Estrogen and nipple tenderness

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Avatar n tn It's been 3 years since my last period and I just started having intense nipple tenderness. It feels hormonal. Has anyone else heard of that? Also, I recently started taking flax seed oil supplements for their Omega 3s. Does anyone know about possible estrogenic effects of flax see oil?
Avatar n tn But she took a spear of the discharge, sent me for an ultra sound and took a cbc and tested for my prolactin level (my prolactin level was slightly high the year before). All the test came out fine, no growths, no problems with my ducts or inflamation, prolactin was normal and the sample of the discharge came back fine. The girl doing my ultra sound said she saw a lot of fibrocystic tissue in my breast. My doctor said that it could be stress related and to stop messing with it.
Avatar f tn Hi,I'm new to this,so bare with me!
Avatar f tn It feels to be about the size of a pea, and you can't feel it unless you squeeze the nipple together. I recently started using the birth control, and both nipples have become a little bit sore because of it. But the knot is only behind the right nipple, not the left. I'm only 23. I'm wondering if I should for sure go to the doctor to have it checked out, or if it could possibly be another side effect of the patch, that will go away once my body get's used to the hormones.
Avatar n tn Very occasionaly Flexeril and Ambien because of back spasms. I went to my primary care physician with tenderness in my right nipple (unilateral) 6 weeks ago. (note: it has slightly worsened).
Avatar n tn I know a lot of people are asking the same thing. I'm 25 and having the same issue but with only one nipple. I've never had nipple piercings and I've never been pregnant but I was on birth control when I was younger for PCOS and recently I've had to use Plan B a couple of times.
Avatar n tn After 3 weeks of extreem breast/nipple tenderness, and nausea/bloating, I started bleeding vaginally last week. Pelvic exam (while still bleeding) was very painful. I had a trans-vag and abdom untrasound today (no results yet) and I received test results showing a negative CA 125 and an elevated CEA. I am still nauseus and fatigued, but the bleeding has slowed substantially. Now my doc wants me to have a colonoscopy because my sister was dx w/ advanced colon cancer at age 54.
Avatar n tn I had a complete hysterectomy in 97. I am 40 years old and have been on estrogen since 1997. For the last month I have had left breast pain witha stinging sensation to the nipple if even touched. I am not able to lie on that side any longer. Could I have an infection some how? No medication changes or additions. I only take estrotest. I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritus and vertigo about a month ago also.
Avatar n tn I have also asked my doctor if my being on birth control pills for 12 years non-stop had anything to do with the pain and he said no? I am on a higher estrogen pill Orhto-Novum 777 and have read much about breats cancer in younger people being estrogen postive. Could the pill be causing this pain?
Avatar f tn The most common signs of early pregnancy are amenorrhea, nausea, breast tenderness, urinary frequency and fatigue. Darkening of some areas of the skin, such as the linea nigra do occur in pregnancy as estrogen levels increase. But what you describe is not classic. Best regards, Dr.
1804812 tn?1329681157 Sore nipples = high estrogen and tender breasts= high progesterone? Sore nipples = possibly no ovulation and peri menopause? I have no idea. Just something I have been thinking about. It actually feels like the truth if you know what I mean. When you just know something is true. So this month as of right now (cycle day 18) I have no sore nipples and zero breast pain. I don't know when I ovulated because I am taking a break from OPK's. Maybe this will be my month.
Avatar n tn My left nipple looks completely different from my right nipple. My left nipple protrudes and is well rounded. My right nipple is indented in the center and slightly darker than my left nipple. There is tenderness in my right breast, but would not really call it pain. Also on my right breast I have 3 light colored moles that I do not recall ever seeing before. Also when I raise my arm to do a self test the bottom of my right nipple puckers and it looks like I have no breast below my nipple.
Avatar f tn Also, I have an excess amount of estrogen right now due to oral contraceptives and Vitamin C. My aunt has Endometriosis, and earlier in the month I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cysts by a GYN, but I do believe it is more than that (there was no testing done.) Could it be Endometriosis?
Avatar m tn I have not been to the doctor to get my symptoms checked out, and was wondering what could cause the tenderness in the breast and if it's severe or not.
Avatar n tn He also ran a test for a strange rare yeast and sent it to the lab. We will see. I'm very hopefully the estrogen will work, my skin feels like it needs some help rebuilding or healing. If not I'm to go see a vulva specialist. Any thing else you can tell me about your situation? How long did you try the estrogen, was it cream or oral?
