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Avatar f tn does this happen when u have concieved in ur early 1st/2nd week of pregnancy....please help me...shall i do a pregnancy test...will the pregnancy test work so early....pls tell me what shall i do?
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever experienced their early pregnancy symptoms coming and going? Some days I feel aweful and others I don't feel anything?
499554 tn?1257091876 do you get white discharge when you are having a miscarriage? i know you get it in early pregnancy. which i am pregnant, about 9 weeks and 2 days but i already had a miscarriage in january but i had cramps and i cant remember if i had the discharge but im not having any cramps just feeling sick and dizzy, the usual. so im just wondering if it could be a sign of miscarriage also.
Avatar f tn I have noticed a thick white discharge from my vagina for over a week now, with my bowel movements. The discharge is like white mucus but it does not pain, smell, nor is there any irritation on my vagina. I am fairly regular with my menstruation, but it is over a week and I still have not got it. I however have been experiences the symptoms (tender nipples, stomach cramps, mood swings) for over a week. I have done a pregnancy test and it is negative. I am 31 years of age.
Avatar n tn White Discharge with Pregnancy White discharge is also common as an early sign of pregnancy. The white discharge before period is more pronounced if pregnant due to increased oestrogen production and blood flow to the vaginal area. The white discharge expelled during early pregnancy may resemble egg white or a runny nose. The discharge is the cervical secretions that created a protective barrier in the cervical canal. This is expelled by the thinning and dilating of the cervix.
Avatar f tn I am now two weeks late and having white discharge. I've taken a pregnancy test and it came back negative? Am I taking it too soon, and could I still be pregnant?
Avatar n tn all my pergancy sypmtoms seems to have disappeared and i am getting some white discharge like during ovulation is that normal
Avatar f tn Although now I have been getting scared because I have some of the symptoms of early pregnancy such as dizziness, sleepiness, Thick milky white discharge, nausea/vomiting, although I havnt vomited since Monday night, it is now Wednesday. Me and my boyfriend are very scared and worried because we are not trying to have a baby. I do realize it has only been 3 days and is very early but i am very worried.
Avatar n tn I even had the small amount of white discharge from one of my breasts and a clear discharge from the other. They were very tingly and somewhat sore for several days but now the soreness has gone away. My period should start tomorrow but usually I have spotting or some kind of pinkish discharge in the days before hand (kind of like a warning) but so far nothing and that's unsual for me because its been like that for years. background: I have 2 daughters but had a tubal pregnancy 10 years ago.
Avatar n tn What symptoms of early pregnancy are different than that of mentrual symptoms? Reason I ask is that friends often come to me for advice because they think they are pregnant. It seems that it's hard to tell early on because symptoms of both are similar. So how do you know if it's time to take a pregnancy test, or if you should opt not to because it could only be symptoms of the onset of menses?
Avatar f tn Hey, sometimes in early pregnancy discharge can be much thicker and white. The brown and red colour discharge could be implantation bleeding, or spotting. I suggest taking another test with you first pee of the morning, and if still nothing.. see a doc. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Many women experience nipple discharge during the later stages of pregnancy as the breast tissue prepares for lactation. Some women do experience nipple discharge early in pregnancy. This discharge is usually clear. Repeated stimulation of the nipple can also cause discharge. This can happen from manipulation and squeezing, or chaffing against a bra during exercise. There are also several medical conditions that cause nipple discharge which require immediate medical attention.
Avatar f tn Im haveing white discharge due to a uti I'm 31 weeks but almost done with the pills to clear it but today I have got a little red in the discharge its slimy , sorry tmi but what could this be
Avatar n tn Okay so I have a few questions about early pregnancy signs. I've noticed yesterday and this morning that the circulation in my legs is horrible, I can't keep my legs crossed for more then five minutes without it falling asleep. Is this an early pregnancy sign? Also things like headaches every night, back cramps, fatigue, moodiness. I've read that early pregnancy signs are like pms on steroids I was just hoping for some personal stories.
927780 tn?1244141078 Hi! Pregnancy is definitely associated with increased discharge, usually clear and mucousy in character. This is due to the increased estrogen levels with pregnancy. A couple of things, you are probably too early to be exhibiting any pregnacy related symptoms just yet, although the discharge could be a sign that you did ovulate which is a good first step. If there is any odor, irritation or itching associated with the discharge, you should consider the possibility of a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn Discharge can be a sign of pregnancy but i would personally not take this as a sign that you are as not a day goes by for me without some kind of discharge so it is hard to use discharge as a pregancy sign in my opinion but then if you dont normally get discharge and you have started to expereince alot then it very well could be a sign for you!! good luck. When are you testing?
Avatar n tn It's been a long time since I was pregnant, so I've forgotten alot about pregnancy symptoms. I've been having a white milky discharge (on my underwear) and I feel wet like I'm ovulating. Are these symptoms of pregnancy. I've been experiencing a dull ache on my right side, also. I know its not ovulation because I ovulated around the 28th of May.
1312500 tn?1279032965 The past 4 day I have had wet/white egg white discharge, could this be a sign that I'm pregnant, plz check out my chart and let me know what you think.
Avatar n tn Hey I had the Implanon removed april 2010 me and my partner have been trying for over a year to try and concive but had no luck of yet..... Since thursday 15th september I have been feeling really sicky headaches heartburn lower cramps and back ache.. I'm due for my period 29th september isit to early to detect a pregnany? My abdomen is slightly bloated I mentioned stomach cramps but nothing really painful just quick little pains! Isitt a possibility I could be pregnant? Can anyone help??
Avatar f tn Yes, a white to watery discharge is normal and increases during pregnancy -- it is called leucorrhoea. Info I found online, from babycenter: "It's quite common to have more vaginal discharge while you are pregnant. It's usually quite harmless. What you are noticing is called leucorrhoea. This is a mild-smelling milky fluid or discharge. It happens because more blood is flowing to the area around your vagina.