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Avatar n tn I was also conerned about weight gain, I do not want to gain weight on this, I've read that some people have gained weight on Effexor. I used to be on Prozac too but never gained weight on that or Wellbutrin. The reason I didn't stay on Prozac is because of the sexual side effects and felt it wasn't helping me much either. I worry a lot and didn't feel that helped either. Does Effexor help with anxiety (worrying)? I was very constipated on Wellbutrin. Can this happen with Effexor too?
Avatar f tn Can someone give me a straight answer as to yes, it makes you gain weight or no it does not? They shouldn't put weight loss on the label of possible side effects and list nothing about weight gain, when in actually it may make you put on ridiculous weight! Thanks for the insight and I really appreciate it!
408795 tn?1324939275 She has eliminated all her supplements, like vitamin C, magnesium and around 8 or 9 different vitamins or supplements she used to take. She know believes that she has gained that weight from the effexor xr. I think she's right, has anyone else experienced this problem with anti-depressants?
Avatar f tn Great drug, bad side effects for me personally with weight gain, very hard to detox in my opinion, but all in all, i wouldnt change a thing. Effexor helped me in my most darkest hours. Hope this helps : ) Good luck !!
Avatar f tn ) My feet and especially ankles have swollen to twice their normal size (the MD and I blamed it on my weight gain and working on a concrete floor.) Severe tooth and ear pain on one side of my head. Constantly treated for sinus infections and going to the dentist (he never could find anything wrong). Felt like I couldn't breathe. Only good thing about this is that it scared me enough to quit smoking after 40 years! (Yes it was very had to quit but fear is a powerful motivator.
Avatar n tn I'm a stay at home Mom of a 3 year old and since deciding to try for #2, my husband and I thought it would be safest to be med free during my pregnancy, since the effects of Effexor in pregnancy has not really been studied. I took 75mg of Effexor XR for a little over a year for general anxiety. I have been weaning for almost 3 months as gradually as I could. My last weaning was for almost a month at 18.5mg.
Avatar n tn I am currenlty in therapy and my therapist recommened I see somoene about medication so I did. She put me on Effexor XR b/c I was concerned about weight gain and anti-depressants. I currently exercise at least 5 days a week for an hour and I do not eat more then 1300 calories a day.
Avatar n tn I just thought I'd let everyone know, I was on Effexor XR for 7 years the side effects were horrible and the withdrawls were almost unbearable. But I went to a psychologist to help me get off of them, it took a year of tapering from 150mg to 75mg I was on 75 mg for 3 months and then tapered to 37.5 for a month .... then a month of every other day tapering on 37.5 ... the side effects come from you brain chemistry being completely thrown off..
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor XR and Ambien for the past 3 years. This is after trying multiple antidepressants and sleep agents over the previous 5 years. The Effexor and Ambien worked well - felt good, slept good, minimal weight gain, minimal side effects. However, my family began complaining that I would "wander" at night (eat, fall, on rare occasions drink, and become an attention "*****" to quote my oldest daughter).
Avatar n tn I just discontinued taking Effexor XR and it was the most difficult and painful thing I have ever done! The side effects for me were: increased depression, confusion, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, and on and on and on... I am so angry that the drug company (Wyeth) and the doctor didn't know what I was talking about! How can they not know? They do clinical trials. Just ridiculous! I signed the petition to have it reviewed by the FDA (I was about # 4,500, so I know I'm not alone).
Avatar m tn has anyone experienced alot of weight gain with effexor xr? If so, any solutions?
Avatar m tn Wow! Literally a nightmare, this is by far the worst drug i have ever taken, seroquel was also a Nightmare! My Doc switched me over to Klonopin and so far it has helped a little, the only problem is that he upped my dose from .5mg of Xanax per day to .5mg twice daily. I don't think I'm going to take the full mg of klonopin, i will take the .5mg like i used to with Xanax. So far it has helped a little. I'm hoping that 2 miles of jogging every other day will help taper off completely.
Avatar n tn does anyone know when the side effects of weaning yourself off of effexor stop? i have been completely off of it for three days now and i still feel awful. my coordination is off, i feel confused and forgetful, but the most irritating and troublesome side effect is one that is hard to describe. about ever ten seconds or so i get a really strange feeling in my head. almost like a pulsy - dizzy - out of it feeling. im just wondering when these things will go away. i feel so odd. thanks!
