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Avatar f tn In June 2013 I had another bone density scan and it shows a decrease in bone density, not as severe as previously, but it is not stable either. I am back on the Estrogen patch and continue the Citracal Plus D. I stopped the Fosamax in June. I do think treatment was the cause of the decrease in bone density. I don't really have any suggestions for alternative treatments other than to be sure you are getting enough Calcium and Vitamin D.
158939 tn?1274918797 Because I am (surgically) post menopausal and have stopped estrogen therapy, and because I'm on high-levels of thyroid replacement (200mcg), I am at increased risk for osteoporosis. I went in today for a bone-density scan. I have to tell you, turning 40 has really been a disappointment. While the idea of my bones turning to dust still sounds better than breast cancer I thought I'd better give all the thyroid gals a "heads-up" on bone problems.
562511 tn?1285907760 Her low bone density puts her at risk for fracture but she is very afraid of the side effects of the medications used to increase bone density and flat out refuses those types of meds. At present time, she is taking Vitamin D and Calcium. Is there something else she can take to increase her bone density besides the commonly used drugs now marketed for increasing bone density?
562511 tn?1285907760 Her low bone density puts her at risk for fracture but she is very afraid of the side effects of the medications used to increase bone density and flat out refuses those types of meds. At present time, she is taking Vitamin D and Calcium. Is there something else she can take to increase her bone density besides the commonly used drugs now marketed for increasing bone density?
Avatar f tn One more thing . . . as they said in my Master's classes "correlation does not presuppose causation". While some studies have shown a higher incidence of bone density issues that does NOT automatically mean that thyroid hormone is the culprit. Age is also a factor. Still . . . all that being said it's a good thing to get checked; especially for those of us who have passed the 30-somethings.
Avatar n tn as far as your estrogen levels are concerned, mine were extremely low but my RE wasnt worried and assured me i still have a chance to conceive. ususally it takes about 1 year after you stop your birth control to get pregnant. it may be harder since your peroids are irregular which means you'll ovulate later in each cycle. my guess is since you havent have your peroid in 4 -5 months you can still get pregnant.
135691 tn?1271100723 I split the dose and took 10 mg in the AM and 10mg in the PM .. no bone pain. If you go on one of the others and have bone pain .. check on splitting the dose. It may help. Good luck. I totally understand you wanting to go on this trip to Disney. I chose the Doxil (over Cisplatin/Gemzar) so I could get through this holiday season. If it doesn't work, I'll go on the tougher drugs in February .. but that's OK. Think of you ALL the time .. keeping you in my prayers.
Avatar n tn I quit taking PremPro four months ago after having read all the medical drawbacks associated with the treatment. I had a bone density test done two years ago, and it showed little thinning. I repeated the test four months ago and was very surprised to be told that I had full blown osteoporosis with a T-score of -4. Obviously, the HRT did little good for me. I am 51 years old and in otherwise good health.
Avatar f tn But my endo checks my calcium and I've had a bone density test and I'm fine. I don't want to take estrogen and I told her that but she was diligent in making her case. Guess we'll see what the blood shows.
Avatar f tn Estrogen is important in maintaining bone mineral density and it can lead to a greater risk of fracture.DMPA is associated with loss of bone mineral density during use but there may be partial or full recovery over time and there is not a substantial risk of fracture. Whether a bone scan is needed or not after 5 years of use depends on your treating doctor. The utility of the test can be determined only b your doctor since it is not recommended on routine basis by gynecologists.
Avatar f tn Actually we are having a lot of problems with the medication she is on now. She has had bone density scans and her bones are fine. She has not stopped taking any medications as of yet. She was switched from an oral estrogen pill to a patch. Her family physician and her gyn are now ok with her either continuing her estrogen or discontinuing as she sees fit. Right now that is not at the top of her list.
Avatar f tn For young women who are trying to egt pregnant, that is not appropriate, so the treatment is to suppress menstruation by either a continuous birthcontrol pill or by a medication that suppresses the signals of the brain to the ovary and induces an artificial menopause -that is lupron. A side effect of lupron can be bone loss just as being in menopause and not having estrogen will increase risk of menopause.
Avatar f tn I need to take it to project my bone density. Most of all my specialist and drs except for one specialist says I need to take combined hrt. Estrogen only taken by a lot of women in the 60 s showed there was an increase in uterus cancer for those who had their uterus in tact. The 70s saw a big increase in this type of cancer which is why they prescribe combined.
Avatar f tn Yes, we have had every thing tested. It is all normal except bone biopsy results, bone density and since the pamidronate infusion he has a low alkaline phosphate. alk Phos was normal prior to the infusion. We are working with a endocrinologist specializing in osteoporosis and metabolic bone disorders.
Avatar n tn I also have Crohn's disease and recently had a DEXA bone density scan as I have taken steroids for some 30 yrs and my gastro was concerned that I am taking Arimidex for breast cancer, which does not protect the bones as tamoxifen does, but has a better prognosis for non-recurrence of bc. My bone density has thinned dramatically , was dx with osteopenia, since being on Arimidex for 4 yrs, but the Alendronic Acid has really reduced the pain level.
