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Avatar m tn have you had a exercise stress test done and a sleep study? was anything found on the exercise test if so? have you ever fainted or felt faint during exercise/exertion; how is your bp? young in shape individuals can have OSA/CSA but it's not common; my oldest daughter (24) has it from scarred lungs from asthma ...just a thought since your NSVT and pvc's were found at night. (were any pauses found on your holter at night also?) Dr.
Avatar m tn I went to hospital two weeks ago in severe pain and had a long operation they put me on strong pain.
29837 tn?1414538248 It is known that anaerobic (ANAER means not enough AIR) exercise is hard on the heart, so any time you are working the heart harder in an oxygen deprived environment you can damage the heart muscle. That's why aeroboic exercise (AER means enough air) is all docs recommend, because unless you provide enough oxygen for the load you damage the heart. You only make it healthier if it gets enough oxygen to burn while the demand is being placed on it..otherwise cell death is rapid.
Avatar n tn There were only two things I could possibly do myself to alleviate sx (other than more meds)- and they were water and exercise, so I dtermined to do both. Sometimes the exercise is hard- that first step is surely the hardest- but it is always rewarding. Not only does it "take me out of myself" but it seems to clear my fog. I am early yet-4/24- so it might get harder to drag myself out for a walk, but so far so good.My doggies like it too...
Avatar f tn ) Are you eligible to go through a cardiac rehab program to strengthen your heart? I would definitely ask ask about that. Exercise often helps with stress and so does the emotional support part of the program for many people. In fact, some studies show a cardiac rehab program helps prevent future heart problems by getting people hooked on healthy exercise, etc. How are you doing with your eating? That's a biggie for me--when I'm stressed I really have to work at staying away from junk foods.
Avatar f tn Megalocardia and HBP run in my family and my late( youngest of three ) brother suffered from this and when a dental/gum infection spread to the rest of his body, his heart just couldn't handle it, so he died from heart failure at the age of 42, two years ago. Here's a synopsis of what I did and still do to control stress, anxiety, and to prevent heart disease/complications or other imbalances: Daily: 1.
Avatar n tn Ever since I was in my middle teens I sometimes have an extremely high heart rate when I exercise. Over the years it has gotten worse. The last incident was two weeks ago. I was swimming 1000 meters (breaststroke)(wearing heart monitor) and during the last 50 meters I increased my speed slightly and my heart rate jumped from 200 to 234. This lasted for almost 30 minutes. During this time my chest hurt I had trouble breathing and often felt light headed.
Avatar f tn (all in sinus rhythm) I am now experiencing after exercise my heart rate will drop from 180 bpm to 135 bpm in the normal manner, then about 5 minutes later it start jumping around rapidly from 135 to 86 to 125 back to 95 - 125 - 100 - 135 it will continue this for approximately 1 hour. If I lay down it settles slightly. Do you think this is just part of my inappropriate sinus tachycardia?
Avatar n tn Most heart attacks are caused by rupture of soft plaque in the arteries. It is thought that sudden increases in blood pressure or heart rate can cause these plaques to rupture while they are still soft and haven't had time to harden. That's how exercise could do it, but of course I guess that's only if people are not used to the exercise. Of course i've hear that long term exercise is good for stabilising plaques, causing them to harden up and less likely to rupture.....
Avatar f tn What you express is concern about being much more “winded” than you believe you should be, for a given level of exercise. An exercise study would also caste light on the correctness (or not) of your perception. The good news is that you can run a mile and you can walk 9.5 miles at what must be close to 80% of maximum heart rate. Finally, a component of your shortness of breath could also be that, despite your current level of regular exercise, you are still deconditioned.
88793 tn?1290230777 How to you tell the limitation? Everyone gets high heart rate like 140 - 180 when exercise. Dr said exercise would help heart runs better. Could exercise help to stronger or hold the valves not further down to regurgitation? Would it help the muscle move normally? Thanks.
996946 tn?1503252712 No, tachycardia is not good exercise for the heart ;) Good exercise for the heart both makes the heart run faster and pump harder. A rapid heart rate alone will in the long run dilate the heart, and just heavy beats (high blood pressure) will in the long run thicken the heart walls. It's something like "minus x minus = plus". An athletes heart is both dilated AND thickened. It grows, but in both proportions. Just one of them is just bad.
Avatar n tn If your physican doesnt find anything wrong with the site you might try either varying the intensity of the workouts on the ellipitcal or trying a different exercise. Either way keeping a exercise program is important so find something you can do. If you havent had a regular exercise program until now, it wouldnt be surprising to have some pains and fatigue in the legs. Progress slowly and overtime it should go away.
Avatar n tn Is it possible you are becoming dehydrated during your exercise? A low volume status may elevate heart rates. I would probably check a 24-hour Holter monitor test that includes a period of vigerous exercise to document the extent of the situation. If the Holter revealed only sinus tach it is possible you have inappropriate sinus tachycardia. This can be treated with beta-blockers or ablation but does not always need treatment.