Avatar m tn I've never heard of weight gain as a side effect of effexor, but perhaps it made your depression worse and that was why you gained weight. In anycase it sounds like effexor wasn't/isn't working for you. Anecdotally It does seem to work for a while and then stop. I took zoloft for 2.5 years, but it stopped working for me, then effexor was great for a while but anti-depressants aren't good for bipolar with a mood regulator.
627095 tn?1222040689 I have never been able to get through the side effects of being dizzy, feeling of unbalance and my head is all tingly and shocking when I try stopping my dosage, but I am getting fed up with the side effects while taking Effexor even more. The constant sweating, weight gain, fatigue, loss of memory, trouble thinking and speaking,etc.. Are there any dangers for stopping this medication due to the length of time I have been on it?
Avatar f tn It's soo much better than Paxil - no weight gain, no sexual side effects...
Avatar n tn thats not always easy but u have to keep going to the doc if ur still getting symptoms. My personal opinion unless ur having bad side effects continue with effexor but keep raising the dosage if not enough. Another good thing about effexor is that its one of the few antidepressants that do not cause weight gain. when u feel like ur starting to get better keep on that dose for a while then from there on lower it gradually.
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor XR for 2 years now. I have tried getting off of it a year ago with no success. I couldn't take the withdrawal symptoms and function in my daily life. I decided to stay on it despite the 30 lbs that I had gained since being on it. I initially was given Effexor for my Anxiety. It seemed to have helped, but I couldn't handle the weight gain and loss in sex drive. I have been trying to get off the meds for about 5 mos now and it's been hell.
Avatar n tn She actually put me on a different anti depressant (Zoloft) and that took care of the emotional and physical side effects of the Effexor. I don't know if one is better than the other, but I have fewer side effects with this, and if I miss a dose, I don't feel like I'm crawling out of my skin. My original doctor prescribed Effexor so quickly, it scares me to know that more people are being given this horrible medication.
Avatar f tn 25 for 8 months) had no side effects and quit cold turkey again with no side effects. I was not aware of any of the side effects I just did it and was fine. Now that I know what could possibly happen, I am a little afraid to take the meds. This plays a small part in why I won't take the Lex but a larger part is that I feel that if I work on the things that are bothering me and to try and control the stress I can beat it without the meds.
Avatar n tn Ok, I was on Effexor for several months, and I barely had any side-effects...Except if I forgot to take it within one hour of the day before. I would experience hot flashes, anxiety, feeling like I drank about 5 cups of coffee. I felt as though I was going through menopause. My doctor suggested that I go into the hospital in order to come off of it.
530150 tn?1284662480 but your not the first and wont be the last to end the effexor XR rollercoaster ride!!!! Not to mention the long term side effects this stuff has on your body.. it is evil stuff... (in my opinion).
Avatar f tn I have never written in a forum before, but have been reading these for awhile now, especially since trying to get off Effexor XR. I have been on Effexor XR 225 milligrams for about 6 years after an extremely difficult 6 months at the time resulting in major depression and anxiety with panic attacks. To me, Effexor XR with an occasional alprazolam 0.25 milligrams (Xanax) had been the miracle drugs and saved my life. I take my medication every morning anywhere between 8 and 10 a.m.
Avatar n tn ) I have not been able to sleep, the weight gain is disgusting, but one of the worst side effects (and this is very hard to admit) is that this crazy drug makes me actually "crave" alcohol. That was even hard to type :( Am I the only one? I want to get away from the E XR Monster. So; I have chosen to try 75mg a day for 2 weeks and then 37.5mg a day for two weeks - Any advice on this logic? Any success stories out there? Also interested in which vitamins might help.
Avatar n tn the brain shocks they talk about among other effects! TOLD HIM NOT TO TAKE THEM BUT HE TRUSTED HIS DOC! When I first started on effexor xr 8 years ago they were $150.00 a month,( I had insurance ) now they are up to $415.00, quite the racket! get them hooked raise the price... (since they can't get off them) they try... but they will go back on as they have such terrible side effects! LEGAL DRUG LAWS! Sorry to ramble...