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Avatar f tn My tests show I have low estrogen (also taking birth control pill), decreased cortisol in the morning and increased at night and elevated DHEA. I'm just baffled as to why I am sweating so much. Should I get treated for the estrogen or should they level out once my thyroid is fixed? I am taking natural supplements for my adrenals and might want to try HC but I have heard not so good stories about it. Are there natural adrenal meds or how should I go abouts treating it?
Avatar f tn At my 7 dpo my prolactin level was 32, progersterone 5.8 and estrodial 40. My FE started me on progesterone shots and estrogen patches that day. Pre- IUF I had a 24mm follicle on right and 4 on left 2 > 15mm with no fertility meds. I'm concerned @ the prolactin level so immedately began B6 Vit C & Zinc supplements. I'm now 9 dpo crampy, very itchy, sore breasts, bloated feeling, increase urination and past 3 days, BT on Day 7 97.5, 8, 98.6, today 99.2. I did an EPt and it was neg.
Avatar f tn So I am guy but I have the estrogen levels of a woman, because of this I don't gain muscle the way I want and fat distribution is feminin, I have padded hips and c cup boobs despite being quite skinny. Is there a way I can work around this and gain muscle to look more masculine?
698356 tn?1240154327 - I was also diagnosed with several nutritional deficiencies in November 2008 (iron, b12, b6, vitamin d, and zinc) and have been supplementing since diagnosis to balance. I went into the doctor for PMS symptoms that began last August and have worsened over the year. I am depressed, irritable, and anxious to a debilitating point the week before my period. My GP suspected estrogen dominance.
Avatar m tn Hair loss due to alcohol consumption is mainly due to the fact that alcohol affects the levels of estrogen and zinc in the body, which subsequently affect hair growth. Excessive drinking RAISES the level of estrogen, high levels of estrogen result in hair loss. Excessive drinking REDUCES zinc levels in the body. Zinc is essential for healthy hair growth. In addition, constant consumption of alcohol can also induce a lower level of vitamins B and C in your body.
Avatar f tn have tried bathing in baking soda then drying the area and applying small amount of estrogen (premerin) cream and/or estriol cream. lubricating the area repeatedly. Aloe Vera. I went to a plastic surgeon and was advised surgery is not recommended. I also went to a gynocologist who offered me no additional information. I need to know if anyone out there knows a solution to this problem. Thanks.
1337132 tn?1275770565 Sometimes it gets stored in the body, but can't circulate or be eliminated normally. Too much estrogen means too much copper and too little zinc. Zinc and copper are on a seesaw together. So put time into reading about hormone imbalances, food intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. And give it time. Some people only need a little improvement to get better and some people have to dig themselves out of a deeper hole before they see improvement. Good luck!
Avatar f tn What are the other nutrients and minerals required for teenagers to grow other than calcium, zinc, phosphorus, protein, vitamin d, vitamin k and iodine? Does estrogen encourage growth plates to fuse earlier? Are soy products bad if you want to grow taller (becuase they contain naturally occuring estrogen)? How tall do you think ill be?
Avatar n tn If testosterone, estrogen and pituitary hormones LH and FSH is out of range, it can lead to low sperm count and the solution is to correct the hormonal imbalance. 3. Micro nutrients : Low intake/absorption of micro nutrients like zinc and folic acid can reduce the sperm count as well as its health. By taking a balanced food, this problem can be solved. Here are two links regarding role of micronutrients in male fertility : 1. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar f tn I'm not very familiar with Ovulex, but I am familiar with FertilityBlend (which is almost the same thing). Vitex is Chaste Berry which is just ONE of the ingredients found in Ovulex & FB. FB has iron, zinc, selenium and a host of other ingredients which will help regulate your periods and help with fertility. If you're taking a daily vitamin, you may just want to compliment that with the Vitex. If you're not taking anything else, take FB. (I read that Ovulex has estrogen in it).
Avatar n tn Low testosterone may be due to conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the body or due to other factors such as malabsorption of zinc. In any case your doctor will be able to fix it also.
285777 tn?1231613444 If your free testo is less, it could affect spermatogenesis. Low sperm may be due to many other factors, including low Zinc absorption. There are medical reports which talks of improved sperm production after treatment with zinc and follic acid, if you want I can dig it up for you. Are you consulting an Endo, in any case, take a second opinion from an Endo with a new set of Lab reports.
Avatar m tn Hello Kian1332, Assuming you are Male, I would have your doc run a Estradiol Test to see what your Estrogen is at. If its on the high side, you are try supplementing with Zinc but if you do, get your RBC Zinc and RBC Copper Levels checked. ON the pharma side, you can try arimidex to raise Test levels if E levels are high.
Avatar m tn Even though you don't have zinc spots, I suggest you give the zinc a try. Zinc is an antiinflammatory and acts as a natural antibiotic. Sit in the sun for at least 20 min. a day to make the vitamin d. Check out PinPinPatrick's comments on the acne forum. He also seems to have come to the same conclusion as me. Vitamin C apparently helps bring cortisol down along with zinc, the b vitamins. Calcium and magnesium help calm the body down.
296340 tn?1336167601 Oysters, which have the highest zinc content of any food. Zinc helps maintain a healthy menstrual cycle. Zinc deficiency has been linked to decreased fertility since it can slow the production of good quality eggs essential for conception. Berries, such as blueberries and raspberries, are exceptionally high in antioxidants, which can prevent cell damage and aging, as well as help protect eggs and sperm.
