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Avatar f tn Talk to doctor he said my metabolism has slowed due to the med, as well as low estrogen, Any advice? weight is at stand still even with exercise and moderate food intake, water.
Avatar f tn If this is the case is it more likely that I am having estrogen highs or progesterone lows? I can always get tested for my thyroid and estrogen, I'm just wondering if losing weight could affect the thyroid AND in turn affect progesterone and/or estrogen?
Avatar f tn Just my two cents' worth. Since you took 120 mg of Armour 2-3 hours before the blood draw, I don't think you can have any confidence in the FT3 and FT4 test results. This also ties in with you reporting hypo symptoms, rather than hyper. Please do tell us about the specific symptoms. Excess estrogen can affect levels of Free thyroid hormones, if the ratio of progesterone to estrogen is too low.
393685 tn?1425816122 These extra fat cells are also little estrogen factories. So weight gain contributes to the estrogen dominance that causes so many symptoms during the early stages of peri menopause. Women approaching menopause (I believe in connection with thyroid problems) are particularly prone to becoming insulin resistant due to metabolic changes related to fluctuations in adrenal and thyroid secretions.
Avatar f tn I am now off of it 5 months but still have slow metabolism , belly and thigh weight. Also have low estrogen .Any ideas? Anyone have success with the after effects of prednisone?
Avatar f tn Vitamin D deficiency can cause some thyroid like symptoms and vitamin D is necessary for proper thyroid hormone metabolism. Ferritin is the iron storage hormone and iron is used in the conversion of the Free T4 storage hormone to the active, usable Free T3.
86075 tn?1238118691 I posted this earlier but it might get buried, I saw recently that a poster was asking about these hormones and how they relate to hep c, a liver metabolism issue, etc....seems their benefits might outweigh their negatives, at least for a lot of is is again (I think this is the first thread I've ever opened) well, in case youre interested...though not much on progesterone, though I'll look that up too...
Avatar f tn I had a total hysterectomy due to cancer and am on just estrogen. I have a question regarding losing weight. I have been working out 4 days a week for 4 months and have not lost a single pound. I eat 5-6 small meals a day and drink lots of water. Is there something else I can do to boost my metabolism now that I am post-menopausal? What are the effects of not taking a progesterone supplement?
Avatar n tn I havn't done free T3 or free T4 yet but I have had 20lbs weight loss and/or my metabolism is extremly fast. From my understanding it's not possible to have hypothyroid without having slow metabolism and weight gain. Is there another explanation? I do have many of the other symptoms though. Thanks!
Avatar f tn 45 and now 3.0. What does that mean? The higher the number the slower my metabolism is or something else? Also just found out have low estrogen being on the bc pill too. Been having hot flashes at night and gained 15 out of 30 lost and can not sleep and end up tired . Is my thyroid out of sorts?
1808278 tn?1338488542 Phenytoin can increase the metabolism or elimination of many drugs and can reduce their concentrations in the body. Estrogen is one amongst them. Similarly estrogen can also lead to increase in phenytoin blood levels and toxicity. It is best to consult your doctor and discuss about these possible interactions. Your doctor will suggest what is best for you and any alternative medicines if needed. I do hope it helps. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn I have been told that the skin on the grapes that are used to make Merlot wine is not good for anyone that has tested positive for estrogen test. How does white, red wine, vodka, gin, or bourbon coinside with chemo?
Avatar f tn Dr informed me Im now in menopause and that is why i have weight gain in my stomach and thighs. He also said my metabolism has slowed. I was also on prednisone for six months, off now five. Any advice would be appreciated. He stated my thyroid is fine, my estrogen is low.
Avatar m tn If pregnancy is ruled out, then scanty or short periods can be due to hypothyroidism, birth control pills, Cushing’s disease and disorders of adrenal gland, liver metabolism disorders affecting the levels of estrogen and progesterone and PCOD. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar f tn I found out about food containing phytoestrogen and the ones that inhibit the estrogen as well as some natural medication that help estrogen metabolism (DIM). Should I see a nutritionist? Acupunturist? Thank you for your time M.
Avatar n tn There are medications for sure that mess up cortisol testing. Typically though they don't mess with blood levels but usually free cortisol testing which is urine and saliva so that cortisol binding globulin is changed. I found this: "Question: Are there any drugs that interfere with cortisone metabolism or measurement that I shouldn't take while I am tapering off of replacement medication?
