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Avatar f tn How are you measuring your heart rate? Are you doing it with a heart rate monitor? If so, I think your heart rate monitor is malfunctioning. If you are measuring it yourself, you would have to be feeling 5 heartbeats per second, which is impossible to feel. I truly don't think your heartrate is going up to 300 bpm. If it was going that fast, you would probably be unconscious.
Avatar m tn I have been on a diet for 2 months and i joined the Gym 2 weeks ago it was my 4th time of attendance today, i did 10 mins on rowing machine, 30 mins on cross trainer, then i did 15 mins on treadmill my heartrate was in the cardio zone when towards the end of my treadmill exercise my heart rate fell from 120 beats per minute to 60 and it was still dropping so i stopped the treadmill it really worried me, what could have caused this?
Avatar n tn Two days in a row, on different treadmills and once with a heart rate monitor, I have seen that about 15 minutes into a run my heart rate has gone from a 200+ down to a 30-50. Today, which is when I added the monitor, it showed that I stayed at a 30 for almost a minute, then went to a 0 for a couple of seconds, and then slowly climbed back up to a 40, 41, 50... then it spiked again at a 200.
Avatar n tn The rule of thumb is that your cadio zone is calculated as a range between 65% and 85% of your "max" heart rate. You calculate your max rate by subtracting your age from 220 and then multiplying 65% to 85%. In my case, it's 220 - 43 = 177 max, and my range is 115 to 151. I can definitely go beyond 151, but a good training zone for me is between 130 - 145. An all out sprint for me is around 160.
Avatar f tn Its not clear whether or not you have a medical problem. If it is a physical fitness issue, you could decrease the degree of effort expended while exercising to lower your heart rate, and increase the heart's rate gradually in response to a better physical condition. If the doctor feels you have medical problem, you can be given a stress test.
Avatar m tn Per most recommendations, I utilize the heat rate monitor built into the trainer to monitor how hard I am working. During active exercise I find it very difficult ro raise my heart rate above 80-90 bpm and if I'm interpreting the flashing heart symbol right, my heartbeat is very irregular (many fast beats mixed in with extended pauses). I am not experiencing pain or discomfort during this period and am usually able to go for 20-40 minutes.
Avatar n tn Then today I was at the gym and did my normal run and my heart rate was around 132bpm, however a couple of minutes after stepping off the machine I could feel my heart racing - my heart rate monitor showed it rose very quickly to 170bpm. Normally I'm in very good control of my heart rate but this time I couldn't slow it down.
Avatar f tn I have a resting heart rate while awake of about 50-60 bpm. Before the meds, my resting heart rate was in the 70s and 80s. Your doctor is right to worry about prescribing these meds because they do lower your heart rate. If I were you, I would try increasing your potassium and electrolytes within a normal, healthy diet. Try drinking a ton more water, especially in the summer and when you sweat, and add moderate, indoor exercise.
Avatar m tn ive bought a heart monitor with chest strap because im starting jogging it says ive got a resting heart rate of around 55 bpm the lowest ive seen it go is 45 is this ok i used to cycle quite a lot is this ok
Avatar m tn I wear a heart rate monitor when training or competing. Sometimes the reading is way higher than the actual pulse I measure by hand with a watch. It shows 210-220, but really is only 170- 175. I have tried different monitors. I feel palpitations, strong irregular beast, and a little light headed. what's going on here? I'm 60 years old.
Avatar n tn The next work out was very light cardio and strenght training. My heart rate went up to 190 and stayed weel above my target heart rate the entire workout. Even when I was on the floor it stayed elevated! THe ekg and heart monitor showed nothing out of the ordinary. I really like to work out but it makes me feel terrible while I am trying to do it. What could be the problem? Any suggestions?
1422496 tn?1329818745 I remember i would be concerned many times so I bought a Polar hear rate monitor and you can see how heart rate readings differ sometimes. However this doesnt mean that she may have a spike in irregular heart beating so if you feel that her heart rate rises for no reason you should go to a doctor to check her heart and if she is safe for exercising. Normally they conduct a stress test and monitor how the heart rate behaves.
Avatar m tn Hi Mark, what was the heart rate mentioned in the monitor or ECG? Sometimes weak beats may not be picked up while manually feeling the pulse. This could also be the case if the vessel walls are thickened. The dizziness could be due to inner ear disorders, this could be confirmed with tests like Electrocochleography (ECOG) and videonystagmography (VNG). These help diagnose inner ear problems. As long as you are able to exercise well and are happy, don't worry too much and enjoy life.
Avatar m tn I now wear a heart rate monitor when exercising. The threshold heart rate that precipitates the event has varied over time, but generally I'll be exercising normally with a heart rate of anywhere between say 100 to 150 bpm when within one complete heart cycle my rate will drop to approximately half the preceding rate. So if I was at 140 it drops to around 70, with an instantaneous resulting weakness felt in my legs.
Avatar m tn I do triathlon and train using a heart rate monitor. I am wondering if I would be able to progress athletically given my heart rate would be lowered substantially?
Avatar f tn Yes, while working at a constant level my heart rate drops. Most exercise heart rate monitors go blank as the heart rate goes below 60. Then a few minutes later it starts recording at about 110 to 125. Other times it jumps up to 180 and then back down. It has been happening on numerous machines for several years. No chest strap on.
Avatar f tn I suspect the heart monitor fitness watch. Learn how to feel your heart beat on the wrist on neck. As you doctor/nurse or someone you know does aerobic exercise.
Avatar f tn If you have PACs, they will not distort information, and if anything, having the PACs while wearing the monitor will provide valuable data to your doctor in terms of how your heart is functioning. An extremely rapid heart rate very early in exercise may be something your doctor wants to investigate. Have you had a stress test? Echocardiogram? If you have no other symptoms, such as shortness of breath, pain or dizziness, you are likely fine to continue working out.
Avatar n tn As far as the heart rate of 96 bpm, was that your rate immediately after exercise or much later? Immediately after exercise that would most likely be a good sign for your cardio health not a bad one. Good luck.
Avatar n tn While on the machine, I will watch my heart rate surge from normal to above the recommended rate in one or two minutes and then after that, the machines cannot register my heart rate at all. Also, when I manually monitor my heart rate (taking a pulse count with my fingers) I am always way above the recommended rate within only a few minutes. Another symptom I have is that I am extremely tired for about two days after one thirty-minute work out.
Avatar n tn Hi. I'm hoping for some help to ease my fears and concerns. I am an avid exerciser. Lately, about half way into my workout (such as an elliptical) my heart rate will spike with no increase in the intensity of the exercise. This doesn't happen every time I work out. Sometimes things are just fine. I have been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately. And I purchased a heart rate monitor that I wear when I work out.
Avatar f tn I have just been for an hours run my heart rate shoots to 190 very quickly without me even being very much out of breath, I was running along quite happily singing to my ipod and my heart rate was still around 190.
Avatar n tn There is a huge misconception about the heart rate. Your maximum is just the highest rate your heart is WILLING to go. You will in fact reach oxygen debt faster than your actual max heart rate. The figures varies widely among individuals and also depends on the type of exercise. I have seen values of up to 240 on cyclists.
Avatar m tn t betablockers slow the heart rate? My heart rate while jogging, lightly, is around 145-160, but my resting heart rate is often between 55-65. Could the betablockers slow my resting heart rate too much?