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Avatar f tn so 65% would be 126 and 85% would be 165. I recommend buying a heart rate monitor and trying to keep your heart rate between 126 & 165! You burn 30 percent more fat from doing cardio after a weights session as opposed to cardio on its own. Start slow you can build up to your heart rate of 126 - 165 Make sure you get the OK from your doctor before doing anything!!
Avatar f tn After you mastered the techniques, use a weight that will make completing eight to 12 reps challenging. I suggest buying a heart rate monitor it's about $30.00. To figure your heart rate subtract your age from 220 that will show your maximum heart rate. What you want to strive for is to get your heart rate between 65%-85% of your maximum heart rate. Before doing anything get the OK from your doctor!!
Avatar n tn Try doing your cardio training last. Also start doing interval spurts. (really fast for 1 min, slow for 2 mins). Change your diet. Low carbs, high fat and protien.
Avatar n tn I am a 25 year old active male, yesterday I went for a ECG stress test and the Doctor told me that that I had a fast heart rhythm after the workout - what does this mean? Last December I had trauma to the head in a snowboarding accident, he thinks it has something to do with the impact. He if going to give me a device for a week, to monitor my heart continuously. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/740266'>Episodes of disabling aberrant heartbeat</a>.
Avatar f tn aspx  Figure your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220 - 22 = 198 I suggest buying a heart rate monitor that straps around your chest and the other part goes on your wrist like a watch. You want to get your heart rate 65% to 85% of your maximum rate! That would be 128 - 168. It's important to first do your strength training first and then the cardio. last! The cardio will only take 20 minutes. Check the link that I posted above. Get the OK from your doctor first!
Avatar f tn that he is drinking pre-workout could be damaging his heart? I am trying to get him to see a cardiologist about the high heartrate hours after exercise...but he doesnt seem to want to go. I am worried yet helpless to do anything. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I have had arrhythmia's for years now and mine ONLY occur during exercise when the heart rate is elevated. Mine are also not described as what most people call "skipped beats", instead they are like mini episodes of tachycardias or "extra beats" although they don't last for more than a second and is only about 1-2 extra beats following a normal beat.
Avatar m tn Hey everybody, I just wanted to post the results for a Holter Monitor test I had done a few months ago. I was having some issues with PVC's and went to the emerg and the doctor said I was fine and sent me on my way, but said I should have a Holter Monitor test to make sure. Between the time I was in emergency and had my test I felt increasingly better and once I had my monitor on I had a relatively good day heart wise.
Avatar f tn You want to strive to get your heart rate between 65% and 85% of your maximum heart rate. I suggest buying a heart rate monitor that straps around your chest and the readout is on your wrist. costs about $30.00. You burn 30 percent more fat from doing cardio after a weights session as opposed to cardio on its own. Before doing anything get the OK from your doctor!
Avatar n tn But, if they did a holter monitor on your and or a 30 day event monitor to see just what these lil buggers are doing,,,the docs will know if they are dangerous. Even with my heart mess, my 48 hour monitor showed benign PAC's and PVC's...The 30 day event one showed the same thing. I will almost bet that they will go away on their own with you least expecting it. One thing I am careful on is CHOCALATES! I limit my caffeine also to two small cups a coffee a day.
Avatar f tn Cardiologist said no treatment for me, just monitor every so often, and will do echocardiogram every 2 years. However, I am not new to the heart palpitations. I have undergone numerous EKGs, worn 24hr holter monitor and 10 days one, treadmill stress test, chest x-ray, echocardiogram (that’s when they found my BAV), and CT scan of aorta. I have benign PVC and PAC palps due to anxiety, stress, and strong emotions. My cardiologist is not a slightest bit concerned about my palps.
Avatar m tn Your heart rate during the activity reaches 170 bpm. Within in 1 minute post exercise your heart rate should be down to 150 bpm or less. At 5 minutes post workout you should be 120 bpm or less. If you are not at these levels, decrease the intensity of your workout and then gradually increase as your fitness level improves. You can figure if you're fitness level is improving by monitoring how quickly you return to resting heart rate after a workout.
Avatar f tn Hi any of you wear a heart rate monitor to workout....i just got mine ...when i got it i read at the box that states that chemicals in the packaging may cause birth defects...its the polar f t4 .
Avatar m tn It sounds like some sort of svt issue that is being reverted by an ectopic beat but you won't know for certain until you get a monitor to catch what is going on. Go see your doctor and/or cardiologist to get your heart looked at. In general most heart rhythm issues are not a big danger in an otherwise healthy heart. Some, like svt can be fixed but others like ectopic beats we need to learn how to deal with but the first step is to get checked out by a doctor. Take care.
Avatar m tn btw My daughter's holter monitor was 'normal' as far as arrhythmia's anyway....but her heart rate did go over 160 bpm a few times during the 24 hours. (Surprising since she was laying around the entire time she was wearing it....) She was finally diagnosed with POTS. Good luck in finding a diagnosis....