Avatar n tn I also have high heart rate during exercise and low resting heart rate. Tests report "mild to moderately reduced exercise tolerance", negative EST, rare PACs, normal left vent, no defects, and 65% ejection fraction. My cardiologist says there is no problem and my physician says ignore my heart monitor. For my own understanding, I did a Conconi test to find my actual peak heart rate. Now, I slow my exercise when I reach 90% of my actual peak heart rate.
Avatar f tn i am 30 also and my heart is in bad shape because i eat junk,drink too much pepsi and i do not exercise. it is possible to have heart trouble at 30. do you have copies of the echo done by the doctor that said you had a low ejection fraction? if you eat healthy and exercise,i think your heart should be fine at age 30. do you know your baseline blood pressure and resting heart rate? i would try to get medical records and if you can afford it go to another cardiologist and get a consultation.
Avatar n tn list=PL9FxWnfq1Oyo9pHHUPHeQne4iqoZ4zTN_ Figure your heart rate by this formula 220 minus your age is your maximum heart rate! you should try and get your heart rate between 65% - 85% of your maximum heart rate. I suggest buying a heart rate monitor. You burn 30 percent more fat from doing cardio after a weights session as opposed to cardio on its own. Before doing anything get the OK from your doctor!!!
Avatar n tn fuddie, An electrocardiogram is an map of the electrical currents that occur in the heart during the cardiac cycle. During a heart attack or when blood supply is jeopardized to the heart there are specific changes on the electrocardiogram that can be seen. After a heart attack, sometimes there are changes that can remain permanenet on the ECG. Unless the ECG is taken at the time of damage, the remaining changes are not really able to be dated too easily.
Avatar n tn I combat that by taking a low dose of klonopin at night. The other symptom is that I can't exercise as hard. Atenolol keeps my heart rate down. But I still run about 3 miles 3 to 4 times a week. Since I'm not training for a marathon I really don't care. I have not suffered depression from it. Atenolol is a fairly cheap drug. Also if it doesn''t work, you can get off of it fairly easily by cutting back the doses. There really isn't much choice out there for treating PVC symptoms.
Avatar n tn This occured almost exactly a year ago and they did several tests, including heart related tests b/c that is a sign of heart problems is breathing problems. All came out fine. This eventually went away, but is back. Perhaps it's allergies, but I gave her a Zyrtec today before her softball game and by mid-game, she was still having trouble breathing. It is not from overexertion, because she can be riding in a car and breath deep and heavy.
2011934 tn?1329336234 I found that the sooner you get your body going with exercise the sooner the sleep comes. Last time on day 14 for me, I spent all day working outside and sweating and slept great from that point on.
Avatar n tn Holter and ECG said uniform ventricular extrasystoles, echo said structurally normal heart. I had a lot of PVC's during the echo, but that seemd to be no problem. The cardio told me I could do anything with this. Medication was not prescribed, betablockers made it worse, and other meds could have serious side-effects. I started exercising again, and wear a polar monitor. I can actuallt see my heart skipping beats. It seems to be worse when my pulse is under 120.
Avatar n tn I used to play semi-pro hockey and never had issues with my breathing, save and except for the natural 'being out of shape' which I conquered through constant exercise. I have just recently have experienced breathing issues. I feel that I can't get a good breath which turns into panic. During my hockey after coming off a shift I can barely catch a good breath and receover for the next shift. When I am attempting to get to sleep I have the same issues, can't get a good breath...........
Avatar f tn I was having trouble on the first medicine my cardiologist put me on, which was Atenolol. I wasn't able to exercise without nearly passing out after a minute of running, still having trouble going up the stairs, still waking up with a racing heart and feeling very hot. i was also very dizzy and nauseated from the medicine. My soon-to-be-stepmonster called 'for me', which I did not feel comfortable with .
Avatar n tn come on because my hands and forehead start to sweat and get clammy, and soon after this I can feel my heart racing. As my heart is racing, I have shortness of breath and I have a hard time breathing. I also have pain and tightness in my chest/near my heart and upper back. Any suggestions on what this could be?
Avatar n tn After my 30 minutes of walking at a typical pace (not pushing myself very hard), I feel dizzy, extremely out of breath (breathing as hard as a typical person after a strenuous run), and my heart rate is up around 130. Also, my heart beats so hard that it moves my entire body and I can constantly feel nearly every single beat for at least 15-30 minutes after that. Once things go back to normal (my resting pulse rate is around 80), I generally just feel kinda sick for an hour or so.
Avatar n tn Just recently, during a Spin class I had trouble breathing. After several trips to the emergency room and the cardiologist's office, it has been determined that I suffer from a panic disorder. These particular attacks will last for hours with no relief in sight. One of the things I enjoyed most about my day was my morning work-out , but after the first panic attack, going to the gym only brought on more. After seeing a psychiatrist who put me on .