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Avatar f tn I have pretty much never been completely well and struggle with a lot of other mild health issues (IBS, rosacea, vulvodynia, asthma), severe anxiety and depression, insomnia and near-incapacitating brain fog. I also seem to have a bad sensitivity to the sun on my face and eyes. This could be the rosacea but it seems strange as it's not really that severe of a case. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2013 but it mostly went away as the SIBO improved.
Avatar f tn - Hypothyroid (TSH is mostly ok but free t3 and free t4 just will not go into range) - Rosacea - IBS and food sensitivities (improved significantly since SIBO treatment but still an issue) - Fibromyalgia, probable myofascial pain syndrome - Chronic tension headaches and silent migraines - Raynaud's - Erythromelalgia (this is the one ruining my life the most right now, I literally can't go outside during the day) - Dry mouth, eyes, skin - Alopecia androgena - Low progesterone, low-normal estrog
Avatar m tn She is taking 2 grains naturethroid and 35mcg on T3 and is feeling more energy and has totally no muscle pain. I felt things were progressing well because of these new developments. She also got her period for the first time in 5 years which all seemed positive to me. The downside to this is she now has a lot of acne and has gained another 8 pounds since Christmas. Another side of all this is extreme sensitivity to many foods.
Avatar n tn He also ran a test for a strange rare yeast and sent it to the lab. We will see. I'm very hopefully the estrogen will work, my skin feels like it needs some help rebuilding or healing. If not I'm to go see a vulva specialist. Any thing else you can tell me about your situation? How long did you try the estrogen, was it cream or oral?
Avatar n tn I have tried antihistamine creams and even a vasoconstrictor cream, steroids (I dont recommend) and various redness creams. I cleanse the area and use a sunscreen by medicalia for Rosacea treatment which has a nice anti redness tint. I also cover with Mac studio fix powder for formal events/dress up. It helps, though some days are more red than others, i.e. Hot shower, stress, hot weather, exercise, sex, anything at increases blood flow to the skin will make you redder.
Avatar f tn Hello, Usually hot flashes and night sweats are common with low estrogen as well as dizziness and fatigue sometimes. Unfortunately also Headaches among other symptoms. These symptoms may be experienced after withdrawal from estrogen patches. You should consult your gynecologist and then only stop using the patches. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
1377057 tn?1278880904 The common causes of flashes are Fever, hyperthermia, Menopause, Emotional blushing and Rosacea. Menopausal flushing is commonly seen in women of age more than 45 years and uncommon in younger women unless there is a considerable estrogen deficiency which is associated with episodic sensations of heat, intense sweating, and flushing. In such cases hormonal replacement therapy will help to relieve the symptoms even psychological manifestations.
Avatar n tn The first symptom I noticed was the profuse sweating of my face, neck, chest and sometimes back. The redness is in my face and I also have rosacea so I can tell where that is and where the abnormal redness is. I also have redness on my arms and it looks like I am sunburned. Trust me, I live in Oregon, I am not sunburned!
6207205 tn?1389776918 Signs of Deficient Stomach Acid Gas, bloating and burping shortly after a meal could be lack of HCl Constipation Diarrhea Feeling of fullness or food not digesting Heartburn and/or gastric reflux (sometimes too much HCl but most often not enough) Bad breath Foul smelling stools Loose stools in the early morning Food allergies Dialated blood vessles on the cheeks and nose - Rosacea Pernicious anemia or iron deficiency Anal Itching Nausea especially after taking vitamins and minerals Weak or cr
Avatar m tn So, consult a gynecologist and get estrogen, progesterone, FSH, LH, prolactin levels checked. The symptoms can also be due to brain’s affliction due to diabetes, thyroid disorders, poor circulation, poor sleep pattern, or it can also be due to low vitamin B12 or low vitamin D. It can also be brain changes due to dementia. You need comprehensive investigations for this. Please consult your doctor regarding this. Take care!
Avatar n tn concerning your raise in Synthroid--you might want to do some research into natural dessicated thyroid, such as Armour, which many of us have found worked FAR better than Synthroid and other T4-only meds.
Avatar f tn That's currently under control after been treated with IPL laser many, many times and using Finacea cream. I also have Ocular Rosacea that's been gone ever since starting Minocykline and haven't reared it's ugly face even when I quit the meds this summer. That electric foot massager sound lovely, you're lucky winning one!
Avatar m tn My daughter is taking Nature Throid and slow release T3 for hypo and after she started taking the medications she started having elevated testosterone and then the acne started. She now is taking metformin for PCOS, not sure whether she really has that or not but they suspect that she does.
Avatar n tn I've had it roughly 6 years now and have been through good and bad days - it was originally diagnosed as ezcema and then rosacea but treatments for both did nothing and time went on. I kept a food diary for a little time and started finding that things that contain citric acid seem to make it a whole lot worse but it would appear to follow on about a day after eating.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am 50 years old and am certain that I am "in Menopause". But prior to being sure of that, 6 months ago I experienced a near fainting spell. Since that time, I have had equilibrium problems, some minor dizziness, mild nausea and some pressure in my head; these symptoms have finally subsided after 6 months although I now have brief periods of those symptoms and they are much less extreme.
