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Avatar f tn It will be a totally miserable workout because my heart will go nuts..and continue all night. But...I can NOT let the palps (or the cause--the stress) stop me from working out. But...I dreaded it. ... They were happening so frequently that I DID go to the fitness center, but I asked the technician if she thought I should exercise. Her comment? "Well, you know that they always improve by the time you are done. Give it a shot." So...
Avatar m tn will check you with holtier monitor. If not, I would suggest you have a bp monitor with an irregular heart dectector. I would not know I was in afib because I have no symptoms, other than fatigue. The irregular heart dectector picks it up once or twice a week.
Avatar f tn aspx  Figure your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220 - 22 = 198 I suggest buying a heart rate monitor that straps around your chest and the other part goes on your wrist like a watch. You want to get your heart rate 65% to 85% of your maximum rate! That would be 128 - 168. It's important to first do your strength training first and then the cardio. last! The cardio will only take 20 minutes. Check the link that I posted above. Get the OK from your doctor first!
Avatar f tn I get heart PVCs too! It feels like a stop a pause then a real hard beat! Sometimes it is scary like your heart will not start again. The recovery beat after the skip sometimes hurts like it hits my ribs with force. I can hear these hard thuds in a quiet room. and can see them too! I though have always had a strong visible heart. My heart has always been strong and powerful and visible! I am an athletic man'6' tall 210 lbs. I workout do martial arts, am healthy as can be.
Avatar f tn Your weight, fitness level, intensity, workout duration, and even exercise type changes the amount of calories burned. A heart rate monitor HRM is the best way to figure out your caloric burn rate. (Many new gyms are actually putting in these monitors on their tread mills and putting the counter up on a screen). You need to feed your muscles so that is why you get those extra calories. Yes you should eat them.
Avatar m tn Does this sound normal or is the heart monitor likely a good idea? Also, is there anything that can be done if my HR is jumping high fast, but is still in a sinus tachycardia rhythm? I just don't feel like wasting my time as most Dr's only care about is it sinus or not. The reason I ask is due to my appointment not being for a few weeks. Thanks.
Avatar m tn t know for certain until you get a monitor to catch what is going on. Go see your doctor and/or cardiologist to get your heart looked at. In general most heart rhythm issues are not a big danger in an otherwise healthy heart. Some, like svt can be fixed but others like ectopic beats we need to learn how to deal with but the first step is to get checked out by a doctor. Take care.
Avatar f tn which whom I will see in a few days. I am an athlete and wear a HR monitor when I workout. My normal resting heart rate is 58-62. I tried running and my low HR was 30, averaged 68, and high was 90 for a 45 min. run! Afterwards, I was extremely off balance and slept for 4 hours. I really thought my heart monitor was broken....but maybe it's not. Anyway, I am wondering is it possible that the neck/spine manipulation caused my Vagus Nerves to be stimulated?????
Avatar m tn I got dizzy during the workout and reported all to the attendants. I was being monitored and my heart beat and blood pressure were normal. When I came home I had to nap. This morning I had to nap again. I feel very sleepy. My muscles do not ache. I could sleep all day. Should I just put this reaction to the start of the exercise program. Do others experience this tiredness?
Avatar f tn I have noticed for the past few months through my heart rate monitor and double checks through someone taking my pulse to check my heart rate monitor that my heart rate raises to over 200bpm. The highest it has gotten is 216 but usually its around 208 while running and only a few minutes into running. My resting heart rate is 48-56 and throughout the day its 70-85. Am I causing damage to my heart or cardiovascular system by running with this high of a heart rate.
Avatar n tn 30 to a 7:00 pace. In watching my heart rate monitor on a treadmil I have noticed that initially my heart rate increases for the first few miles, then drops off. It seems to consistantly do that when I wear the monitor. Below are the BBM from running yesterday. I'm wondering why this happens and if this is normal. Pulse Before Workout: 42 First 1.5 miles: 177 (7:30/mile pace) (Warmup) Next 1.
Avatar f tn and I freak about about my heart for no reason, like I know my heart is supposed to beat fast after a run but my mind still freaks out anyway. I have kinda high blood pressure during my anxiety attacks, after a workout for me my blood pressure will sometimes go up to 155/94 is the highest I've seen mine go, and usually at rest mine is around 117/75.
