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540515 tn?1216398193 any ideas on how early pregnancy symptoms can arise??? i am "feeling" pregnant, but i think i just may have psyched myself into it! I am soooo tired, bloated, HUNGRY, have headaches and am a little irritable. But this very well may be AF rearing her ugly head by the end of the week.....I know i only had my period on June 2...so not that long ago...but sometimes can't you just "feel" pregnant even before you know????? any thoughts????
394803 tn?1326295603 I was just wondering how long is it before u start having pregnancy signs...cos i ovulated on 20th and have been having a bad headache the last 2 days and mild cramps in my stomach as well...i know its a little too early to expect anything but im curious when ill know...
787566 tn?1240283057 I had previously posted a question about how early in a pregnancy can you experience a miscarriage. Now I am wondering how early after conception can one start to feel symptoms of pregnancy? As early as within the first week?
Avatar n tn How early can you have symptoms of pregnancy? And when do you start getting lochia?
Avatar f tn Hi there, I was just wondering how early in the begining of a pregnancy you ladies experianced symptoms? Would a week after be too early to begin to feel sore breast? My period isnt due for another 2 weeks and this is a bit early for me to be experiancing sore breasts.
1616253 tn?1299253179 So this week is OV time and its perfect because my BF is home for his 2 wks of leave from his deployment, and we have been very happy with trying again after our 1st MC in APR so i guess my question is how early did you ladies start to experience symptoms and can some of the symptoms im feeling be realted to me OV.
Avatar f tn Completely normal, that's usually how people figure out they are expecting! I found out very early and that's only cause my breasts were killllling me. Everyone has different experiences and feelings. I didn't have any sickness nor did I ever feel sick but My sister felt sick and was puking her whole pregnancy.
897362 tn?1318121281 I am at 8 weeks and I really have NO symptoms...and have had a previous miscarriage...and a full term pregnancy. So, hang in there. Symptoms come and go..its normal......dont stress!
1296549 tn?1272528518 Hello Everyone. This is the first time I've been on a site like this. Little nervous. For about a month now I've had what the books say early pregnancy symptoms. Nausea, Breast tenderness,Fatigue, Hightened sense of smell, and for two weeks I've had some pink spotting (not much) and light to dark brown spotting. About two to three weeks ago I took two home pregnancy test and they were negative. Planning on taking another one in two weeks.
Avatar f tn ve been experiencing a lot of back aches, fatigue, nausea and some other symptoms...just curious what are some symptoms you guys have experienced around week 5?
Avatar m tn re also not feeling pregnancy symptoms. At soonest they start a week after ovulation, when implantation occurs. Even then most women won't notice or have them until around 4+ weeks of pregnancy. This is just because the hormone is high enough then to cause symptoms. (usually they peak or get strongest in weeks 6-9) It's probably illness or something you ate. Might even be PMS. It's most definitely not pregnancy though.
Avatar f tn can anyone tell me early signs of pregnancy which most of you have experienced before missed periods
766586 tn?1284383198 Had my second IUI on July 3 and thought I would share my early pregnancy symptoms so far and hope others will as well. I checked other blogs out there and found the responses to be incredibly helpful, here goes: 1dpiui Started vacation today! Hopefully relaxation will help. Had lots of cramps and bloating. At end of day was very bloated, went for a walk and it was uncomfortable very bloated. Felt like I had to pee all the time. Went to bed, laid down for a while and felt a little better.
Avatar f tn How early do you take a test to see if youre pregnant? Because I have a few symptoms but I wouldn't be but a few weeks if I was. And I dont know when the right time to take one is.
Avatar n tn So, you would not have pregnancy symptoms or know you were pregnant three days post unprotected sex. Keep that in mind. And a pregnancy test would not be accurate at all. The earliest you can get an accurate pregnancy test result from a home test is 2.5 weeks after the unprotected sex. You may be having an off period. This does happen. It can happen out of nowhere. A hormonal shift can happen at any time and wham, our period is funky from how it normally is.