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Avatar f tn i am post meno and have some mild hot flashes that keep me awake or wake me up so i never get a good nights sleep and wonder if this is contributing to my mood and outbursts and depression. i was on celexa and it gave me urinary incontinence and some weird visuals at night but i want it back but dr. took me off it when i told him about this. any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I was wondering what dose of Effexor you have been taking and also any other medications; and if you don't mind, what depressive diagnosis you feel you suffer from? I've been on effexor CR time release for about 5 years and suffer the same withdrawal.
Avatar n tn About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Major Depression and after trying Celexa, Paxil, Wellbutrin and some others I was put on Effexor. Effexor was the one that seemed to do the trick and pull me out of that dark abyss. About a month ago I talked to my doctor about finally coming off it and she had me reduce it 75mg every two weeks. When I got to 150mg (half way point) I felt terrible. Physical sympotms weren't as bad as I had heard they could be, but the depression came back.
Avatar n tn I don't know for sure, but I believe it is because even a little bit of adrenaline added to my already over-abundance of adrenaline shoots me through the roof. I'm on effexor and hope that it will help me with these issues. Thankfully, my kids don't even flinch anymore. They think I'm full of hot air.
Avatar f tn I have an two unfilled scrips -- one for Seroquel, and one for Effexor. I still have depression, and now I feel like I've been victimized twice -- once by the lying pharmeceutical companies, and once by my doctor who insists there is NO connection between SSRIs and my chronic diarrhea. I am, to put it bluntly, mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! Dr. Daniel Amen, of the Amen Clinics, is someone you should check out.
Avatar n tn It has also markedly helped with my fibromyalgia , irritable bowel syndrome, and urinary incontinence.. When I first started taking it, it caused me to lose 27 pounds. I have heard from doctors that after a while the Paxil can "turn on you" and start causing the same symptoms it was alleviating, such as weight gain, anxiety, etc., as well as new symptoms.
Avatar f tn I am taking one capsule effexor xr(venlafaxine) 150mg & Neuxam(alprazolam) 0.5 mg 1 & 1/2 tablet at night prescribed by Psychiatrist for about 12 days.My urine color has changed to dark and I have nause.Before starting the medicine I had upset stomach, gas & acidity.Is my dark urine color due to the medication? should I stop the medicine? or it is temporary and will get back normal when I stop the medication?
1442059 tn?1340244552 Thanks so much to u and everyone who responded. I have heard that Effexor is supposed to be the same drug only generic is this true? Maybe someone out there knows.
Avatar m tn Now that the infection is gone I have noticed that the anxiety and confusion continue, she has also been complaining of blurred vision, headaches,weakness, bad taste in her mouth, and her incontinence has gotten severe. I read the side affects of effexor and these fit. She takes sinimet for her parkinsons. Im wondering if we should try removing the effexor to see if she improves. Shes on the lowest dose.
Avatar n tn I have been treated for depression with no success and assessed and treated for ADD also with no success. Celexa, Effexor, Dexidrine, and now Zoloft. Background - symptoms: 1. Fatigue, lack of focus/concentration, loss of motivation/interest, reclusiveness - 8 years or so. 2. Chronic frequent loose stools - again, 8 years or so. Sometimes completely normal for weeks, but always returns. 3.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2002, sleep apnea in 2007, and on Yasmin, Effexor, Toprol. I am not diabetic. I work nights. About 3 mos. ago, I started urinating frequently at nt., up to 12 times in 8 hrs, the 1st time being after lying down for only 10 min. My PCP referred me to a urologist, and put me on Enablex in the meantime. The med had no effect at all after 2 weeks, and the urologist dc’d it and put me on DDAVP (0.2 mg at bedtime, now 0.3mg). He did a bladder scan only.
Avatar n tn I felt so out of control on prozac and all the effexor xr did was make me sit and cry non stop all the time. While on the prozac i was almost canatonic. I just could not function at all... it was the worse week of my life being on that stuff. I am so angry that the FDA covers up information about theses medications and most doctors do too. They took the one mediciation "paxil cr" off the market that gave me my life back!.