Avatar n tn Here is the copy of heart monitor results and recommendation by a cardiologist: Occasional premature atrial contractions and brief supraventricular runs, symptomatic. Recommend avoidance of stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, decongestants, diet pills, energy drinks, etc. ICD-10-CM 1. PALPITATIONS I used to work out a few days a week for 30 - 45 minutes at a stretch with an elevated HR of 130 - 170 bpm, can I safely return to this routine?
Avatar f tn the 54 beats a min. on your monitor was probably an errant reading. I know that sometimes my monitor does not read correctly. I have mvp and moderate to severe regurg. I exercise regularly and feel great. The worse thing you can do is over think your your issue, cause the leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to your heart rate increasing .
Avatar f tn Since last year, I noticed some palpitations, very mild chest discomfort on the left side…also some discomfort in my left arm specifically…so I went to two different cardiologists during this year, They both did an EKG and heart enzymes test and said that everything was perfectly normal and there is nothing to be afraid of. so its been a year now and I do get the same feelings (chest and left arm discomfort, weird palpitations..
Avatar f tn Well, my HR was nice and steady at 82% of my MHR until I got 17 min into my session and then all of a sudden out of nowhere, my HR jumped up to 90% of my MHR, verified by both my coded Polar Heart Rate monitor and the monitor on the bike itself. My HR then REMAINED ELEVATED, at 90% of my MHR for the remainder of my workout, 13 minutes.
Avatar n tn The next work out was very light cardio and strenght training. My heart rate went up to 190 and stayed weel above my target heart rate the entire workout. Even when I was on the floor it stayed elevated! THe ekg and heart monitor showed nothing out of the ordinary. I really like to work out but it makes me feel terrible while I am trying to do it. What could be the problem? Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn Per most recommendations, I utilize the heat rate monitor built into the trainer to monitor how hard I am working. During active exercise I find it very difficult ro raise my heart rate above 80-90 bpm and if I'm interpreting the flashing heart symbol right, my heartbeat is very irregular (many fast beats mixed in with extended pauses). I am not experiencing pain or discomfort during this period and am usually able to go for 20-40 minutes.
Avatar f tn re on the subject of exercising, is everyone really trying to monitor their heart rate while exercising (keep it under 140?) I've read mixed stuff on the importance of sticking to this particular number. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It's all so confusing!
Avatar m tn Ok first thing I wood be doing is get to a cardiologist and ask for a 24hr heart monitor if that does not pick up anything ask for a 30 day event monitor and all so ask for a stress test and heart echo have a full heart work up that will find the problem. If you don't mind me asking does your heart just start pounding out of no where go on for a bit then stop pounding all of a sudden?
Avatar f tn ve been experiencing a sensation as though my heart is pausing. On 3 different occasions I felt lightheaded, and my hearing went down, I reached to feel the pulse in my neck and didn't have one for at least 5 to 7 seconds. the first time this happened I was sleeping and awoke to me gasping and felt for my pulse and didn't have one. I have had many ekgs, a 48 hour halter, an event monitor, a chest xray, and an echocardiogram. other than mild MVP and palpations, everything looks great.
Avatar m tn only on this occasion, when i reached the business end off my bike workout on a high level of resistance, my heart went into a kind of what i assume is bigeminy. It started having the feeling of mini ectopics rolling over in my chest one after the other, until i stopped peddling. once off the bike, i wasn't scared, i was just angry. angry that this annoyance has now invaded my stress/tension releasing plus calorie burning time. I then immediately felt the urge to regurgitate.
Avatar f tn I am a 30 year old female who does 45 minutes of cardio 6 days a week. I bought a heart rate monitor in January and noticed my heart rate when sitting tends to be around 44 bpm. When walking around it is around 55 bpm. When I exercise I can get it up to around 165, but when I lie down it often drops to between 36 and 39 bpm. During the past few months I have had no symptoms. For the past week and a half I have been extremely tired and weak.
Avatar f tn Where can you buy a heart monitor so you can listen to the baby's heart bear?