Avatar f tn The reason is not due to any magical powers, but rather to its abundant amount of zinc. Adequate zinc is critical for maintaining optimum semen volume and blood testosterone levels in men. Researchers at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia have found supplemental vitamin E to dramatically improve sperm mobility and viability. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin suggest that consuming 1,000 mg. of calcium and 10 mcg. of vitamin D each day may improve men's fertility.
Avatar m tn I'm going to give it a good 2 weeks before trying sex again. I also am starting to take zinc and ordered some sweet almond oil. Zinc is supposed to be good for healing and the immune system and Ive read that the sweet almond oil is also a natural healer.
Avatar f tn The body will try not to allow pregnancy if you do not have the physical resources to protect that pregnancy. Also, any large weight adjustment causes a shift in hormones, because estrogen release is partially based on your fat cells. When you lose a large amount of weight, estrogen automatically declines. If you stop losing this weight at a healthy weight, once your body adjusts to the new amount of hormones, you should return to normal.
Avatar n tn The body will try not to allow pregnancy if you do not have the physical resources to protect that pregnancy. Also, any large weight adjustment causes a shift in hormones, because estrogen release is partially based on your fat cells. When you lose a large amount of weight, estrogen automatically declines. If you stop losing this weight at a healthy weight, once your body adjusts to the new amount of hormones, you should return to normal.
2026160 tn?1328928087 Studies have indicated that zinc monomethionine is more easily used by the body than either zinc sulfate or zinc gluconate. It is usually best to take zinc with food. Recommended dosage for supplements vary (50-100 mg) - but some research suggests that it is probably best to take no more than 100 mg per day as a dietary supplement (excessive zinc intake may lead to deficiencies in other vitamins and minerals). It is best to take this with food and not on an empty stomach.
Avatar n tn I wonder how much is effected in our multiple 5 hr car trips even though we stop every 1-2hrs. Or not enough iron zinc or C or my high estrogen since I nurse my twins and I was told I have excessive estrogen. Her tiny skinny legs all of a sudden became very thick like telephone pole legs around the same time mark appeared and her twin did not. She seemed to swell up espec around ankles and lower legs which are always cold no matter how we try to keep her warm.
Avatar f tn Breast soreness comes from an increase in the level of estrogen. Causes of estrogen dominance include birth control pills, estrogen replacement therapy, stress, poor diet, obesity, xenoestrogens (excess estrogens found in anything from pesticides to plastics). Estrogen dominance can affect conversion of T4 to T3 as well as increase thyroxine binding globulin (if there is too much thyroid binding globulin, thyroid hormone is bound and unable to get into the cells).
Avatar n tn Also, could my diet be the cause of the increased hair growth? I have read on the internet that zinc or foods with zinc cause hair loss. Also, articles on saw palmetto have claimed body hair loss. I am willing to try anything. i have changed my diet and began taking zinc and saw palmetto to see if it helps. Also, I know estrogen is given to women for hirsutism. Is it possible to give a drug with similar effects to men?
Avatar f tn Your estrogen levels are way too high. Total estrogen normal reference range: Day 1 - 10: 61 - 394pg/mL, Day 11–20: 122–437 pg/mL; Day 21–30: 156–350 pg/mL. High estrogen leads to excessive production of thyroid binding globulin (TBG). Although there are enough thyroid hormones in the blood, they are not taken up by the body's cells as they are inactivated by TBG. In other words, thyroid labs are in range but you have signs of low thyroid function.
Avatar f tn And yes, estrogen can stimulate any remaining endo. Some doctors say that going without estrogen for a certain period of time post-op to allow the lesions to die off reduces this risk. Others say that taking progesterone with the estrogen reduces this "endo flare" risk. Regardless of the endo issue, going without hormones can be a very miserable existence.
Avatar f tn My testosterone is slightly elevated while my estrogen and progesterone are normal. My basal body temperature runs between 97.3 and 97.5. TSH is 1.12, Ferritin is 30, and I'm waiting on T3 and T4 as I write this. (I'm taking iron supplement to get this higher.) I supplement w/ the B vitamins, selenium, zinc, E, Vit C, and Calcium/Magnesium, and take a multi. Iodine seems low due to the "skin absorption" test where you paint iodine on you and observe the rate it fades.
Avatar m tn marijuana use * Hormone imbalances (thyroid, adrenal, estrogen) * Hypoglycemia * Insulin Resistance * Inflammation * Infections * Poor diet * Lack of exercise * Lack of sunlight (lack of vitamin D) * Problems converting tryptophan to serotonin * Problems with digestion (low stomach acid is a major issue) * Stress and anger * High cortisol levels (stress hormone) * PCB’s, pesticides and plastic chemicals exposuree * Under-methylation - folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 deficiency * Iron, calcium,
Avatar m tn My most recent bloodtest seemed to show relatively high levels of estrogen and prolactin even though they are in range. Would this cause my problems? Can someone help me please... RESULTS Oestradiol 147 pmol/L (44-156) Prolactin 211mIU/L (86-324) Testosterone 29.5 nmol/L (7.6-31.4) Thyroid stimulating hormone 1.26 mIU/L (0.27-4.20) Thank you!
305750 tn?1199422478 Plus, my estrogen is still not leveled out right yet..I feel like I am in a tornado..then thrown on the rocks..And stress you know Anixety..I have a teenager and a toddler and sometimes with all this it is hard to cope.. The first neruologist I went to his bedside manner I have found a new one and she already has done more for me in just one visit.. My question is though How to keep a sane Mind ????