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1129232 tn?1360803958 I get bad cramps about 2 hours after I insert the suppositories at night. The cramps go on and off throughout the night. I don't know if it's because of it.
Avatar f tn t know why they are increasing estrogen after the FET The nurse also told me you should only take estrogen vaginally up ungtil 3 days before FET BUT every RE has such diff protocol - good luck
Avatar f tn But, I do know they can go all types of things to boost your estrogen until your brain decides to do it on its on (your pituitary gland in your brain is what tells your body to produce estrogen). I believe it is easier to boost estrogen that progesterone. I am 8wks1dy PG and on my first beta, my HCG was 94 and my Progesterone was 17.4. Try not to stress out, because stress will affect your hormone levels. Keep doing the patch they gave you....Keep us posted on your success...
Avatar n tn But, if I am using the E2 suppositories would my estrogen remain high, and lead to a low FSH on Day 10? My Day 3 levels were FSH 6.5 and and E2 49. To pass clomid challenge test (at my clinic), both Day3 and 10 Fsh should be under 15.
1142929 tn?1271626435 Did they ever diagnose those infections definitively or were they just slapping a prescription on a symptom? Estrogen does play a role in discharge, are you at a point of life when estrogen begins to go down? Rawness in the genital area can be an irritation without being an infection, for example, if someone has a reaction to laundry detergent or perfumes used in skin cream or soap.
Avatar n tn on the 25th they told me my HCG was 463 and my progesterone was 15. They ordered me suppositories and to come in, in 4 days. I did and my progesterone was 35 and my HCG was 984. They want me to come in and take another blood test in 2 days. Should I be worried and should I have a ultrasound done?
Avatar n tn My doctor recommends progesterone suppositories. My question is, should I start taking them after I ovulate or wait until I know I'm pregnant? Thanks for the feedback!
Avatar f tn the nurse called after receiving my bloodwork back and said that my estrogen was low and they put me a 2mg supplement in the a.m and the p.m. she said that my estrogen was at 70 and that that was OK because after my last failed attempt, she said it was only at 32 at my 7 day post transfer. so hear i am thinking 70 is much improved and a good number. on here people are speaking of numbers in the 600 -800 range.
Avatar n tn well, the reason i don't want to take estrogen is because i am a DES baby as it is. meaning my mom took estrogen (thought to be safe and prevent miscarriage) but it caused all sorts of problems in the daughters born to mothers who took it. it says right on the bottle not to take estrace when pregnant. if i don't need it, i don't want to take it. what they think is "safe" today, they may realize is not tomorrow.
Avatar f tn Hi. I had my fet a week ago, today estrogen and progesterone levels are E-519 Pr- 8.7 (week before transfer e-1009 p-15.2) i currently take 2mg estrace orally 2 mg vaginally and 3 progesterone suppositories after test today they want me to do same on progesterone but up the dose by 2mg oral and 2mg vag. i understand suppository progesterone can't be detected by blood test. would you tell me what these numbers are for the proges then and what is normal estrogen levels at this stage?
1219499 tn?1410753330 I am also taking Estrogen in the pill form and she also wants to put me on Progesterone suppositories. I might just pass on the suppositories and instead do the weekly Progesterone shot when I get my BFP. My first cycle I had all the side effects - headaches (all day, every day), hot flashes, mood swings, and dry CM. This month my body must have been prepared and I havent had any side effects. But im taking the Estrogen to help with me being dry "down there" from the Clomid.
Avatar f tn The clomid won't do this but if you are taking any vaginal suppositories like estrogen or progesterone then yes that is normal.
270512 tn?1333181236 symptoms of pregnancy or side effects of PIO/Estrogen??? - bloating - constipation - discharge - tender breasts (not real sore) - runny nose (or is it spring allergies) - bloody nose - having to urinate often! - gas (not the friendly kind either!
Avatar m tn We had transfer on Friday, the pre-transfer numbers were P 39, E 169 Monday's numbers were P 62, E 263 Today's numbers were P 30, E 207 They told my wife everything looks perfect and to continue her meds and to start the progesterone suppositories. Should we be worried about the numbers decreasing?
