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Avatar m tn However, frequently during my cardio workouts where i use an exercise bike for 30 minutes i notice that my heart rate goes all over the place from 160-95 in a matter of minutes even though i am working out at the same pace. when this happens i try switching machines and get the same results. Last mounth i wore a 24 hour holter monitor and everything came back normal. Any Ideas on what causes this or are the machines just faulty?
Avatar f tn I have had a stress test in which came back normal as they didn't monitor my heart rate after exercise as much as I begged. I have given my heart rate monitor to someone else to use, to make sure it wasn't a glitch, this did not happen to them. This is not a problem in my heart rate monitor. Your advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Ever since I was in my middle teens I sometimes have an extremely high heart rate when I exercise. Over the years it has gotten worse. The last incident was two weeks ago. I was swimming 1000 meters (breaststroke)(wearing heart monitor) and during the last 50 meters I increased my speed slightly and my heart rate jumped from 200 to 234. This lasted for almost 30 minutes. During this time my chest hurt I had trouble breathing and often felt light headed.
Avatar n tn i was diagnosed with high blood preasure this year and put on 50mg cozaar. i run with a heart rate monitor. when i run now, my heart rate is 129-133 running easy. the problem is, that somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes of running, my heart rate jumps instantly to 155-157 without any change of pace or effort. sometimes it returns to the low 130's and sometimes it stays elevated.
Avatar n tn Hi also what is taking you heart rate is a machine and I wear a heart monitor I have IST but sometimes it takea min for my heart rate to messure on the watch I wouldnt freak out but I would have a stress test to get ride of the worries....but remember it is a machine!
Avatar f tn I counted without the benefit of a watch, but still the rate sounded to be too high. So when I got up I put on my chest strap exercise monitor, and the HR was in the high 90s. Sitting here typing, at rest, the HR is 100. Something seems to have gone wrong here, but I'll set back and watch before looking for help. The heart sounds to still be in sinus rhythm." I think I will take an "extra" dose of Toprol to see if that brings the HR back down.
Avatar f tn After a couple of minutes of rest my heart rate would go up. Now I am 60 and during spin class my monitor will fluctuate between 34 and 120 once in awhile it will go up to maybe 134 but that is rare. I have had some chest pain but that was thought to be related to ulcers and or asthma. I get lots of muscle cramps in my legs especially when swimming. I get SOB when first startng an activity or maybe just going up stairs. I get extremely tired and have a hard time staying awake during the day.
1807132 tn?1318747197 I have a generally high heart rate. Since I have fallen into a pvc cycle my heart rate is even more high. Normally when I exercise/run it can get up into the 150s maybe 160s. Now if I go full out it is getting up into the 170s and 180s. So my question is how high is too high when exercising or does it not matter?
Avatar n tn The heart rate monitor does not seem to pick up the PVCs. Watching the little blinking heart on the display, it does not register a PVC. That might help you to understand what is going on in your case. I am not sure about PACs. I do occasionally after exercise seem to get some premature beats that do register on the monitor but are not PVCs (there is no gap if I am feeling my pulse). I suspect that these may be PACs.
Avatar n tn I do not feel that locating a heart monitor for your dog is your most important consideration. Seeing a veterinary heart specialist would be a valid consideration. Below is a explanation of canine heart disease which I hope is helpful for you. Two forms of heart disease occur in dogs: Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) and Mitral Valve Insufficiency (MVI). In Dilated Cardiomyopathy the muscle of the heart’s wall becomes thin and weak.
Avatar n tn The trainer took my bp and it had gone up from 122/72 pre exercise to 156/82. Did I get my heart rate up too high? And why would this happen when I've been doing this type of exercise for so long. Do you agree that these symptoms are panic related or should I have my heart checked out again. The last time was 18 months ago. I had an echo, thalium stress test and event monitor which showed PVC's but I didn't have a huge attack while on the monitor. Thank you so much for you time.
Avatar n tn I've worn a heart monitor during exercise and daily observe the readout from the exercise machine heart rate hand monitors, and often see exactly the same thing. I have a pacemaker which controls my heart rate. I think what your are seeing is a variance in the machines, they are re-setting themselves, and bet your heart isn't jumping around. Stop exercising and check it manually is my advice. I'm betting you are OK. Good luck with the weight loss, stay with it!
Avatar m tn so I slowed my walk even more but my heart rate kept increasing until my heart rate monitor started beeping at 160 beats. By the time I walked to my trainer it was up to 175. It took about 15 minutes before it came back down to a comfortable rate but was still over 100. Another time I was driving home from the fitness center and it happened and I had to pull over.
