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Avatar m tn Could all these symptoms is a positive sign.
575296 tn?1219251620 Timeline 2003 August 2003  Left side of face and head tingling  mouth drawn with trouble speaking- This lasted about 24 hours August- November  Left side of face tingling on and off 2006-2007 October-March  Trouble swallowing- feeling as if food were getting stuck  Weight loss of 45 pounds ( down to 104 pounds)  Fatigue- felt as if I could not get out of bed.
Avatar f tn Time line Before I got sick I was an active married mother of three children. I worked part time as a real estate agent in addition to substitute teaching.My days were filled with chauffeuring kids to football, soccer, and trips to the mall. Things were hectic at times, but I have always been an on the go person and seemed to thrive in those situations. All of that changed when I got sick. The life I loved had changed forever. Spring 2003 Developed bilateral foot pain and numbness.
1428239 tn?1333457053 (. US onfeb 8.
648910 tn?1290663083 Timeline for Terry Hays 1. 1979 - episodes of electric sensation or shock, would drop whatever I was holding as my body jerked once when it occurred. Still occurs. 2.
Avatar f tn Most of the women under in vitro pregnancy feel confused what would be their symptoms of early IVF pregnancy. Women, who do not conceive naturally, can conceive artificially through in vitro process. Therefore, they often feel whether IVF pregnancy symptoms resemble symptoms of natural pregnancies or not. Following an IVF pregnancy, the egg is taken outside in a Petri dish to fertilize. After fertilization, the egg is again implanted in the body.
Avatar f tn With my first pregnancy, I already had symptoms. I knew I was pregnant before my missed period and before I tested. I had cramping and breast tenderness. Right now i'm 4 days past my missed period. I tested BFP but I have no symptoms.
1434731 tn?1382722384 Headache for the last 4 days....dull but there Boobs sore light to moderate now Crampy here and there...
463897 tn?1468013750 //www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Acne-During-Pregnancy-Your-Symptoms-Manual/2137 Backaches http://www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Back-Pain-During-Pregnancy-Your-Symptoms-Manual/1995 Bloating https://www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Bloating-During-Pregnancy-Your-Symptoms-Manual/1992 Blood Pressure Increase https://www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Blood-Pressure-Increase-During-Pregnancy-Your-Symptoms-Manual/2133 Body Aches http://www.medhelp.
1105753 tn?1374287348 It is still fairly early in my TWW but my BBs are sore and I'm slightly nauseous. My hormones are raging and I think I might loose it today! Now I'm spotting! I feel like I'm having early pregnancy signs, but I don't think that's it. Either I'm going to start my AF sooner than normal or I'm experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms. I just feel lousy today and I just want to cry.
Avatar n tn Your level looks just fine. With the availability of early ultrasound, not too much is made of HCG levels anymore. Sometimes a Dr. may order two seperate HCG tests a few days apart to ensure they are rising (under 1200 they look for the number to double every 48 to 72 hours...this timeline increases as the number gets higher). Many times however they won't and just do an ultrasound around 8 weeks.
1201929 tn?1293708072 //www.babysnark.com/early-pregnancy-symptoms/early-pregnancy-symptoms.asp Add yours Below if you'd like :) xxx BABY DUST TO ALL.
1948730 tn?1330632840 On & off for the past week I've been feeling crampy, back pains, a fullness in my uterus, and fatigue. I honestly don't know if its post-ovulation symptoms, or early pregnancy signs. It could also just be side-effects from depo still. Or maybe this is the new normal for my body?
Avatar f tn NEUROLOGICAL TIMELINE OF SYMPTOMS DATES , AGE & DIAGNOSIS SYMPTOM&DURATION 1994 - Age: 22 Slurred Speech - 2 days onand off 1998 - Age: 26 Stiff Neck - 3 - 4 Weeks 2000 - Age: 28 Heavy / Dead legs less than 24 hrs.
Avatar m tn Hello - I am wondering if anyone can clear up the "early treatment" timeline for Lyme Disease. The rash started out looking and itching like a mosquito bite or poison ivy then developed the bullseye a day or so later. We were not even aware of any sort of insect bite until the rash showed up and went to the doctor and got antibiotics the day the bullseye emerged. No other flu like symptoms, body aches, etc. so far and the itching has stopped since taking the antibiotics.
708150 tn?1268273933 I so don't know how this is going to go. I have had little crampy twinges for more than the last couple of days. Peeing a little more than normal. Haven't really had to get up in the night though which I did the last time when I was preggers. BB's haven't been sore which they were last time and are usually around this when af is about to show her ugly face. Have some bluish veins in chest but very few. Counting down til Wednesday.
Avatar n tn What symptoms of early pregnancy are different than that of mentrual symptoms? Reason I ask is that friends often come to me for advice because they think they are pregnant. It seems that it's hard to tell early on because symptoms of both are similar. So how do you know if it's time to take a pregnancy test, or if you should opt not to because it could only be symptoms of the onset of menses?
646779 tn?1281996041 I don't want to count my chickens too soon, but it looks like this morning sickness and nausea are finally easing. Halelluliah, it was really getting me down. I did not have any sickness with my other pregnancies so its new to me. It definately feel like having a new lease of life when it eases. I'm less tired that I used to be too. Just a month to go to be out of the first trimester. I don't wish it all away but some of those early signs of pregnancy are really hard.
Avatar f tn Although now I have been getting scared because I have some of the symptoms of early pregnancy such as dizziness, sleepiness, Thick milky white discharge, nausea/vomiting, although I havnt vomited since Monday night, it is now Wednesday. Me and my boyfriend are very scared and worried because we are not trying to have a baby. I do realize it has only been 3 days and is very early but i am very worried.
1487578 tn?1307838543 Since yesterday i have been feeling very tired and then started vomitting at work for no reason and tenderness in my breasts have started to occur today... I hope i am pregnant but i should have waited so im nervous and scarred at the same time since my last pregnancy was exactly a month ago as of tomorrow and the dr.s appointment is wed. I cant test yet because there isnt enough levels to detect even in the early hpts they arent sensative enough...
Avatar n tn I'm trying to get a timeline ready for my new neuro appointment next week. My problem is that I can't remember what happened when from July 2006-early 2008. I had a horrible episode that started July 2006 and was in an out of ERs, dr's offices and on so much medication for so many things that I really can't remember when the episode ended, when the next one started, what symptoms appeared when and when I had what tests. It's all run together.
5536886 tn?1455827346 When you first find out you are pregnant- and you feel something, anything that isn't normal- you might be wondering if what you are feeling is a result of the pregnancy or if it's un related. Or maybe, you haven't taken that pregnancy test and you are wondering if what you are feeling could mean you are pregnant or not.
787566 tn?1240283057 I had previously posted a question about how early in a pregnancy can you experience a miscarriage. Now I am wondering how early after conception can one start to feel symptoms of pregnancy? As early as within the first week?