Avatar n tn The next work out was very light cardio and strenght training. My heart rate went up to 190 and stayed weel above my target heart rate the entire workout. Even when I was on the floor it stayed elevated! THe ekg and heart monitor showed nothing out of the ordinary. I really like to work out but it makes me feel terrible while I am trying to do it. What could be the problem? Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn About 3 months ago I started having symptoms that are I can feel my heart beating , I am aware of my heart beat, it feels like my heart isn't working right. I had a 12 lead EKG and Echocardiogram during the symptoms and they were both totally normal. In addition, I have become very sensitive to situations that would cause any normal person to have an elevated heart rate.
Avatar m tn Ok first thing I wood be doing is get to a cardiologist and ask for a 24hr heart monitor if that does not pick up anything ask for a 30 day event monitor and all so ask for a stress test and heart echo have a full heart work up that will find the problem. If you don't mind me asking does your heart just start pounding out of no where go on for a bit then stop pounding all of a sudden?
Avatar f tn For the last 5 months I've been experiencing a sensation as though my heart is pausing. On 3 different occasions I felt lightheaded, and my hearing went down, I reached to feel the pulse in my neck and didn't have one for at least 5 to 7 seconds. the first time this happened I was sleeping and awoke to me gasping and felt for my pulse and didn't have one. I have had many ekgs, a 48 hour halter, an event monitor, a chest xray, and an echocardiogram.
18623887 tn?1466409465 I'm super healthy all things considered, workout regularly, eat healthy, work full time, etc... Over the past 3 months I've had heart palpitations along with dizziness and tests keep coming back normal. The past week I've had what feels like a heart cramp? It is pretty painful and the only way to stop it is to apply a ton of pressure over my heart and lower rib cage. Simultaneously, my back is sore and stiff, and I've never had real back pain before (could be related?).
Avatar f tn i checked and i checked and i checked both with my hands and a bp monitor and my wrist watch , pulse went 51-54. I have seen this low before sometimes when i go swimming afterwards when i come out the cold sea. i was dubious whether i should do my routine but i did so anyway, i think i had a panic attack cause in the first 13mins i had high pulse (136-140) dry mouth and shaky legs. got off waited few mins and again i did this time i did not have dry mouth but pulse stayed around 135-140.
Avatar f tn I've been to see my doctor and did an EKG which just showed my atriums are a little slow in pumping into my ventricles, I did bloodwork, which was normal. I did a heart monitor, showed episodes of irregular activity. I've seen a cardiologist and he didn't think much of it. Any help? :( These rapid heart rates are getting on my nerves..
Avatar n tn Since then I have seen probably 15 cardiologists who have never done anything because they said everything was normal despite having a pounding heart and a feeling that my heart is constantly excited. My last echo was in March of 2003 which was normal again with a holter, which was normal. I just had another holter about a week ago which showed 15 PVCs and nothing else.
Avatar f tn I even stopped half way through to record them on the Event Monitor. I counted 40 during the workout and an additional 26 when I paused to record. During that recording there was even a small run of single PVC's each separated by four normal beats. When I phoned in the recording they didn't seem concerned and have not been concerned by anything I have phoned in for these last two weeks.
Avatar f tn I haven't been to the cardiologist since I was 12. I recently started working out and wearing a heart rate monitor- it is extrememly high. Normally 110-130 BPM. I only weigh 125. Should I go back to the doctor?
Avatar n tn I have recently bought a Polar heart Monitor and it has an alarm when you heart rate drops below a set level ie 60bpm and another for 180bpm. Well today when I was wearing it the alarm went off and it was showing that my pulse was 210 as I looked at the watch it went back to normal within seconds. My question is do you think that there is something wrong with the monitor or do I have asympotmatic SVT. I was rushing around a bit and my pulse was approx 105.
Avatar m tn Your symptoms do not sound like the typical pain of a heart attack. A rapid heart beat, palpitations, and the sensation of a racing heart may point to problems with the electrical or conduction system of the heart, rather than a problem related to coronary artery disease. Your doctor might suggest a Holter monitor, where your heart rate and rhythm can be monitored continuously for 48 hours.
Avatar m tn A couple of months ago, at the recommendation of this list, I started using a wireless chest strap heart rate monitor during workouts on my elliptical trainer. During that period I have been working out at an average HR of low 150's for 20-30 minutes or low 140's for 50-60 minutes, basically without any problems or discomfort. I recently added a data logger to record HR during my entire workout session.
Avatar m tn Finally one day I was rushed to the er by my husband and after vomitting and diarhea and 2 hours of iv fluids and being on a heart monitor it happened. The room strted spinning, I felt like I wasn't gettng enough oxugen, it was as if Iran a 25 mile marathon and couldn't catch my breath...but I was as calm as could be...until I felt this. I thought I was going to die. The monitor was beeping so fast and so loud.
Avatar n tn 30 to a 7:00 pace. In watching my heart rate monitor on a treadmil I have noticed that initially my heart rate increases for the first few miles, then drops off. It seems to consistantly do that when I wear the monitor. Below are the BBM from running yesterday. I'm wondering why this happens and if this is normal. Pulse Before Workout: 42 First 1.5 miles: 177 (7:30/mile pace) (Warmup) Next 1.