Avatar n tn Is it ok to have a heart rate of well over 200 during exercise? I recently wore a heart monitor that read 221 as my maximum heart rate.
Avatar m tn A couple of months ago, at the recommendation of this list, I started using a wireless chest strap heart rate monitor during workouts on my elliptical trainer. During that period I have been working out at an average HR of low 150's for 20-30 minutes or low 140's for 50-60 minutes, basically without any problems or discomfort. I recently added a data logger to record HR during my entire workout session.
Avatar f tn I have just been for an hours run my heart rate shoots to 190 very quickly without me even being very much out of breath, I was running along quite happily singing to my ipod and my heart rate was still around 190.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering if the increase in my heart rate is due to anxiety. I'm so focused on my heart rate that I'm actually causing these spikes. I have no pain or shortness of breath when this occurs. In fact if I didn't see it on the monitor and take my pulse on my neck, I probably wouldn't know its occuring. I have mitral valve prolapse but I typically don't have a lot of symptoms from it as I take a beta blocker. This spike in heart rate initially happened to me about 12 years ago.
Avatar n tn A couple of weeks ago right at the beginning of an exercise, when I hadn't even worked up a sweat, my heart rate monitor showed my pluse rate in the upper 170's. I stopped and it took about a half hour for it to work its way back to under 90 and another half hour to get back to 70. I did some interenet research and the issue of dehydration caught my eye.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I am a 19-year-old female, in good health, no history of heart problems or blood pressure problems, but I've noticed that when I run, my heart rate gets low (73 bpm) while I'm working really hard and then seems to play catch up and jumps to the 190s once I start walking again and in a few minutes recovers to a normal rate. If I'm just jogging lightly my heart rate will be in the proper cardio range, but whenever I push myself more it drops 60-70 bpm.
Avatar n tn My trainer took me into the restroom and began splashing cold water on my head. My heart rate then dropped to 60 (I was wearing a monitor) and began dropping by 10 beats every 10 seconds until I told my trainer I was going down. He helped me to the floor at which point my HR was at 32. Within 5 seconds of being on the floor, my HR recovered to 80 and I was able to sit up. With ice on my neck and head, my HR stabilized at 90.
Avatar n tn Since starting to run again, I'm experiencing the very rapid heart rate during exercise but with no sypmtoms at rest. My resting heart rate is approximately 72 bpm. Since my run times are so slow with such a rapid heart rate, what could be the possible causes? Does this sound likes something I can correct through exercise or should I see a cardiologist? If I should see a cardiologist, should I see one that specializes in heart rate?
Avatar m tn If you are sure about the machines in the gym reading a heart rate of 170, there is nothing to worry as your maximum heart rate can be around 180 during exercise. Sometimes the exercise machines are not much reliable in detecting the heartrate. You may note your heart rate by counting the pulse for one minute immediately after doing exercise.
Avatar f tn Have been trying to be active most of my life, NO changes in heart rate (no decrease with exercise) after months of trying to improve it. The Only Time HR slows down (usually) is sometime after 10pm and when going to sleep/when in bed, hr is between 56-65. Very miserable, starting to lose hope sometimes because no one has been able to decrease symptoms yet and every day exercise (or even walking faster or uphill) is more of a task than it should be.
Avatar m tn I had stable angina for years, and would use exercise to monitor my heart health... if I felt chest discomfort, I'd slow down. In my case, at age 70, when my heart beat would get close to 120bpm, I'd feel discomfort. That said, I was taking some high doses of Coreg, a potent beta blocker, and have a pacemaker. Eventually I felt a lot of discomfort when my heart rate hit about 120 as evidenced on the Polar monitor I wear and had bypass surgery.
Avatar n tn That's not the question though, when I run I always wear a heart rate monitor (Garmin 305) and I get a graph of the heart rate for every run. My resting heart rate is around 45. My normal running heart rate is in the range of 125 to 140, depending. Here is the weird part, when I just start out on a run, my heart rate frequently jumps to 175-180 for the first mile or half mile, then abrubtly drops to the normal range.
Avatar m tn Welcome, initiate, to the normal-to-be-off-the-chart club...perhaps. After you visit your family physician and cardiologist, if you hear "you are healthy, nothing to worry about", you will be a certified member of the "we haven't a clue why, but we're going to tell you not to worry" club. It may be that you have a "normal" high max heart rate. Only an exercise physiologist can safely and expertly measure it.