Early pregnancy symptoms on clomid

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Avatar f tn i did clomid 50 mg for 5 days then estrodil for 4 days had a vaginal ultrasound...3 eggs and then an injection...my husband was also on clomid for 26 days..we had an iui done on 6/5/2008 which is 3 days ago and i dont know if its me or not but i have the prgo walk going, am very tired and nauseated already...any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated..
Avatar f tn I am also feeling very tired. Today I am 3 dpo. Could this be early pregnancy symptoms?
1530658 tn?1299766324 No Symptoms, really not focusing on it. Reading "Making Babies" and it is changing my LIFE!!!
Avatar f tn m on my first round of clomid TTC as I have incredibly irregular periods (sometimes I go months without seeing AF). I heard Clomid side effects can mimic early pregnancy symptoms but there's just so many I'm having! I'm hoping I'm not just getting over excited.
Avatar f tn Has anyone using Clomid experienced any early pregnancy symptoms?? I have had one round of Clomid, and I can test on Jan 4. The wait is KILLING me, and I have been experiencing some symptoms that I think may be early pregnancy symptoms. I am afraid that it is just my mind playing tricks on me because I WANT them to be pregnancy symptoms. This is what has happened during my entire ttc journey. Have any of you fellow Clomid users experienced symptoms that turned out to be true pregnancy symptoms??
Avatar m tn Could all these symptoms is a positive sign.
1294482 tn?1354489288 Well, yesterday I started having a lot of cramping off and on through the evening. Mid afternoon I started getting the leg cramps as well. Also have some joint pain in my hips adn knees. These are all the same symptoms I had last month which lead me to believe it is AF just around the corner again.
Avatar m tn I am 5 or 6 days past ovulation and having pains in my right ovary. I am wondering if this is a symptom of early pregnancy or anything I should be worried about.
493195 tn?1308086679 Every time i do the trigger I get really sore breasts and symptoms that imitate pregnancy. Is this a new symptom? or have you had it since the trigger shot? It's hard to tell this early...they could be trigger shot side affects, pms symptoms or pregnancy symptoms. Let's hope it's a BFP! You can usually take a pregnancy test 12 dpo. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I'm wondering what is the earliest that anyone here has or has known someone to feel pregnancy symptoms? I ovulated on 2-8-10, and I'm on Clomid. I'm feeling lower back pain, and irritation, and really sleepy. But it's only been 5 days?? I've heard of women feeling symptoms early, but is this just plain too early? Thanks!
1564074 tn?1334490908 9 so they were way off. I am usually 96.7 or so. Today my temp is 98.2. Is this just a side effect of Clomid or possible an early pregnancy sign?
Avatar n tn Started clomid on cd 5, took HCG shot at 9pm on 8/29 and Had 1st IUI on 8/30 and 2nd on 8/31. Took blood test for progesterone levels on 9/5/08 and levels came back good per nurse at 25. Waiting to take test on 9/12/08 for results. However, my nipples are very sore and have to urinate more than usual?
Avatar f tn Hi, I am on my first round of Clomid 50mg and have been in pain for the past three days. I have already ovulated on cd14 or cd15. I am trying to figure out if it is just the Clomid or if it could be a sign that I may be pregnant. The pain is nothing like I have every felt. It would rotate from one side to the other and did not feel like cramping if felt more like twisting. I have also had some discharge and sore breast. I called my RN and was told that it could be all in my head.
Avatar f tn I was 9 weeks before my menstrual cramps went away. With my last pregnancy I had no symptoms at all. And every clomid cycle of mine was different. So you're 11 dpiui?
Avatar f tn I had a very very very faint positive followed by a negative on a first response about day 23-24 so pretty early! What were your pre-positive pregnancy test symptoms?
1014822 tn?1338648073 I am wondering if some of the symptoms I am getting could be early pregnancy signs....I have sore BBs and I have also noticed more CM the past few days. It could be in my head but I hope not. Is it too early to notice any signs?
143868 tn?1263928845 I got lucky once on clomid! My symptoms were fatigue, breast soreness and nausea. They came at about 5 weeks. My other pregnancys were some of the symptoms but not all. But every pregnancy is different. The best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1564074 tn?1334490908 t really count the bb being sore because I always have sore bbs before AF. Is this just a side effect of Clomid or possible an early pregnancy sign? Thanks so much for your help!
Avatar f tn ve been having pregnancy symptoms but also heard that Clomid can cause pregnancy symptoms. Does anyone know any difference you can tell with Clomid and pregnancy symptoms?
Avatar f tn AF-type cramps are actually pretty common in early pregnancy, so yes, that could definitely be a good sign! Good luck!
Avatar f tn It is hard to tell when you take clomid. I was on clomid and was cramping on and off from the day I ovulated to this day and I found out February 2 that I was pregnant. The cramps are so bad to where I feel like I should be on my period.
Avatar n tn Hi Girls- I have been on clomid for the last 8 months . ( prior to the clomid i was very irregular) Since i began the clomid i have been right on schedule. I ovulate every 19 days and get my period ( unfortunately) every 35 days. Last month i actually had a chemical pregnancy . Therefore my period came three days later . This month i ovulated on day 16 . Which would have been the normal time if we had not conceived ?
Avatar n tn last day of clomid
1434731 tn?1382722384 Headache for the last 4 days....dull but there Boobs sore light to moderate now Crampy here and there...