had never had a metabolic test done prior to May because I never had any problems.
Avatar n tn Here's my latest labs (last dose Armour taken 24+ hours prior to blood draw) FT4- 0.94 (0.82-1.77) FT3- 4.0 (2.0-4.4) Tsh- 0.759 (0.450-4.50) TPO (Ab)- 28 (0-34) Cortisol- 9.4 (6.2-19.4) ACTH- 28.7 (7.2-63.
Avatar n tn I'm going to start a daily log to see if I can find a correlation between diet and/or exercise and the level of discomfort. I've never given birth. I'm 33 years old, and in good physical shape. As I mentioned before, I don't eat meat or dairy. I do drink (mostly just socially), but I don't smoke. I also take Yas birth control pills. OH...and I'm also experiencing a lot of fatigue. I've slept more in the past 3 weeks than in the past 3 months. Any thoughts? See any correlations?
Avatar f tn Since Hashimoto's is the most commonly diagnosed cause for hypothyroidism, you should also test for the thyroid antibodies. Those tests are TPO ab and TG ab. When test results are available, please post results and their reference ranges shown on the lab report and members will be glad to help interpret and advise further.
Avatar f tn My pcp also posts lab tests on an online portal that I can log onto and get them, but they aren't available until "after" my appointment, so I can't access them until I've seen the doctor, in which case, he goes through them and tells me whether everything is "good" or not. *I* don't get to see them until I get home from the appt, so if there's anything I have questions about, I, either have to send a message via the patient portal, call in or wait until my next appt...
Avatar m tn COBAS AmpliPrep and COBAS TaqMan HBV - Hepatitis B Viral load (Quantitative) 35,935 IU/mL Log Value 4.56 Test Details: Limit of Detection: 20 IU/ml Measuring Range: 20 - 170000000 IU/ml Conversion Factor: 1 IU/ml - 5.82 copies/ml Antigen Results HBeAg-Hepatitis B Envelope Antigen (Serum,CMIA) NON REACTIVE(0.41) S/CO Non Reactive: = 1.0 Anti HBe-Ab to Hepatitis B Envelope Ag (Serum,CMIA) REACTIVE(0.
Avatar m tn hbsag tends to be very high on hbe positive with active hbv and lower on hbe-ab. hbvdna is not correlated directly with immune response, you can be inactive carrier with hbvdna 5log iu/ml, even when you seroconvert to hbsab you can have little hbvdna, immune responce is correlated with hbsag mainly or with your being active or inactive. there is a precentage of lucky ones on cronic hbv and a huge number of inactive carriers that have it at 1000-1600iu/ml.
Avatar n tn Think about the length of the total bowel, sure an enema would clear out the hopefully the lower part but im not convinced it isnt possible over time and bowel/intestinal problems for a back log to develope. It was documented that Elvis and John Wayne had over 40lbs of waste in their bowels in their autopsy reports so why is it hard to believe that 25lbs isnt possible. (This is a good question for a coroner) Also note not all colonoscopy show a squeaky clean pink colon.
Avatar n tn Symtoms are; chest tightness, dull ab pain just below breast bone, nausia, heartburn, loose bowels and genrally not feeling very well. I take zantac which seems to help but no body seems to think it is worth doing an endoscopy as I am only 28( male, non smoker used to drink)I have even offered to pay for it only to be told I would be wasting my money! I get very anxious and I know this makes me worse but what should I do?
1035252 tn?1427231433 I started keeping a log of what I was eating and I was eating over 3000 calories on any given day. I've been forcing myself to stay under 2500 now. Plus I've started walking on my treadmill and diong some ab excercises. I find it increasingly difficult to keep the motivation though. All I want to do is eat, I want chocolate and everything else bad for me. I just need to really start seeing some results in order to convince myself I'm doing something good and keep going.