Avatar f tn Now that the pain is gone, I itch something terrible, especilly my nipple. And I have developed a rash on the inside of my arm and on the breast. Is this normal?
351724 tn?1267540618 Thank you for your respond . i thought breast tenderness and ext was from getting your monthly , which i no longer get so why am i having soreness /burning sensation in one and and not both ? it almost feels like a inflammation going on and when pressure of any sort or moved around it takes off burning . never really had that type of pain with cystic breast changes yes when i did get my monthly my breast both breast got a lil tender but nothing like this !!!
Avatar m tn feel heavy. nipple tingle sometimes. nipples hurt to. look larger. i took a blood pregnancy test may 2 and it was negative. last time i had sex was april 27. i got a pap smear on may 19....... havent heard anything about being pregnant. when the doctor did my exam, i wanted to cry when she touched my breast. she said that my breast hurt because im not use to spotting. my last birth control shot was dec 17. but i been on and off that shot for years.
972246 tn?1311092135 Pregnancy - causes breast tenderness or breast aching Start of menstruation - causes breast tenderness in adolescent girls. Estrogen therapy Fibrocystic breast disease Breast cancer - usually causing breast pain only in advanced stages; breast lump usually appears earlier.
Avatar f tn No it is not breast cancer as I went to the OBGYN and they said with breast cancer you normally do not have any pain. Costochondritis causes pain and tenderness in the locations where your ribs attach to your breastbone (costosternal joints). Often the pain is sharp, though it can also feel like a dull, gnawing pain. Pain associated with costochondritis occurs most often on the left side of your breastbone, though it can occur on either side of your chest.
Avatar n tn Well yall, I went to take my bath this morning and noticed some lil clear liquid coming out of my right breast nipple. I am having more and more symptoms everyday. I called the doctor and they sat me up for an appointment way in September. I guess they wanna make sure I don't see no period at all for the whole month of August and the beginning of September. I already know I'm not gonna see anything cause I don't have any feeling at all in my body that a period is even trying to come.
506409 tn?1214764781 I Was feeling itchy in my both nipple. and then I squeeze my nipple and one duct blood comes from my right nipple only. Mine, as far as I can tell, only comes when I squeeze it (it's didn't discharge by own at all). but it for sure only comes out one single duct of blood & 3 ducts of milky from my right nipple only. from left nipple milky comes out. for your information, I am not Pregnant and I am single, not married. my age is 27. Happing from last two days.
223173 tn?1189759426 There are months that I would not get bb tenderness, and when I do, it's usually around 7-8 DPO and lasts only for 5 days. Once I do not feel bb tenderness anymore, that's when I know that my period is coming. I will have my progesterone level checked at 7 DPO, but that would fall on Sunday (no labs open). So, will taking it on 8 DPO affect the result? I really have not asked my doc about it.
211940 tn?1267884866 However, he said it could NOT be causing me so much pain. He checked out my arm and noticed a hard soft tissue knot, and suggested removing it through surgery and it "might" relieve my pain. So, 3 weeks ago I had the said surgery and it was removed (a hard soft tissue mass about the size of a marble). No, this was not the cyst inside my humerus bone. Anyways, I still have the pain, and it is extremely terrible at night (on a scale of 1 to 10, a 20 at night).
Avatar n tn I had my tubes tied and burned almost 3 years ago. Now I have missed almost two periods. I have the cramping, lower back aches, hot and cold spells, mood swings. Everything for a period but nothing is happening. Can I be pregnant ? Or do you have a idea on what is going on ? I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. But I can't wait. i am going nuts waitting. Can you help me out on some answers ?
Avatar f tn Over the past month, I have been having abdominal pain/cramps, abdominal bloating that comes and goes, back aches, neck aches, trouble sleeping, spotting/heavy abnormal bleeding, sweating more often, breast enlargement/tenderness, nipple darkening, nausea, fatigue, a lot of white/clear sticky (and thick) discharge, and sharp pains in my pelvic ligament/bone region. I am not pregnant, I have never had sex, and there is no chance that I could be pregnant.
Avatar f tn We were able to make it work with the shield for a little while, and then after a few weeks I managed to make it work without (mainly out of necessity; I ended up somewhere wiht a hungry baby and no nipple shield, and somehow we figured it out). I never realized that my nipples were inverted until I tried to breastfeed and the lactation consultant mentioned it. I think mine are just mildly inverted, but I can't say for sure, as I haven't seen a lot of breasts to be able to compare with.