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Avatar n tn And after 25 days of exposure i undertook hiv duo test which was negative. Then after 60 days of the exposure i undertook hiv Elisa test which was also negative. I am also on med uniwarfin (iam having DVT problem past 4 years) aday 5mg, can this effect my any of the above result. I will undergo again elisa test at 3 months from the exposure. But please can anyone how safe should i consider myself after the above two test.
Avatar n tn No, it would not effect the test in any way. Be it at 3 months or at any time.
Avatar n tn So know you can realize that Elisa test just look for the type of antibodies, but the western blot look for each specifical antibodie so it may take a few weeks more but if the person is trully 100% positive, a western blot on the same day of a positive elisa it would be at least indeterminate . Here you can learn how hiv test works http://hivinsite.ucsf.edu/InSite?page=kb-02-02-01#S6.
Avatar m tn Let me elaborate, IV Gen ELISA is a DUO TEST (Antibody and Antigen Sandwich Test) 1. It actually looks for the P24 (protein) Antigen and Antibodies simultaneously. 2. A p24 Ag is almost always present in the body after acquiring the virus till the 4th week after infection and then it disappears 3. Once the p24 disappears, detectable amount of antibodies would be present. 4.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected oral exosure with a prostitute in which lots of girls fluid touched her and my fingers and then my penis. I had almost all the symptons in the book(low graded fever for more than ten days, pukish feeling for 2/3 days, pain in the armpits, pain in body joints). I undertook today after 90 days from the exposure elisa test for hiv1 & hiv2. Now waiting for the results which i will get after 4 hours.
Avatar n tn Hey doc, 2 week neg ELISA 5 week neg Oraquick 45 day neg ELISA for HIV 1 & 2 45 day neg PCR DNA I had four encounters vag intercourse and caught HSV-2 from partner. I know you say six weeks to be conclusive for antibodies to be detected and the CDC says 12, but wouldn't the negative PCR DNA at 45 days be sign, sealed, and delivered to move on because it looks for the actual virus?
Avatar n tn I agree with chrisneedshelp. Both rheumatoid arthritis, as well as pregnancy can cause a false reading on an ELISA test. That is why every ELISA positive test should be retested using a WB. You don't seem to be a high risk person at all. I would simply put it behind me until the PCR results come in, which will surely indicate that you do not have the HIV virus. I wish and your pregnancy nothing but the best.
Avatar n tn I will go Jakarta if my villege no 3 generetion test. test shop paper print EIA (assxym). Is the test not the forum call elisa or is one old test long time no use already.
Avatar n tn How relaible is an ELISA test 4 months after a posible expousre? I am not a drug adict and I am not on any type of medication? Can I just go and live my life normally with the wife again? * I had every symptom the you can read about in the internet does thats what scaring me.
Avatar m tn The most common type of HCV antibody test is the enzyme immunoassay (EIA and Elisa) – (manufacturers–Abbott, Bio-Rad, Innogenetics, Ortho). In populations with a high risk for acquiring HCV, the accuracy of these tests is up to about 99%. The HCV antibody tests are very sensitive so rarely will they be false-negative unless the person is in the window period.
Avatar n tn I my self would trust an ELISA test at the intervals above mentioned. a proper ELISA test done at hospital after the window period would be the test that i would avice any body to take. i have heared so many stories about people that got false +ve using rapid tests and then when doing an ELISA in ahospital turned -ve so why go thorw this emotional stress just go to hospital and do a proper test that is FDA approved.
Avatar n tn i convinced that female to get a test done and i got her tested on 22nd sept dont know the name of this Test the report said negative and had the following details INTREPRETATION--- NEGATIVE ANTIBODIES TO HIV-1 NEGATIVE ANTIBODIES TO HIV-2 NEGATIVE then i came across HIV DUO test on web and read abt the 28 days thing i got her tested on 30th sept 2006 she also went thru the same test ELISA and HIV duo ... both the test were hiv negative...
Avatar m tn Or is the HerpesSelect Immunoblot better than the HerpesSelect ELISA? If you recall I was negative at 4 and 7 weeks with the capita test and the girl I made the mistake with tested negative at 4 weeks HerpesSelect and 11 weeks capita. My wife is my main concern right now. What is the chances that one of us would have shown some antibodies between all the testing that we have done? I read that Dr. HHH said that closer to 80% will have produced antibodies at six weeks and you and Dr.
551343 tn?1506834118 On one blood test that have come back I am deficient on : B12, Choline, Oleic Acid, Zinc, Gluthatione, Vitimin E, Spectrox. I am gutted as I eat really healthy. I drink almond milk every day which is high in Vitimin E, it doesnt make any sense. They want me to start on supplements. Vitimin B12 1,000 mcg daily in injectable format. That sounds a lot of to me. My B12 was 10. It should be >14% is that really that low? My glutathione was 31 and it should be >42.
Avatar f tn The test results that came back negative may well have been the not-very-accurate standard tests that nonLyme docs tend to use, a two-step test regimen of ELISA and Western blot. If the first one comes back positive, they do the 2d one; if the first one comes back negative, they send you home with a pat on the back. So YES, a definite YES, that you should question it. Not only could you have Lyme, but also other separate infections that the nasty Lyme ticks often carry as well.
