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Avatar m tn s actually an arrhythmia causing your exercise intolerance or what it is. If nothing is wrong with your heart you need to get in better shape.
Avatar f tn ) Are you eligible to go through a cardiac rehab program to strengthen your heart? I would definitely ask ask about that. Exercise often helps with stress and so does the emotional support part of the program for many people. In fact, some studies show a cardiac rehab program helps prevent future heart problems by getting people hooked on healthy exercise, etc. How are you doing with your eating?
Avatar f tn I recently have had 2 exercise treadmill tests the first one after 1min my oxygen went to 84 and my heart rate rose to 156 so the test was stopped. I had repeat of the test 4 days ago with a result of after 1 minute oxygen 90 heart rate 175. I have been having problems for nearly 2 years with shortness of breath and feeling exhausted after doing the minimal activity such as loading my washing machine. was wondering what else to think, i am having trouble getting my doc to refer me to cardio.
Avatar f tn ve had trouble with my heart during exercise. The doctors had me wear heart monitors but they never picked anything up. So I had a loop recorder implanted 5 months ago and the area of the incision started hurting while I was running. What does this mean?
Avatar f tn s what causes the arrhythmia. Would it be safer for me to eliminate aerobic exercise completely, or to limit my heart rate to 110 and the duration, too? Should I just lift weights or do yoga? My ep doc is mum: I don't think he knows what to advise. Can you help?
Avatar n tn s the difference then for those of us that experience skipped beats after exercise in a healthy heart. If skipped beats are a sign of trouble, then that makes me weary that maybe the DR's are missing something and those skipped beats really do mean something even though the DR's say there benign.
Avatar n tn This occured almost exactly a year ago and they did several tests, including heart related tests b/c that is a sign of heart problems is breathing problems. All came out fine. This eventually went away, but is back. Perhaps it's allergies, but I gave her a Zyrtec today before her softball game and by mid-game, she was still having trouble breathing. It is not from overexertion, because she can be riding in a car and breath deep and heavy.
Avatar f tn All- I had an ablation done over two months ago but since then have been having trouble with my heart rate. It seems very sensitive to an postural change. Meaning it swings 30 beats when I stand up, it come back down but still swings up. Also, just walking normally puts my rate at 100-120. Just for background, I am 28 y/o and was very fit prior to the ablation. My resting heart rate used to be in the 60's and now seems to be in the 80's.
Avatar f tn The hot water or hot food feels slightly better.Even mild exercise bring fast breathing Please suggest me for the said trouble ,and some exercise to reduce fat while breathing difficulty.
Avatar f tn t a big deal) I used to be involved in athletics and I always had trouble(not trouble breathing, but just trouble getting enough air I guess?) Anyways I went to the doctor and took this breathing test thing(usually for people with asthma) to see how much air you blow out of your lungs or whatever. She told me my results were a little lower than average and issued me an inhaler which was fine and worked ok I guess.
Avatar f tn I'm a 19 year old female. The other day (approximately 3 days ago) I was working out at my crossfit gym. I got off the rowing machine from a somewhat intense rowing session. I felt fine but then as I sat down, I started to get dizzy. My vision completely blurred, I couldn't see straight or even make out faces. In addition, my lips and finger nails turned blue, my face completely pale, I had trouble breathing, and my hands numb.
Avatar m tn after a heavy session aerobics and gym my blood pressure was 183/99 pulse 92. Can this damage my heart? I'm 85, one stent 2010, I can do 5kms bike and gym and be sick - nausea, anxiety belly ache, body malaise, pre syncope, drop- down fatigue in the same day and cannot identify the cause. (these events can be in reverse order). Medicines: Rhythmol 150, Coreg 6.5, aspirin, levothyroxine .75, Crestor 10 alternate days. But how about that 183/99? (in 15 mins it was down to 122/71 p77.
Avatar f tn aspx  Figure your heart rate by this formula  The Karvonen Formula is a mathematical formula that helps you determine your target heart rate zone. The formula involves using your maximum heart rate (MHR) minus your age to come up with a target heart rate range (which is a percentage of your MHR). Staying within this range will help you work most effectively during your cardio workouts.
Avatar n tn On the last mile or two, I felt extremely exhausted. My heart rate was elevated (about 15-20 bpm higher than normal). I attributed this to the aftermath of the diarrhea. Nevertheless, I stopped running and exercising for about 2 weeks. 2 weeks later, I tried to run very easy again, but stopped after about 2.5 miles. HR was again about 15-20 bpm higher than normal, peaked at about 88% of my maximum heart rate. Everything else felt normal.
Avatar n tn Just recently, during a Spin class I had trouble breathing. After several trips to the emergency room and the cardiologist's office, it has been determined that I suffer from a panic disorder. These particular attacks will last for hours with no relief in sight. One of the things I enjoyed most about my day was my morning work-out , but after the first panic attack, going to the gym only brought on more. After seeing a psychiatrist who put me on .
Avatar f tn The last time took much longer and I was allowed to continue until I reached 11 METS at which time they needed the machine for the next test.
Avatar m tn I'm not sure I would call it 'normal' but it certainly happens to a lot of people and is usually benign. I suppose it depends on each individuals subjective view of what is normal but I would say the average person probably does not have heart flutters when exercising and cooling down.
Avatar m tn I seen a cardiologist a couple times last year and he assured me, before I had any breathing trouble, that my heart is strong. So, any heart trouble wasn’t considered. He gave me some steroid nasal spray and Allegra. I ran tonight and focused on my breathing. I tried to breathe in through the nose and put through the mouth. My breathing was not nearly as bad as normal. Also, I’ve been reading on Maximum Heart Rate. Meeting or exceeding your maximum heart rate can affect breathing.
29837 tn?1414534648 Do what your body tells you. If you are having trouble getting your breath and you are dizzy I think exercise is not the best idea. My body has a hard time with a few minute walk these days. Before tx I rode my road bike or mountain bike in the park most days of the week and did a bit of light lifting several times a week. I am looking forward to being able to do that again.
Avatar f tn (all in sinus rhythm) I am now experiencing after exercise my heart rate will drop from 180 bpm to 135 bpm in the normal manner, then about 5 minutes later it start jumping around rapidly from 135 to 86 to 125 back to 95 - 125 - 100 - 135 it will continue this for approximately 1 hour. If I lay down it settles slightly. Do you think this is just part of my inappropriate sinus tachycardia?