465975 tn?1224235235 I have had symtoms of MS for going on two years. I have lived with chronic pain since October '06. I had c-2,3 & 4 fused in feb of' 06. In October of '06 the plate at the fuse had to be removed because of "settling". Doctor had to fuse c-6,7,& 8 at the same time, disk was herniating toward the cord. The first surgery was done immediately because of how bad the cord was pinched off. Neuro doc has concluded feeling all but gone in both hands. This because of the pinch.
Avatar n tn Now, My hands and arms have been constantly tingly with pins and needles, heavy and weak, swelling, and palms get red and blotchy. Depression is becoming overwhelming. I have headaches every day. . I have 3 herniated discs in my lower spine and i think it's because of this, that i can't stand or walk for more than a minute or 2 before my face ends up between my knees.and i'm taking vicodine and muscle relaxors for that. I have also developed a stygmatism. my left pupil is no bigger.
1710955 tn?1309450073 I take amiltriptlyn for nerve pain and my dog does for incontinence. It works well during the day I notice the burning pain at the end of the daywhen I want to sit and relax. For me, I find if I keep myself busy or go for a walk the pain subsides. Doesn't make any sense to me why walking helps but it does. WhAt are some of the other meds for nerve pain?
147426 tn?1317269232 It was great fun tossing it into the air and catching it on the way down. Yes, the association between mice and incontinence was real. And then in great cat fashion, he presented me with his prize in my recliner. I have no intention of becoming a Mouse POW camp. Tony had not even taken the courtesy of killing the mouse first. Little field mice have very tiny and soft feet, but the scurrying roused a primitive "scoot-away reflex" and that is impossible in a recliner.
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939964 tn?1288020624 I also have this awful unbalanced feeling in my head that comes and goes several times a day. I do take effexor XR but I've taken it for the past 3 years and haven't had any of this head stuff til recently. I was in PT for 3 months and found out that I have a rotated C3. MS is in my family tree, I have 2 cousins that are brother and sister and they both were Dx'd the same year.
Avatar n tn Well for one, some of the odd ball symptoms that came on just recently are probably a side effect of the Zoloft. I take zoloft and took Xanax and Effexor and they do cause some inner vibrations, headaches, increased difficulty thinking, sweating, loss of sexual labido (for men) etc. Do your other symptoms sound like MS, well not from a classical or typical standpoint they do not, but you might have several things going on concurrently that may blur getting a clean DX.
Avatar n tn Not everything is HCV or tx related. Incontinence can be dealt with and it may be an idication of something else wrong. Sorry you had such a bad experience.
Avatar n tn From everything I can find on this, retention (inability to pee) is a hallmark of autonomic failure, not urge incontinence. I think maybe that (and a few other things as well) is one of the reasons they are reconsidering MS as a dx for me. The neuro mentioned they needed to still rule out MS and suggested I return to Mayo for a lumbar puncture, but she told me when I was up there that my presentation (Horner's) would be very atypical for MS. Sorry this is so long.
Avatar f tn I break out in a cold sweat and feel like I am going to faint. I am on venlafaxine (Effexor 75mg) he increased it and it helped for a while a year or so and now I am going through some stuff with the family. it doesn't feel good to be left out of things. I ordered some gloves that fit on the fingers but they are not tight on the wrists. so theydid help my fingers and hands but nit the wrist. just going to wrap them. I don't eat very much maybe one meal aday.
Avatar f tn But yes, you are not alone. Everything you say about it is like I am reading my own thoughts and experiences and I have never found anyone who understands it. I have seen about 9 doctors-of varous specialties-and none of them have answers. I have noticed that stressful situations can make it come on. Originally it started with only when I was lying down-this lasted for about 6 mo.
Avatar n tn Yeah. Well that's what I hope-related to some kind of yeast thing, and not HPV-which would mean I have to wait until it runs it's course with me. My doctor actually told me to stick with the gold bond if it works, but that's treating the symptoms...sigh. I just had a run of anti biotics after a surgery, wouldn't that take care of any kind of BI/yeast/uti??