549681 tn?1229728099 And since hyperT causes osteoporosis, and I have low Vit D, and my estrogen is gone, I requested the bone density test. The Doc called me last night to say my bones look good. Just 2 spots on my hip that are borderline. They are not bad enough to take a prescription. Just continue the Vit D supplements and scan again in a year. Yipee!!! I found some info on xylitol sweetener being used to treat osteoporosis in Danish studies. Maybe I'll give that a try.
599170 tn?1300977493 Then consider Asia, where milk is drunk very little if at all and when it is it's generally cultured, and yet there are far fewer bone density problems. Coincidence? hardly again. Green leafy vegetables and seaweed are great sources of calcium and magnesium, nice and balanced, and as for vitamin D, if people would only go out in the sun and stop being afraid it'll give them cancer, it wouldn't be a problem.
717272 tn?1277594380 After I found out about my osteopenia, I suggested they get tested. They did get their bone density tests and they found out that they also have osteoporosis now. I talked to my GI's NP about this and she is adamant that this is not from the TX meds but I don't know how this can all be coincidence. Me, my two friends from another forum and Newleaf...all osteoporosis at a very young age developing right after Hep C tx??? I had a normal bone density test prior to TX.
Avatar n tn However there is not enough information to date on the effects of tamoxifen on bone density and this continues to be studied.
Avatar f tn When I went in for my physical in May (first one since I was 50) they did the bone density test and said I had Osteopene - the predesssor to Osteoporosis - and put me on a low dose of Fosomax. Also I have lost 1 1/2 inches. Same exam tested + for hep c and now that I have started tx I think maybe being on the Fosomax is a good thing. I have been reading the threads about bone loss around teeth due to tx and wonder if the Fosomax might prevent that.
158939 tn?1274918797 We cut paths through the snow in the back yard but he just had to make his own tunnels and paths. Hugs to everyone who has been posting me and sending well wishes and HUGE hugs to everyone who is going through this hell too!
Avatar n tn Femara is used in estrogen receptor positive breast cancers to prevent cancer recurrence. It decreases the amount of estrogen in the body. Estrogen protects bone strength and if estrogen levels fall then there are increased chances of osteoporosis which can result in fractures. So calcium supplements are prescribed along with femara.There are few studies that do suggest that calcium supplements increase the risk of heart attacks. Discuss it with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Bone mass is greatest in women's 20s and 30s; it stabilizes between 30 and 40, and over 40 there is slow loss of bone strength. After menopause, there is a five- to seven-year period of accelerated bone loss; then the rate slows and returns to an age-related rate. The aging process has a greater effect on bone loss than the presence or absence of estrogen.
Avatar f tn I finished taxotere treatments for ovca 2 months ago, and am now experiencing very painful bones and joints. I had a bone density test (showed bone loss) and a bone scan (normal). My gyn/onc says pain is not related to the chemo. The pain does not subside and intensifies after exercise or prolonged rest (like overnight). OTC pain relievers do not help. I am taking 1200mg of calcium everyday. Could there be some explanation for this pain?
Avatar n tn At 43 I took Depo for 4 yrs and stopped for a year, then I resumed for another 3 yrs after a bone density showed better bone health than a normal non-depo female. I stopped the depo over a year ago, I am now 51 and I have not resumed my menstrual period. Is it possible that I could have gone into menopause while taking the depo and it masked the systems? I have no family history of the timing of onset of menopause due to my mother and sister both having hysterectomies in their 40's.
Avatar n tn I have osteoporosis/osteopeneia (it is a genetic problem) and recently I did a bone density scan and my bone density had decreased (the last I did was 4 years ago and it had been stable since the first I had done 8 years ago). So this was a negative change. Eight months ago I gave up sugar and refined foods totally. I eat mostly organic and have a varied diet. I exercise regularly. I don't take any medication except for anti-histamines at the moment.
Avatar m tn I am 53 yr old, female recently ( 3 weeks ago) diagnosed with severe osteoporosis with bone density T scores of 4 and overall T score of 3.7. I am very active, not overweight , no chronic illness and no family history of osteoporosis. I am devastated and confused over my diagnosis. I enjoy skydiving, motorcycling, jet skis but now I feel like my life is over. My doctor put me on Fossamax and that was all he did. As an RN I know there is a reason behind my diagnosis.
Avatar n tn The two x-ray energies allow the machine to tell the difference between bone and soft tissue, giving a very accurate estimation of bone density. Is a bone density test the same as a bone scan? No. Often confused with a nuclear medicine bone scan, a bone density test is faster and does not require a radionuclide injection. How long does the exam take? Please allow 15 to 30 minutes for your scheduled appointment. How much radiation is involved?
Avatar n tn I’m 48 yrs old & perimenopausal. I have hormonal headaches and breast tenderness. Recent symptoms - brain fog during my period, insomnia and itchiness (from the inside, out). An antihistamine tablet will work for a day or two but then the itching returns. It is not due to dry skin or a food allergy. I have no hot flashes or vaginal dryness though I have had an occasional hot flash when under stress or excess sweating but not on a regular basis.