16428684 tn?1460088684 1.4 (0.7-1.6) no Free T3 measured TSH: 0.711 (0.358- 3.740) LABS: October. Dose Armour increasing from 1 to 2.0 grains. Feeling very lousy. BMI: 25.5 (overweight) Average Temps: 97.4 Free T4: 0.8 ng/dL (0.7-1.6) no Free T3 measured Total T3: 102 ng/dL (55-172) TSH: 0.835 uIU/mL (0.358-3.740) Vitamin B12: 682 pg/mL (193-986) Ferritin: 200 ng/mL (8-252) Serum Folate: 29.1 ng/mL (5.6-56.
52704 tn?1387024397 Well, it's another clean Monday - the 4th since my last use-day on 9/29. Hope everyone is doing well - I've been tied up with this and that since Saturday, so it will be a while before I catch up on the posts. Skip: You're quite right, I need to "just do it" on the exercise. With that in mind I will leave work at noon at hit the "Y.
Avatar f tn but I've never had the tool to test it, so I just ate something reasonable if possible -- other times I have gotten to the point of passing out. It used to happen more often w/exercise, so at one point a dr suggested it *might* be exercise induced hypoglycemia, and had me just drink the sugary type of gatorade or such while exercising, and low and behold, no more passing out! Now, I've been getting similar symptoms again, but I've been eating a LOT lately, too.
Avatar m tn I do drink and have known to binge drink on the weekends when going out to bars and restaurants. I don't drink daily, however. My doctors did recommend stopping altogether, but it is what it is. Also, I've been taking supplements as part of my workout routine. Despite all this, at least I feel great and the test results seem to show that everything is fine.
Avatar m tn Dear substance (ab)users, I have been using tramadol IR hcl for over 1/1.5 years on and off. Most of the time I used the drug for like a month, then cold turkey and after a week or something I tell my self.. hey, one time a week wont be a problem right? After that I get hooked again and this cycle has repeated itself many times. I use between 250-400 mg a day, never more than 400, but I used everyday the last month.
231441 tn?1333896366 Here's the REVISED timeline/summary I prepared for the neurologist on Thursday. I guess this indicates that something autoimmune is going on, at least. Too much info? Sorry this is long... Sally Clark – Summary at July 2007, 37 YO Caucasian Female, DOB 4 Sept 1970. Bloodtest Results - 2007 Date Test Result Range 22 Jan 07 FT3 2.03 2.8-7.1 pmol/L FT4 10.58 12-22 pmol/L TSH 0.573 0.27-4.2 mIU/L (Following this result increased t4 by 50 mcg/day).
Avatar m tn I have selected Sjögrens as a topic solely because my wife (of 32 years) is positive SSA. She has AutoImmune Disease (AID) in various members of her family, so there is a genetic link. We had our first visit with the Rheumatologist that initially investigated her case over 20 years ago this past Wednesday. At that time she was not symptomatic so he only saw her annually for a few years and then released her.
1059090 tn?1254470401 since I have 2 little ones that keep me busy busy. The one thing you all can help me with is finding a dr. in TX. I log on here at work (which i really shouldnt) but its the only time in between calls that i can check the forum and comments. or do research. Thanks for all your help!
Avatar n tn Every now and then, I suffered from huge sporadic weight gains despite no changes in diet or exercise regimen. By 32, I couldn't get pregnant, and my doctor found out I was in early menopause. My ovaries got an ultrasound, but didn't show cysts. My bladder was also checked and nothing was found. My blood test showed normal hormone levels, except for my FSH which was high.
Avatar n tn Each day is a struggle and I am sick to death of my family and friend's saying you need to exercise you need to do this and that but, they are not the person who is inside of my body........Oh ya, then they said I might have had a mini stroke. I have had my horomone levels checked??????? Marcelina Graves diease, ALS, Lou graex diease and a movement Neurologists. Someday's I feel like my head is going to fall off. However, MRI reports no MS.
253566 tn?1219683299 There are so many other diseases one can get, unfortunately. Also, I am a strong believer in exercise. Got that from my dad, who after 2 heart attacks couldn't even walk a block. So he deliberately started walking for exercise, adding small increments (even if just a step or two more than the day before) every time he went out.