Avatar m tn Hello, I can understand your concern for these symptoms, but increased thinning and fragility of skin, skin rosacea, atrophy and tachyphylaxis are frequent side effects of topical steroids. For these side effects, wait and watch is the treatment available as it may take ample of time to get better. There is no topical treatment as such which can counter these side effects.
Avatar f tn There is a connection between Vitamin D levels, estrogen and pituitary issues, including hypopituitarism (I'm too lazy to look up the spelling right now). From what I have read and I'm going off memory right now, estradiol and vitamin D either work together or are put to use by the same receptors or transmitters. Growth hormone is a factor in this as well. My levels of growth hormone are mildly elevated with my vitamin D being 11.
Avatar n tn Unhappy with my diagnosis because where the hives were occuring weren't what the Rosacea web sites described, I went back to my dermatologist office and saw a different Doctor when I was in the middle of a breakout. He suggested that I just have chronic acne and wanted to put me on Accutane and birth control pills. I'm almost 40 and I have had acne throughout my life, but the way the breakouts were happening suggested hives to me.
Avatar f tn I have struggled with chronic stomach pain and constipation, restless leg syndrome, vulvodynia and asthma since early childhood. Rosacea, severe depression and anxiety, fatigue, brain fog (derealization/depersonalization), hypothyroidism, facial pain, and sporadic but managable muscle pain since early /mid teens.
Avatar f tn I am a very healthy person, eating right and working out regularly. I also drink tons of water and generally get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. I use a mostly all-natural beauty routine using beauty products I got from LUSH. My cleanser is a honey, almond oil and beeswax blend that you massage into your skin and wipe off with a damp cotton pad. I then generally put on a clay mask from LUSH.
16428684 tn?1460088684 Then I worry when reading people complaining that Armour potency has changed and isn't working as well, and, then I panic and think should I switch to another brand? There's Levo still in my drawer and I have been very tempted to take a little bit each day to get my levels up! My main question is --Is it normal to go through this up and down process when getting to a proper dose of NDT? Many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.
Avatar m tn Plus I am also treated for acid reflux, asthma, osteoporosis, depression, myoclonus, high homocysteine, allergies, hypothryroidism, low estrogen, bletharitis, rosacea, scalp problems, and on and on. Also I have stroke weakness on my right side causing terrible falls, plus kidney failure from the CT scans after my stroke. And sometimes my words come out wrong or I can't find the right word to say from my stroke aphasia.
Avatar n tn After reading up on DEMODEX treatments online, I see that SEA BUCKTHORN OIL is also used to teat DEMODEX. Demodex has recently been linked to rosacea too and rosacea sufferers appear to be getting some help by using both neem & sea buckthron oil. INTERESTING! I'm going to try a combination of both oils and use them widely on my facial area as these mites can live and be transferred easily from on part of the face to the hair follicles pretty easily.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
Avatar n tn It's gotten to the point where I do not expose my chest/neck ever - and cover up whenever I can. I had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - and I've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement. Anyone with any help or suggestions I would REALLY appreciate it.
Avatar n tn It started out by happening occasionally but now it occurs after every shower and has started happening after getting out of the swimming pool. The itching is getting more intense and I'm afraid that it will continue to just get worse and last longer. Water is the only thing so far that triggers this. This is not a topical or dry skin itch, it's like my nerve endings are going wild inside my legs. Nothing seems to relieve the itch, it just has to "run it's course".
Avatar f tn After doing some research, I believe it is an over production and build up of sebum on the scalp. I have had acne problems, have rosacea, and my skin and hair is very oily. I found balancing shampoos on line that are supposed to prevent sebum build up. Aveda is one of them, but I haven't tried it. Sebum: substance with an oily consistency produced by the sebaceous glands. It lubricates hair, is an antifungal/antibacterial, and imparts waterproofing properties to the skin.
Avatar n tn I was trying to write it off as the toilet paper, etc! But then I became more and more worried, and began to research it and that's when I came across this website. After reading everything I decided to go see my OBGYN. He of course tested me for Herpes, and even though I had read everything that you have all been through, and knowing that none of your tests had come back positive, I was still nervous. He also tested me for a yeast infection.
Avatar n tn I find calamine lotion helps a bit, but nothing else. If it`s any help to anyone, I`m 55 and have had rosacea for the last 10 years - don`t know if that`s significant but thought it worth a mention. Can someone help please, I haven`t had a good nights sleep in years!
Avatar f tn Even that small an increase (half of the weakest dose manufactured) sends my blood pressure soaring, gives me a rapid heartbeat, and causes my rosacea (skin condition) to flare. Then within a few days, blood pressure, pulse, bright red ears, and burning eyes all begin to simmer down again. At my current dosage level of 75 mcg., I am tantalizingly close to feeling as well as I did a year ago.