Avatar n tn DIM Specifically Benefits Estrogen Metabolism Estrogen is an essential pro-growth hormone present in women and men. Due to its potent capability to deliver messages on a cellular level, poorly metabolized estrogen has the potential to contribute to the Metabolic Syndrome. Estrogen is metabolized into several different post-estrogen hormones, namely 2-hydroxy, 4-hydoxy and 16-hydroxy estrogens.
Avatar n tn The Climara patch was a good choice because in general, it is believed that estrogen taken through the skin is less risk for blood clots than estrogen by mouth. Since you have high blood pressure, it is good to lower any additional risk for stroke or blood clots. Although you did gain weight while on estrogen, studies suggest that estrogen does not increase weight gain significantly. Aging does increase weight because metabolism slows down.
16889911 tn?1452172713 Hormone replacement therapy (estrogen, testosterone, and growth hormone) is a treatment based on the restoration of hormonal balance by replenishing hormones that are no longer produced in adequate supply. Growth hormone is not just for growth and development during the formative years of a life; it is just as necessary for upkeep of functionality after full growth.
Avatar f tn If the test is negative then the light periods could be due to hypothyroidism, birth control pills (taken in past), Cushing’s disease and disorders of adrenal gland, liver metabolism disorders affecting the levels of estrogen and progesterone and PCOD. Emotional stress and prolonged illness can be a cause too but unlikely in your case. It can also be due to pelvic inflammatory disease, infection (fungal or otherwise) and STD. Please consult a gynecologist to find the cause. Take care!
698356 tn?1240154327 From its lofty position above the rest of the body it sends signals to the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, ovaries and testes, directing them to produce thyroid hormone, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, and many more. These hormones have dramatic effects on metabolism, blood pressure, sexuality, reproduction, and other vital body functions.
Avatar f tn In a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome a woman has irregular periods, is overweight and has excessive hair growth. There is weight gain and an imbalance of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and insulin all of which work together to regulate our metabolism and appetite .Blood tests for hormone levels and ultrasound scan may be helpful. Consult a gynecologist and get your doubts clarified. I hope you find this information useful.
640719 tn?1277143630 Definitely. In fact, as we age, FT3 and FT4 levels tend to go down. It's part of the reason older people slow down. I tend to think that demand also goes down. What about menopause? Is that a factor? Changing estrogen levels also affect levels and demand.
Avatar f tn Also possible cause of hypocalcaemia is your menopausal age group due to falling estrogen levels which control calcium metabolism in bones. You need to supplement for calcium levels after checking them. parkinson’s disease can be evaluated for the resting tremors, other symptoms being, cog wheel rigidity, postural instability, slowness of movement and cognitive dysfunction. Consult a gynecologist, neurologist and an endocrinologist for the needful investigations and management. Take care.
Avatar f tn Also possible cause of hypocalcaemia is your menopausal age group due to falling estrogen levels which control calcium metabolism in bones. You need to supplement for calcium levels after checking them. Consult a gynecologist and an endocrinologist for the needful investigations and management. Take care.
Avatar n tn An imbalance between the levels of androgens (male hormone) and estrogen comes into play. Besides, there is a slowing of metabolism and and water retention. If you are on some hormones, you may ask your doctor to customize your hormonal treatment. You can also try a regular exercise regimen and minimize carbohydrate intake and increase protein intake. You will be able to notice any changes only after a certain time.
Avatar f tn The problem is though, that I feel like I have the symptoms of both estrogen dominance and estrogen deficiency. I've read that people with estrogen dominance tend to be overweight, and I couldn't be any more underweight. I'm also not able to see a doctor or OB GYN because I'm not signed on to any healthcare yet. does anybody have an answer? I feel more emotional than I should and I can't stop crying.
Avatar f tn High levels of estrogen cause unexplained weight gain and feeling fatigued or lethargic. Low thyroid hormone is a consideration since there is family history of thyroid disease but high estrogen is a more likely cause in my opinion. A good article on high estrogen is "High Estrogen Overload Symptoms. Dangers Every Woman Should Be Aware Of" from the Healthy You Naturally website. An excerpt....
Avatar n tn Get testosterone supplementation, if necessary 6. For women, supplement estrogen/progesterone if needed 7. With your doctor's approval, consider supplements 8. Lose weight 9. Exercise 10. Consider therapy. This website goes into more detail on each of the above: