Early pregnancy and discharge

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Avatar n tn I had some very light white discharge (during the time I had brown discharge). Frankly, my doctor advised me that it wasn't anything and that if it was bright red blood or white grayish matter not to be concerned. Maybe yeast. You still will want to have it examined. As for vomiting, I had hardly no morning sickness with my first 3 but did with my fourth. I am expecting again and did not vomit so don't think because you don't something is wrong.
Avatar f tn Personally, I did not experience any discharge in pregnancy. But with one pregnancy, I did have a pink show one month, which was a threatened miscarriage and I miscarried the following month.
Avatar f tn I started this tan/brown discharge on the 16th. not allot, only shows when i wipe,... and my period is due on the 2nd. the discharge is tan'ish brown like i said, but sometimes has like... peices? not chunks or anything,... like peices of stringy skin i guess? that are the brown color. everything else is smooth & tan. Thats about as descriptive as i can get. I have been having morning gags, and evening nausia for a few days now too. ALWAYS TIRED. is this maybe early pregnancy signs?
385161 tn?1270084818 Just wondering if its normal to have a little more discharge during early pregnancy. i've noticed creamy abundant (sorry if tmi) lately and I am only 4 weeks pregnant. anyone know if this is normal...also any adivce about constipation...geeze this is a gross post lol, i am not trying to be gross intentionally, just tryin to get control of whats going on here. thanks for any advice I appreciate it.
Avatar n tn hey I never had the S thingy but the brown discharge during early pregnancy is normal it scared the poop out of me and my mom told me it was normal. so maybe thats all it is.
Avatar f tn Yes no worries:) I've had it through out my whole pregnancy
Avatar f tn Thats how it all started for me, with Brown Discharge. The brown will soon turn to red...and than you will just start to bleed and pass everything. I had Cramping for about an hour or so...it wasn't too bad but it was definitely a little worse than AF cramping. Once everything passes, you bleed for a while longer ( I bled for 5 days total) Any HCG level lower than 5 means you are not Pregnant-I'm sorry... I got really bad headaches when I Miscarried too...
Avatar n tn well if it's not normal 4 you then get it checked out incase of infection comming what is verry common in early pregnancy. but woman do lose more discharge when pregnant but if it's court your attention and don't seem right speak to your gp or midwife about this best of luck lynne. :-D let us all no how you go.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to have pressure down there and have a clear mucus looking discharge??? I am about 8weeks pregnant...I dont have any cramping or blood???
Avatar f tn How did everyone deal with the discharge/increase in vaginal fluids during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn But other symptoms as well. Boobs are sore, the smells. AND the discharge. Not sure if I tested early but its annoying none the less! LOL. Take care.
Avatar n tn Every woman's body varies and some will have none or less time sick than others..... and discharge is normal during pregnancy..... just as long as there is no bright red bleeding or bad cramping you should be fine! never hurts to call your doc and ask tho if it will give ya piece of mind! GOOD LUCK!
Avatar n tn discharge during pregnancy should be reported immediately to your doctor.. please do not neglect this..
Avatar n tn We are still testing for that. However, I am 3 days from my cycle and have not started the discharge and 2 days ago, one of my breasts was leaking. It has stopped. I am concerned about being pregnant and the implications of my thyroid disorder on the early pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Pregnancy symptoms come and go. It is still early and my guess is that you have a whole set of symptoms coming soon :) I wouldn't worry. Congrats!