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Avatar m tn Hello - I am wondering if anyone can clear up the "early treatment" timeline for Lyme Disease. The rash started out looking and itching like a mosquito bite or poison ivy then developed the bullseye a day or so later. We were not even aware of any sort of insect bite until the rash showed up and went to the doctor and got antibiotics the day the bullseye emerged. No other flu like symptoms, body aches, etc. so far and the itching has stopped since taking the antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I'm trying to get a timeline ready for my new neuro appointment next week. My problem is that I can't remember what happened when from July 2006-early 2008. I had a horrible episode that started July 2006 and was in an out of ERs, dr's offices and on so much medication for so many things that I really can't remember when the episode ended, when the next one started, what symptoms appeared when and when I had what tests. It's all run together.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever experienced their early pregnancy symptoms coming and going? Some days I feel aweful and others I don't feel anything?
Avatar f tn Completely normal, that's usually how people figure out they are expecting! I found out very early and that's only cause my breasts were killllling me. Everyone has different experiences and feelings. I didn't have any sickness nor did I ever feel sick but My sister felt sick and was puking her whole pregnancy.
Avatar f tn What was everyone early pregnancy symptoms? I've only had cramping and constipation. Anyone else?
Avatar n tn I started feeling symptoms 2 weeks before my period... I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years with my husband and couldn't.
Avatar n tn How early can you have symptoms of pregnancy? And when do you start getting lochia?
1296549 tn?1272528518 Hello Everyone. This is the first time I've been on a site like this. Little nervous. For about a month now I've had what the books say early pregnancy symptoms. Nausea, Breast tenderness,Fatigue, Hightened sense of smell, and for two weeks I've had some pink spotting (not much) and light to dark brown spotting. About two to three weeks ago I took two home pregnancy test and they were negative. Planning on taking another one in two weeks.
1296549 tn?1272528518 For about a month now ive had what the books call early pregnancy symptoms. Ive had breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue, heightened sense of smell, and ive also had pink and light to dark brown spotting (2 weeks off and on). About two weeks ago i took two pregnancy test and both were negative. the first time we tried to conceive was March 30th 2010. Im wondering if these symptoms could be early pregnancy signs, or my body readjusting from coming off of five months of bleeding.