Avatar f tn I didn't take that test I took rapid Elisa at the health clinic
Avatar m tn As far as the herpes results my biokit (in office) test was inconclusive, the test dot was barely visible, which the doctor said was either negative or in-determinate. My herpeselect was hsv1 = 0.60 hsv2 = 1.22. I had been tested in the past and my results were a clear negative, My numbers around 5-6 years ago (last time tested) were hsv1 = 0.60 hsv2 = 0.66, Biokit = neg.. On March 17, 2010 (3 mos. after pos. exposure) I retested with the same results. All bacterial and hiv disease negative.
Avatar f tn Then they expose your blood to virus and let all of the HSV2 antibodies stick to the virus (which means they can't stick to the ELISA test now) then you re-run this neutralized blood on the ELISA. If the score drops by 60% or more and the reading is now 0.88 or lower, they say that your blood had HSV2 antibodies that now can't be seen by the ELISA anymore because they were stuck to the virus. If the score drops 40% or less and your score stays at 1.
188761 tn?1320166132 hi mike, yes i agree protected vs unprotected is a lot of difference.. From the test point of view.. I too had pcr test @11 day, duo test @27 day and now the 7 week test that i plan to do this thursday. Do post your results..I will log in after a couple of hours to check for your test results..
798555 tn?1292791151 A long-time infection can have a problematic effect on the test results (primarily the W.blot/ELISA combo) and therefore cause a missed diagnosis. The immune system is set up to kill bacteria with a very short life cycle, and that matters because it is when dividing (reproducing) that the bacteria are most susceptible to meds through their breached cell wall. (I have read in several places that Lyme bacteria have a 7 day life cycle, compared to strep bacteria, which has an 8 HOUR life cycle.
Avatar f tn HSV Type 1 Flags: none Results: Negative Ref-Range: Negative HSV Type 2 Flags: Above High Normal Results: Positive Ref-Range: Negative Herpes Simplex Virus Culture Flags: Progressive Results: Above high normal Ref-Range: Positive None Isolated Wet mount positive for clue cells, shows increased WBC and alkaline pH. The None Isolated is written twice and has me very confused as well as the diagnosis in general.
Avatar f tn But a confirmation WB test would not be done until after a 3 month period and you had a positive ELISA test. If you want take an 8 week test, that is unlikely to change and then follow up with a 3 month test.
Avatar m tn It was 43 days after the oral sex that I was worried about, and I tested negative. It was an ELISA test. Results were NON-REACTIVE. Can anyone give me their thought on the reliability of an ELISA test 6 weeks? I know everyone says I wasn't at risk.
Avatar f tn 300 - what does that mean? I never received a full explanation of my test results. He suggested that I may have rheumatoid arthritis, which doesn't seem right to me? I don't have any pain, no nodules on my joints, no family history etc. He said that it could come from a virus. What kind of virus can cause this? I was diagnosed 20 years ago with PCOS and Antiphospholipin Sydrome (after having a premature birth). I am checked every year for Lupus and have NEVER had it.
1063463 tn?1302278219 I begged ALL of these doctors for a Lymes test but they all said NO. I did test positive for autoimmune RA Factor(rheumtoid arthritis) so two docs diagnosed me with RA and two said I don't but they can't put their finger on it. About 3 weeks ago I took my husband along to my visit with my rheumatologist and cried to PLEASE give me a Lymes test. Finally he said OKAY! I received, not a call, but a note in the mail from him stating that my Lymes test came out POSTIVE!!!
Avatar n tn Hey everyone I went in for my results of my 5 month test today.. NEGATIVE!! Man that was the biggest relief of my life. I also tested negative at 3 months, but being the paranoid person I am, i decided to retest. I thought i had all the symptoms in the book. Lymph nodes are never a good indicator. Only a positive test means your positive. I am leaving this forum now forever. I wish you all luck. Stay safe.
Avatar f tn HerpeSelect 1 ELISA IgG H 6.05 Herpeselect 2 ELISA IgG 0.54 I didn't believe that I could be negative, so I asked him to test me again. This time, the results were Herpeselect 1 ELISA IgG H 6.43 Herpeselect 2 ELISA IgG 0.42 At the time of the testing, I hadn't had sex in over a year. I'm confused. Should I believe that I do have HSV2 or that I don't have HSV2? Is two negative tests enough confirmation?
1994269 tn?1327148617 To confirm the presence of HIV infection, the most specific test would be testing for its antibodies with an ELISA test which is a screening test which looks for antibodies in the blood. The antibodies are usually produced within 1-3 months of the infection. If this test is positive as a lot of false positivity exists with this test another more specific test to detect the antibodies is the Western blot test. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn hay man ok seems like the hospital here, batch duo test,because nurse told me,,and u confirmed my question is after 13 weeks of exposure my 4 generation test(duos test) in batching way is confident? or shoud i take elisa one, indiviudal sample? whats better duo test or elisa? after 13 weeks of exposure? shoud i trust the batching system method?