Avatar f tn If your estrogen's low, it can be built up w/a variety of ways like estrogen patches/suppositories/pills. I'm not sure exactly how that works but it's possible.
Avatar n tn -Estrogen is responsible for an increased blood, lymphatics and nerve supply to the uterus, and throughout the body. -Estrogen also contributes to the increase in breast size Another function of estrogen is change in the character of tissue. -There is a change in composition of the blood. -Estrogen, along with the hormone relaxin, relaxes pelvic joints and ligaments, and increases mobility of nipple tissue.
Avatar f tn When I asked the doc to give me estrogen to increase the thickness, she said the estrogen have side effects that causes the cervix to be harder which will prevent the sperm from getting to the point. I read that estrogen better to be taken on day 13 or so so it does not affect the size of egg (not to stop get from growing). Some suggest taking progesterone and estrogen in same time!! I don’t know what should I do? Am TTC, and am 34 yrs and my husband is 40. Can you please advice?
135691 tn?1271100723 And, I use vaginal suppositories of estriol ( a very weak estrogen known to protect agains vaginal atrophy which can lead to urinary problems). We reduced my estrogen and I am now on a lower dose and it is bi-est (two compounded estrogens) but I am going to have a saliva test next week so that we can see where my levels are before we go changing things again. Bretts....headache and hot flashes sounds like estrogen issues. The estrogen and pro will stay in your body for awhile...excuse me..
555345 tn?1308422361 21.6 (naturally surging, ovulation in ~48 hours!
Avatar f tn ( Clomid for 7 moms' Femara for 2 months, injectable gonadotropins for 2 cycles and again for IVF along with progesterone suppositories. The fertility treatments were around 7 years ago. I have irregular bleeding patterns for 11/2 years. My previous menstrual pattern was light flow for 2-3. Days. My current pattern is light bleeding followed by HEAVY bright red "dysfunctional" bleeding that my GYn prescribed oral progesterone for.
1845066 tn?1328413533 I was instructed to keep on taking the progesterone suppositories and to start back up with my estrogen pills. The first time after my first blood test I was not told to keep taking my estrogen pills only the suppositories. I'm scared but I know I can't stress this. It's in your hands God and Virgen de Guadalupe. Please let it all be okay.
758011 tn?1332272602 Finally Morning Temp. 36.
Avatar n tn Frequently vaginal dryness is due to hormonal imbalance, usually a lack of estrogen. I'm not sure how old you are, whether low estrogen would be expected (like menopause). But if you're not yet menopausal, it would not be normal. Do you have other symptoms like hot flashes or night sweats? It might be worth talking to your doctor about. There are vaginal suppositories with estrogen that can help alleviate the dryness at least temporarily.
Avatar f tn i had to take progesterone shots and suppositories. I did the suppositories for 12 weeks. I'm not sure what my progesterone levels were during my first trimester, but then again my dr. never ran any tests on me. Some docs are just too lax.
1571146 tn?1399913292 (Mostly because, in a natural cycle, estrogen is released after FSH and LH have triggered the follicles to start growing. Estrogen is what turns off FSH production. Then the rising estrogen triggers a surge of LH, which of course triggers the egg to be released. But, when you gave high enough doses of estrogen right from the start, it starts telling your body to stop FSH production before it ever begins, see?
Avatar f tn When and why do they use estrogen vaginal suppositories? Would these help with a rectocele, cystocele, or uterine prolapse?
1117711 tn?1296831538 I took estrogen 6mg/day to thicken up the lining, then 3-4 days before the transfer I started taking progesterone. Hopefully it'll thicken up by the time they do the transfer. Don't forget the er is monday, so the transfer will be either 3dt or 5d after that. You still have time. What does your doc say? obviously they aren't too concerned if they didn't mention anything. I think the lining should be at least 8mm to work. It won't work if it's only at 4, but again....